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Shibuya - Where's the busiest place you've ever been?

This intersection in Tokyo has over 1 million people cross it every day... and... well, if you want to see even more, here's a video from this intersection - Dancing Stormtrooper in Shibuya - Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya
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Not only shibuya but you have over 1 million... just imagine those who are circling you... :)
Mik Mik
Trip in Tokyo mister Ratcliff ?
A photo related event ?
As I live in Tokyo, I would be interested If there is something.
Hi. welcom to Japan! enjoy your trip.
come on
it's relly2 beutiful
tapi gw blm pernah kesana..ada yg mo ngjak gw gak???
I also recommended Omotesando. Omotesanndo is next to Shibiya. It takes about 20 minitue by walk.
new see sms happy joke salam good family ok
Busiest place? I'd say the Moscow inner city highways during rush hour - puts that square to shame.

On the other hand perhaps I wouldn't really recommend experiencing it - getting down one single street will take over an hour - so bring a camera and batteries if you ever find your self there
Maki MA
so nice! I live near Shibuya in Tokyo. Always crowded and busy with lots of people, but this Shibuya is very beautiful. I'm glad to see your photo. Thank you so much.
It's almost like I'm there myself... nice catch... ;)
i've been to Japan once. I didn't see this before. but the pictures look tempting to visit again the land of the rising sun ;-)
I really find Japan a very beautiful country!
May be u should go to bombay railway station... :D About 7.2 million people commuting!
Seen the dancing stormtrooper vid awhile ago. good stuff.
I'm going there in a about a month, and I'm trying to figure out how I want to shoot this intersection.
maybe for this summer vacation, i'll be visiting japan again :)
wow, How...I wish I can reach that place>>>>
I was there two weeks ago,,, ran the Tokyo Marathon,
Busiest place: Taipei 101 fireworks on New Year's Eve. Takes the metro system ~3 hours to carry everyone out afterwards.....

Regularly busiest: Zhongxiao Fuxing metro station in Taipei at rush hour... Fuuuuuuuuuuuu.....
nyc with some weardness and a throne of sidewalk activities
You can't freeze 1 milion people...
Great Stuff indeed !!!
My friend its not Tokyo the busiest hustle-bustle, but its Ranganathan street, T. Nagar at chennai in India.
i just love tokyo...and esp now..its Cherrry Blossomsss!!
This is also the spot where Scarlett Johansson sat in starbucks and watched the people go over the crossing in the film Lost in Translation. Great location, good shot +Trey Ratcliff .
Busiest place I've ever been is Taksim Square in Istanbul...
you should come to Ambassadeur in Nairobi,kenya...its crazy...human traffic..
but looking awesome........
Looks like New York on steroids
looks like a wonderful painting!!
no sorry i want to go new york city and yeah im a busy be too!
God I miss Japan and my girlfriend who's there...
Tokyo is one of d most densly populated cities
Good shot, Japan and Tokyo give me lots to think about. A fascinating place.
Hong Kong. Causeway Bay or Mong Kok specifically.
That is one of the coolest pics ever
I know that place. I visited Japan 2 years ago and Shibuya was the best place I ever visited.
very nice............
wow! makes me appreciate living where it's nice n quite..laid back & loving it!
Yay, just checked it out last month. Such a remarkable place!
Stuck in driving a cab locked in place in the Ceasar's Palace drive surrounded by bodies filling the drive and las vegas blvd as far as the eye could see on one New years eve.
Flow - in Japan the rule of crowds is Flow. IF one is not in the Flow (aged, disabled, etc.) the Flow accommodates and goes around. I've lived here 23 + years and never bumped into or been bumped into. There are no complaints from sardines in the school because the system works.
my fav corner (and station) in Tokyo as well... my pics from 2nd story of Starbucks. Daniel above has it right- it ALL flows! This time of year, with Cherry Blossoms blooming- (in NC) I pine away for Japan...
Try Mong Kok in Hong Kong, Most dense in the world if I'm not mistaken.
wow tokyo what a wonderful light up city is like when on this monday i watch the 5 part Jeremy Paxmons Empire by the way is a great documenty you should watch the last one next monday on bbc 1 from 9.00-10.00pm is like that of Hong Kong wow
They put panels in the floor of Shibuya station to collect "footstep energy"
v had lots of crwd dan this @ DADAR station...lolz mumbai rocks..
lovely...when we got to shibuya it was a surreal car free day, so people were spread across the whole place and it seemed surprisingly tranquil...
it's all the fish mercury
GBI capital 2001 NYC , 145 stockbrokers in one boardroom . All pitching at the same time Insane!!!!
Busiest place would have to be the City Center Mall in Dubai, before the downtown. I'd never seen so many people shopping in my life. A very close second would have to be the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC; crazy numbers of people at that one.
Scott C
London, near the Thames river, on New Year's Eve. That was insane (and quite the opposite of 'flow', I might add -- took me fifteen minutes to escape the crowd it was packed so tight.) And then the whole experience was contrasted with wandering the comparitively empty and quiet London away from the river, hunting for an open tube station so I could get back to my hotel. That was actually quite fun -- although I was playing on easy mode, since I'm fluent in English. But I digress...

I've never had the pleasure of going to Japan. I don't speak Japanese yet, so it may be a while (finances aside, that is.)
Where's the busiest place you've ever been?
SEAWORLD - San Antonio....nothing like being trampled by 5K people exiting the Shamuuuu show!
cool i always wanted to go to Japan when can i go
it so beautiful city!
New York City on Christmas Eve. . . Omg you couldnt even stop in the 2 story Tor'R'Us to look at anything, you would get run over. And the sidewalks looked like this picture
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