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Amazing PhotoWalk! Thanks so much for coming out! Remember to take your BEST photo, share it here on Google+, and mention +Brian Rose . He'll select the best and re-share them.

I really enjoyed meeting so many people. We'll do a World Record count soon... I hope you all enjoyed my mom +susan ratcliff's fudge!

Below, I have put a photo of the Stanford Church. Note I took this on the first Stanford PhotoWalk, and I haven't had a chance to work on the new ones... I'm really really really tired and falllling asleeee....
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Be sure to notify us when you're on the East coast.

Argh, jealous!
hey Trey, i'm havin a dumb, yet irritating moment & can't figure out how to share a single photo from my albums, here on G+, so it has a large thumbnail, like this post you have here!! amazing picture by the way!! thanks in advance for any help. G+ needs to simplify this, seriously!!
such grandeur. stunning photo
Thank you so much for doing the photowalk. I had fun and wish I could have stayed longer! It was great meeting you!
Nice to meet you today!
such amazing photos! How do you do it again and again!
Amazing shot! Love the detail and color!
Ani V
It was great hanging out with you and all the folks tonite. Had a great time and definitely a healthy walk out of it too.
Great time tonight Trey! I got some cool shots of you and the gang towards the end...will try to share tomorrow. (And the fudge...+1!)
Nice and suddle HDR. Not to flat or should I say good cantrast?
Beautiful! I remember photographing that church--Stanford really is a wonderful place for a photowalk. I was amazed at all the great possibilities...
Thanks for tonight Trey! I have been lucky enough to been on BOTH your photo walks at Stanford! This one was BIG BIG BIG! I think you need to start bringing a portable microphone :)
Pleasure meeting you tonight, Trey! You are such a nice guy! Thanks for sharing your HDR techniques and thoughts. I learnt a lot and had a great time!
+Trey Ratcliff, it was good to meet you briefly in person. I love how supportive of the community you are, it is an honor to meet you. Thanks to +susan ratcliff for the great fudge too!
Neal Yu
Thanks for the event. It was a pleasure meeting you.
Love what HDR can do with churches/cathedrals
Trey, great photowalk !!!
Awesome locations on campus! working on photos now, trying to stay awake.ha
Great meeting everyone! Even though I got a wee bit lost and ended up wandering the campus for a while, I somehow ended up with all the fudge at the end.... :P
Ha! I know what you mean +Lisa Bettany, I walked over to the mausoleum and then back to the statues and around in circles three times before I realized the way back to the fountain. I am amazed there was any fudge left, it was so good!
The framing of this is perfect. Any less of that top circle showing would lose the sense of volume/fullness in this shot, and any more of it would oddly do the same. #sweetspot
Sashi Y
so beautiful...
Beautiful! Looking forward to the new images. :)
catch one's breath... so beautiful!
Your work makes me sad I'm stuck in the office
Thanks for putting together the photowalk, Trey. I had a great time.
Absolutely luv the photos, well done +Trey Ratcliff Wish I could afford the kit (and the patience) to take shots like this!
I feel the world is a magic place to you and your cameras. And you share it so beautifully.
Absolutely fantastic hot Trey.!
Fantastic evening. Worth driving back early from eastern Sierra. Tell your mom, her fudge was the best.
Will process photo over weekend!
1) Beautiful Picture
2) When are you coming to Memphis for a photowalk?
hehe trey WAKE UP WAKE UP! time to take sum more pictures hehe!...i've heard THAT google talk before....i thought a new one, oooh but lookey here lookey here! that's a beautiful photo trey, I LOVE IT. AMAZING. :)
What a great time we had at the PhotoWalk last night. Thanks to all the photographers who came to help us learners. Also thanks to Google and +Brian Rose for all the help setting it up.
Oh my! Thank you for this! My parents were married here 43 years ago. My father passed away 3 years ago after a 16 year battle with Alzheimer's. I haven't thought of their marriage in a "romantic" way in so long. The gorgeous colors and awe-inspiring perspective of your photo just brought it all back. Thank you!
hmmm... awesome pic...
Exquisite shot of Stanford Church +Trey Ratcliff . Thanks so much for coordinating such a great walk - your generosity and immense contribution to the industry is inspring. Bummed I lost you and missed out on part of the walk, but already stoked for the next one. Thank you!
Thanks for doing the photowalk Trey! Next time I will not be afraid to break through the crowd of fans and will really carry your stuff. Promise. :)
Your work is just amazing. Big fan.
Seems like all the good descriptions are taken .
Amazing, I'm a huge fan of stained glass
Such a beautiful church - and beautiful picture of the church.
Thanks Trey for leading such a fabulous walk. I enjoyed listening to your point of view on the shots you set up. It was our first and it will not be matched on any others! Plus this came with fudge! (thanks to your Mom) My daughter had a great time and like talking with you. Don't forget to contact us if go to Auburn... :-)
Trey - Thanks for organizing this wonderful time. +susan ratcliff 's fudge was a tasty highlight. Great conversation with many nice folk.
Mayu Ko
Thnx so much for the walk, great stuff! Looking forward to the next one :)
The photowalk was very insightful and inspiring. Picked up a few tips and will put them to good use. Thanks for taking the time to do it!
So another beautiful never fail in that Trey.
This looks like a great example of HDR done right! Beautiful.
I've been in that church a dozen times and I swear it never looked anywhere near that good in person! Magic...
Dave L
thomas hawk is using your stanford photowalk and your name as a chance to bash flickr. Cheap, childish and stupid.
Jen L
Thanks +Trey Ratcliff for the Photowalk and your mom for the fudge (she's so sweet!). Can't wait to see photos from the next time you visit Beijing. And thanks +Catherine Hall and +Lisa Bettany for the portrait talk at the fountain. +Lisa Bettany , hope you made it back to the parking lot without too much trouble. My very first photowalk ever and I had a great time!
+Trey Ratcliff let me know if you ever plan to head up north to Alberta! I've lead a few of the Scott Kelby walks and would love to put one together here if you are around!
AWESOME GOD!! This is the best picture.
I will never forget that first meeting and first Google plus photowalk last year. It was truly epic and the beginning of new ideas, new friendships and it was awesome to spend time with you, +Trey Ratcliff Thanks once again for being so accessible!
Now you make me want to go back there and shoot this interior :)
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