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Morning shooting in San Francisco with +Tom Anderson after a fun day yesterday with +Leo Laporte at the TWIT studios.

I have my DSLR... but this is just a quick one taken with the Android Galaxy Nexus... sweet sweet Google phone...
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Love the camera on that baby! So fast - it just works like it should.
Image quality is not quite up to your D3X, but it is still beautiful. Great for a camera phone. Great job!
chuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt chut
I notice ROUNDED CORNERS - does this signify a Phone Camera image? or something else?
You really got that specific moment, when the sun lets the bridge's red glow. Beautiful photo!
Amy O
Wow +Trey Ratcliff you really do get some awesome shots in great spots. Looking forward to the 26th in my city and I just so happen to have lived in Mill Valley for a short time....great spot.
tempt me to upgrade my Nexus one to Galaxy Nexus
pat yourself on the back Trey.... Man please.... a lot of your photo shoots make (in my opinion) feel like you are there... lol ronny
LMAO doesnt this sound like a crime scene?
Morning shooting in San Francisco with +Tom Anderson after a fun day yesterday with+LEo Laporte at the TWIT studios. Thats a nice pic
was it shot stock or with a different app?
I love this photo. So simple, yet so beautiful
Hey, I can see my heart from here! (Haight-Ashbury '65-66 - when it was still good; Mission Dist., too. Parents lived in the Sunset.
I miss San Francisco so much. I might have to get the nexus..not impressed with my DROID X camera at all.
Glad to know I'll be able take equivalent shots with my Samsung Galaxy S 2. Was this photo touched up or edited at all?
Wow! impressive shot. I am even happier now that I have the same phone. Did you use any editing tools?
Great photos, I enjoy them every day. Thanks for sharing your passion.
Amazing picture +Trey Ratcliff. I spent two weeks in San Francisco a few years ago and wasn't able to capture a picture that was nearly this good. Amazing what you can do with the camera phones today. Makes me want to buy a Google phone!
Stunning photo, like all of yours. Impressive work, and you do get about like Mr. Michel.
Did you use a filter for this? I'm looking to get an iPhone or Android phone with decent film filter applications. Anyone have any insight on the best?
I'm a creative user with a Blackberry... Seriously. There's nothing a Blackberry can offer me creatively. Only a good email server and nice physical buttons.
The Galaxy Nexus is indeed a sweet sweet phone!
Does the Nexus come with built in HDR functionality in the camera or it is a separate app?
Woah, the bridge looks on fire! What a cool phone!
I had read that the GNex camera was significantly lower quality than the iPhone 4s camera. Was that wrong? Or is it just that Trey can probably take a better picture than me using a bottle cap, a shoebox, and the chemicals likely to be found under my sink?

Honestly curious about the GNex camera quality. I love my GNex but haven't expected much from the camera.
Shameless plug? Or was it simply an acknowledgement that another style of photography. a style that is simple and elegant, can produce the same excitement and wonder as the most sophisticated and expensive equipment. as +Ross Bagley just said Trey is a brilliant photographer. If anything Trey is demonstrating the superiority of his eye not the substandard camera in the Nexus.
+Marlon Perez No inbuilt HDR but there are several cheap apps available that will. Mileage varies, don't expect too much. Again, you are sacrificing quality and flexibility for speed and portability.
awesome pic, but i have a question, which phone is better, galaxy
s2 or nexus or galaxy s2 skyrocket?
they better than hipstamatic on iPhone do you think?
+Trey Ratcliff Any comments on amount of post processing used on the image/tools used to do it? Can the image be done with just the phone, or did it pass through a laptop and photoshop?
Thanks... And yes it was ALL processed in phone
Did you retouch this? The gate side panel looks like a solid gradient color. :)
omg ive been on that bridge and btw tht pi is buetifull
From that angle, it looks just like the bridge in Lisbon, Portugal. Anyway, good photo. It proves that it's not just the camera that makes a photo.
Have the same phone and LOVE it! Nice example of what it can do here!
Lovin it. I"m already very attracted to bridges as subjects of my photography. I absolutely adore them really. They are so metaphoric. Sunsets, so many. Always beautiful as God meant them to be. So we could go to sleep knowing on our wakening each day, we would see the world repainted as we slept.
I Agree Trey, the Galaxy line of Samsung have Great Cameras 
Stunning! Looking forward to see the D3X version!
if only we could have it RAW from the phone..
Iz that VERRAZZO BRIDGE? That what I am talking about, something different then usual.

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