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Am I the only one who wants to:
- Sleep in an underwater hotel room?
- Eat in an underwater restaurant?
- Take crazy photos of the whole experience?

Surely not! I've heard there are more and more of these kinds of hotels and restaurants opening up... this one is in Vegas... it's a cool passageway in an aquarium under Mandalay Bay....
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No, you're not.... but I wouldn't want to stay too long either.
no that would be totally wicked...I really want to see what J.Cameron will discover on his deep dive
amazing always wanted to eat under water resturant...
Oh wow... that'd be awesome! :) Sign me up!
I did.. eat in an underwater restaurant, I mean. Had to dive in a submarine to get there ,-)
Jon Dye
Am I the only person who saw Jaws 3?
Nope, not the only one +Trey Ratcliff ... after under water stay... next stop outer space ;)
Count me in! Very cool place!
Am I the only one who wants to make a surprise scuba dive appearance?
I always thought it would be interesting to live in a sequestered environment like a biosphere or an underwater arrangement for a few months. The photo challenge would be wonderful as well as you would be striving to always find something new.
Sounds pretty awesome to me. I'm going to have to put that on a list of places to stay.
I stopped by that aquarium in Vegas during last years WPPI show. It's really nice especially for being in the middle of the desert :)

Have you checked out Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida? You actually have to scuba dive just to get to it. I've been wanting to go there for years. Do a little diving and sleep under da sea, how awesome! Details here:
That's a dream come true and on my list of "things to do before I get too old to enjoy" list.

Beautiful shot, +Trey Ratcliff.
I couldn't sleep in a space like that, but the aquariums are amazing to visit. I haven't been to this one (that you photographed) for a couple years. Really loved watching kids go through it.
AMAZING aquarium!!! It a must place to go....
Makes me think of Bioshock... :D
that is the coolest thing ever! i wish i could go!
+Trey Ratcliff, I slept in one of those walk-through aquarium tubes during a Cub Scout overnight with my son, and it felt quite different once the lights went out and the sharks and rays became dark silhouettes moving overhead. I agree that it would definitely make a cool hotel!
That's on my list! Along with an ice hotel, a treehouse hotel, a hotel in an old renovated steam train, and countless others!
+Tammy McLeod That is a shame. I am willing to go to Fiji anyway, just fine staying in one of the overwater bungalows!
ooh is really an awesome xperience...wanna xpirience....hhhmmm
well I guess in that you are not the only one...:) I find it pretty fascinating
it would be very impressive if you ate underwater while really underwater. none of these tubes or bubbles
No i want to take pictures of you taking pictures, i get great enjoyment out of other peoples enjoyment
Yes, Yes, and Yes! I would love to do all three!
That sounds awesome! great shot!
I want to go to Vegas! This sounds great!
that looks amazing i want to go!
No. That would be REALLY fun i think! :P
yti98gjog7xcv .
just added to my to-do list ^_^
this road trip that im on just added one more site on the trip
well, if anybody of you will visit Budapest in Hungary, you have to go to see the tropicarium in Campona shopping centre. There's great 15 mil. litre of sea water and 7 sharks and many sea fish. I sat down and was 50 minutes watching the sharks. Fantastic relax!
I came across a chain of these hotels, there's a handful around the world (at least that's all I saw evidence of). There's one in the Florida Keys, I'd LOVE to stay in one. It would be so awesome I think.
That is a too wild photo. Thanks for the info...
That is really really really cool. I want to go there now
Awesome! Who wouldn't want to do that??
that is sooooo cool!
i think i been there before!
I would love to stay at an underwater hotel!
I seen this on travel channel, extremely cool, but extremely costly im sure.
that wode of bin cool if there was a shark
No dude, you are not alone :D I would love to stay in a place like this! Too bad I have a fear of being under water :(
WHy don't we live in places like that underwater houses?
Can you imagine? You'd be living in a terrerium, with plants growing EVERYwhere, no rain, but you could have some kind of natural filter that would desalinate the water, generate electricity with waves, the plants inside would create their own moisture and fresh air, and you could pipe down fresh air from the surface, completely off the grid. You down?
So you want to put fish into a tiny aquarium (compared to the ocean) just to have some underwater dinner or hotel? I agree it looks beautiful, but I think I don't want to be a fish in a tank...
I just stumbled onto your work today. Amazing stuff Trey. Absolutely breathtaking.
You're not alone in what you want there, Trey. Heck, I want to live underwater.
Whoa. Nice pic. Also: I helped build that aquarium.
No, you are DEFINITELY not the only one who wants to do so!, aha ha ha. :-) , - L
No definitely not on your own - I saw an image of one in Figi the other day and it looked like connected pods on the ocean floor!
Wow! That's awesome! I want to stay there! How long can you hold your breath? lol
I would love the experience & scenery, but I'm afraid I might catch myself trying to hold my breath.. A LOT! lol
Trey, when you were growing up, did you ever visit Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Texas where there was an underwater theater with performing underwater mermaids and Ralph the Swimming Pig?
beautiful. I might find myself experiencing a touch of claustrophobia, but it would be worth it.
Please circle me for interesting, beautiful and funny posts! =)
wooow. that is a wanted experience i can add to my list...
I want to sleep in a hotel under a sand dune. Yup, that's right.
Ah I thought this wasn't Deep Sea World in the north of Edinburgh due to the lack of conveyor belt taking half the passageway. Still, go check it out if you have the chance (it's not a restaurant though)
I do
I'm a random guy who is probably stalking you right now
cool this rocks, but what happens if the thing breaks?
I saw their Shark Reef exhibit a few years ago. It's cool!! (above picture)
that looks very cool. i wish it was here so i can try it out
There is a 7 star hotel in Dubai that offers a 1 stay underwater... Its one of the few underwater hotels around the world... the pictures are amazing! The most exciting part of the hotel is you can fed the fishes from your room, with a push of a button.
Not at all! I think it would be very cool to stay in an underwater hotel....but then my fear of disaster kicks in and I know I wouldn't sleep a wink thinking, "if this thing goes, there is no escape." So maybe a quick visit and a light lunch with one foot towards the exit would suit me better....
que efeito lindo...adorei!
where is this place I think I've been there before!!
i wnt to go there for my bday ehhhhh lol tht looks so coool i been to the zoo in auckland man tht was awsome and cool
one little crack and you're part of history!
First thing i thought was that it had to be a picture of some new sci-fi movie or something. Loving it!
whoa that is so intense i wanna go there sounds interesting
Lily L
+Trey Ratcliff Who wouldn't? Sounds like an adventure! The only instance in which I'd be happy to "sleep with the fishes".
It would be pretty awesome
I would actually be TERRIFIED to sleep underwater
No your not alone on this. I think it would be AWESOME to sleep and eat there
I feel like this should be a ride,maybe at Disneyland
In Nassau there is an under water house, but I can't remember who owned it.
nice pics, thanks
Ive seen a restaurant like this on the internet recently where the people can actually dive in and swim around, the people eating can see them thru the window, pretty cool
abby h
Not if there's fish in there. It'd scare the hell out of me to wake up and the first thing I see is a shark above my head.
Never thought of it, but sounds interesting. :)
At least you could say you slept in and stayed at a very "cool" place, or went "down under" without leaving the USA.....LOL.
We are not ready to travel outta spece yet then
that sounds cool! i wanna do that!
umm does droning ever enter your mind? ijs
wish i had a home under water
You can explore the in depths of your hotel room...
I want to experience underwater too! 
This is AMAZING!!! Although I'd hate to be the plumber that gets called to fix a leak in any of the rooms... One wrong move and boom, you'll be swimming with fishes...LITERALLY!!! 
Yo man this is a crazy thing I REALLY would want to go there
I'm sure it would be stunningly beautiful, but I'd feel absolutely petrified!
just as a question are you related to samantha ratcliff?
that is so cool i would go but it might come down.
Ewww, grossss, sleep in an underwear hotel?
Ok, do you sleep in your underwear or is the hotel made of underwear?
that makes me hungry for random underwater food!
Oooh 2 bad i cant swim and am 2 chicken or i would convince my parents 2 do this............;(
That sounds like a real experience
No your not.As long as i don't drown or anything but it looks so pretty.
I agree that is just the prettiest thing i've ever seen
Dude, that is a dream for me! You are so lucky...
I would live in an underwater house if I could. I've seen enough of the sky. I want a real ocean view.
outstanding. is this a new album cover.. oh man, do they have those anymore ? color is outstanding.
What do u mean you are the one? Of course!!! I would love to go there. 
amazing that is so beautiful
NO thank you, if that glass starts to crack one better run fast.
That would be way cool.
I still wonder why there is no occupy Vegas Strip movement... ridiculous gigantic hotels.
looks fun.....i would like to do that.
That place is awesome!!! It has expanded a lot since I was there last, but very breath taking. A hotel room or a resturant would be fun in that environment.
let's see, 7 years in the navy, don't need to go to V to expierence this. digital cameras r great thou. it is a nice shot. gives new meaning to diners,drivins & dives.
No +Trey Ratcliff , you're not alone. I would luuuuv this. Water makes me it. On it. Under it. Yeah. I'm good. Do you think it would be distracting for your partner who may be less than enthralled? Is it bad that I'm thinking er...does it matter?
no are not....i've always dreamt...of exploring the magical under world............& i love to do it.........
What if something goes wrong while sleeping under water? Something not being accounted for. No, I don't like the idea. Could be nice for a short visit or tour, watching underwater life.
underwarter life is cool and i love the pic
This is super cool, a place I would love to stay at sometime!
Rüyanın içinde gibisin. Harika
I would be so lost in a Day dream in a place like this. My Girlfriend on the other hand would be her worst nightmare, she can't even get close to a fish tank at the pet store. Amazing Photo!
i wish could go there
i will build my home under water :) and it will be just like this restaurent ;)
wow what a great image of the aquaion where is it austrila water world
thats very nice....i wonder when kenya will have a place like that
i stay here in SA but i dont know this place, i wish 1 day i can visit
put some strippers in there and we'll be all set! :)
Yes to all of these, neat shot, too.
Mar Ros
pues, la verdad, nunca abia pensado en dormir y/o comer en un lugar asi; pero.. me encanto la imagen y ya da vueltas en mi cabeza la idea...
Sweet tunnel under water
wow amazing's good for the couple..and nice place for propose someone..
Look it's Rapture.
The city built under water.
Well not really, but someday there will be a city built under water, I just know it. Maybe someday in the future, we will all be under water.
Anyway, this is cool, I would love to do things under water. Eat, sleep.
All while looking at the underwater sea.
josh h
i'll go but ... separate underwater rooms, puh-leeze
Wow! This image is simply magical....would love to visit!
My people are bold stating what they would do how, when and where. Yet, I can't imagine getting to be in this place for real. There must be extreme pressure of impaction in this place. Lots of things to learn on safety even for the vagina & masterbatory results of your imaginations.
its awsum... <3... :)
I would love to for any short period of time, and for months with one caveat: fresh air produced from plants.
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