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Why I'm Getting the Nikon D800, (and Why I don't Have it Yet)

But Colby and Bill and Jarvie have the D800 -- they show it off in the hangout!

So, I wrote this controversial article at about DSLRs being a dying breed... something that I still believe... In the article I said that DSLRs are on their way out and Mirrorless cameras will take over in the next few years. I didn't see myself spending more money on DSLR equipment, but that is before the D800 came out, which is half the price and better for my situation than the D3X! So.... this is my loophole... hehe... and well... you can see more in the video.

In the hangout are: +Bill Dodd +Colby Brown +Scott Jarvie +helen sotiriadis +Joel Cyr +Keith Barrett +Ken Shelton and +Chris Chabot
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DSLR dying breed when gets all wet and battery not taken out then camera put in Tupperware full of rice. That was written when you had two fully functional axes, replacing a busted one is a special case,imho.
Nice article...I think that mirror less cameras with APS-C size sensor will be popular.

And I dont have a NIkon D800 either...perhaps because I shoot a Canon. :-)))
hehe thanks...

+Noah Katz well I wasn't giving up even with that article the first time. I already had a good set of equipment and planned to use it for at least 1-2 more years.... but this D800 should last me even longer I think! :)
I guessed that there would be a "little u-turn" when the D800 came out, hence my hint of skepticism. Still, all good and dSLRs are not dead and gone - just yet anyway! :)
So I'm curious - somewhere in your post, you said the 3rdgen cameras should be faster b/c they are not flipping mirrors around. Which sounds logical. But when I went to look at these cameras on Amazon (and no, I won't be buying one any time soon ;-) not a pro photog by any means, and my dinky P&S are fine for me, but I like to know about these things) a big comment was how slow they were for action shots? (Granted I was looking at the cheaper end of these things like the Olympus PEN...)
+Cindy Brown you may want to read more of +Gordon Laing 's descriptions of these new cameras at -- these new cameras are JUST FINE for action shots... like kids parties etc etc -- they are NOT the best for things like Football games or these specialized hardcore DSLR things.
I so would love to have a d800, but you know us starving college students. Maybe one day but then their will be a new camera. For now I sport the D80 but I wojld be happy with the D5100 at least. Now how to earn money beside for school!
+Giraldo Hierro and I just had a convo about mirrorless cameras last night ... We're both looking forward to super thin cameras sans mirrors, but not the associated required lens refresh. -.-"
Hey +Trey Ratcliff I do see what you mean about the mirrorless cameras. I just picked up the Samsung NX200 as a backup. I love my D90 still, and honestly the glass and control still puts the Samsung to shame. The other issue I have is the addition of flashes and gps, etc. Put a flash like the SB900 on the D90, it fits, weight is still workable. On a ILC? Not so much. To get the power and all the controls on the flash, they have to make it bigger still, and the ILC are just too small right now. Maybe if they make a larger frame, to match the DSLR, but lighter, might work out. Plus, as we saw with the pic of you and your massive lens there, the ILC body wise, just won't be easy to manage with something that large. Technology wise, I see them making a jump, as you said, but physically, they're going to have to be redesigned to work with things like the larger flashes, and lenses necessary to keep same quality of your pics. Anyways, can't wait to see what you can do with the D800, Kinda surprised you went with it as you've always loved the low light of the D3 sereis, and the D4 was more along those lines, but the crazy MP count is going to be awesome. Can't wait :)
The D800 is a game-changer Trey. It opens up new worlds of creativity that I'm excited to explore. If camera manufacturers keep innovating in their dslr cameras like they have with the D800, then I think we'll be sticking with the dslr format for some time into the future.
I recently purchased an Olympus EPL1. It is a fantastic camera for family snap shots and quick home videos. Having said that I can not ever picture myself using a mirrorless camera on an advertising shoot for anything other than BTS.

The form factor of the mirrorless camera is great when you are carrying it around all day for a family outing or a hike. However for studio work I think the form factor is awful. In the studio I want a big heavy camera. I want to have a big bright optical viewfinder. I also want to have a nice grip on the camera even though it will probably be on a tripod.
Please replace the radioactivity and your D800=D
I love my D800. Going to try to take some shots in the middle of Nevada tomorrow. There are some interesting little towns in-between here(Reno) and Las Vegas. My only problem with the D800 is that I don't have adequate time to use it...
So the only reason why you wouldn't get a D4 is because of the price? I know price wouldnt be a issue if you really wanted but you know what i mean ;)
I would had been more suprised if you had bought a 5D3. Not so surprised with a D800 (or a D4).
The D800 and 14-24 combo are enough to make anyone salivate...
Pedro no d4 is not a price issue... I don't need the speed and would rather have the megapixels for landscape photos
+Trey Ratcliff I would hope it last a bit longer. Your D3X died on you didn't it? Too much water is a bad thing with electronics. Mind you, I own an electronic company and we regularly wash our circuit boards. You just need to make sure everything is dry before power it up. Not sure if you tried sticking your D3X in the oven below 140 degrees F for a day to try and dry it out.

Don't you also have the RED Epic? How is that for landscape shots.
I don't know that I'd call this innovation. More (way more, admittedly) megapixels is not really innovating. I have to say though, that picture that was shown on the hangout of the detail closeup of the bird's eye reflection of the photographer? OH MY GOD.
+Jeff Smith For a lot of people MP are very important plus if you think about a 36MP for 3k?? that is innovating big time :D :D just a few months ago to get something similar you would have to sell ur car, and half of ur lens to get it ;)
Sure...but that's evolution, not innovation. That's not a knock on the product, but it's not new and's just more and cheaper. Now, I've been kind of ho-hum about the megapixel wars, to be rig is at 18mp, crop sensor to boot, and it's fine for me...but I get the advantages when you're doing commercial work and blowing it up large. Still, I thought 36mp was a bit ridiculous...until I saw some of those images. Do I think 36mp is NECESSARY? No...I'd still probably get the 5D3 if I were in the market, for the super-low noise and because I already have Canon glass...but some of those shots are stunning. For the first time I have to say, if I were starting over, I'd have to SERIOUSLY think about it.
I think things are so far at this point that is hard to be very innovative, i shoot with the MKII and its plenty of pixels for me i shoot mostly landscape but for example i wouldn't change my MKII for the MKIII i think the price is ridiculous, but somehow the D800 price seams just right :)

+Noah Katz Yes - well I didn't have time to let it dry out.... it is now, but too late... and yes - the epic is good for shots, but better for video
Still wish Nikon would take your advice, +Trey Ratcliff and allow for stepping at more than 1 ev on fx bodies. Alas.. not in this camera.
What about Sony' semi translucent fixed mirror cameras? Best of both worlds with enough bulk to put big lenses and flashguns on, usual dslr features and pretty fast with decent pixel counts. I know most people are Nikon or Canon and won't change but I feel there's something in that approach. And I use a Sony A200 because I got free prime lenses from my father's old Minolta 7000 so makes sense for me if I ever upgrade :o)
+Matthew Townend I'm with you on using the older lenses.. People will think I'm crazy but I've had good luck getting creative minolta lenses for my A77 on :)
Bigger ain't always better!....LOL!....and sometimes that is a bitter pill to swallow!
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Learning is all about examining your own claims and being willing to re-evaluate your claims based on new information. At least... that's what learning in physics is all about.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the D800, +Trey Ratcliff :)
Hi Trey, pleasure to meet you. My name is Graham and we are newly conected. This article caught my attention because I am in the process of buying a camera. I'm a complete newbie photographer and a poor one at that. I'm interested in buyer a camera to take lovely images of the products I sell on etsy-nough said. Can you offer any insight?
Thanks. Best Regards,
+Trey Ratcliff Did you send your D3x to get fixed? Mine was totally submerged in water for about 2 seconds and no hint of life after it came out. It's getting fixed as I speak for $650, 24-70 lens $200 to clean

I would say that is a testament to the weather sealing of this body
So we're saving up for the new Canon camera and was just wondering how hard it is to make a transition from one brand to another as a photographer? I know you mention a lot of cameras you use. A glowing review of the D800 from you is hard to ignore. Thanks +Trey Ratcliff
to bad that the "Daily Photo – Severance Hall" has some lens flare i dont know if its becouse of the d800 or not but i havent seen it in previous pictures
So essentially your original article was BS as I thought is was when you originally posted it! Great attention grabbing headline with no conviction behind it. What a surprise.
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