Why I'm Getting the Nikon D800, (and Why I don't Have it Yet)

But Colby and Bill and Jarvie have the D800 -- they show it off in the hangout!

So, I wrote this controversial article at http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2012/01/04/dslrs-are-a-dying-breed-3rd-gen-cameras-are-the-future/ about DSLRs being a dying breed... something that I still believe... In the article I said that DSLRs are on their way out and Mirrorless cameras will take over in the next few years. I didn't see myself spending more money on DSLR equipment, but that is before the D800 came out, which is half the price and better for my situation than the D3X! So.... this is my loophole... hehe... and well... you can see more in the video.

In the hangout are: +Bill Dodd +Colby Brown +Scott Jarvie +helen sotiriadis +Joel Cyr +Keith Barrett +Ken Shelton and +Chris Chabot
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