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A Thousand Waterfalls

So I'm finally on the island where LOST was filmed. I was a big fan of the show, and I've always imagined what it would be like to visit this area and explore on my own.

A storm came in and dumped rain throughout the late afternoon. By the time I got done with this shot, I was as wet as the sloping jungle.

PhotoWalk Reminder - see you on Oahu soon with +Tom Anderson ! Details at
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Watch out for the Others, they might make off with your camera in the middle of the night. ;-P
If you find Sawyer give him a kiss from me, plz. :)
As a huge LOST fan myself, I am very much looking forward to seeing the island through your eyes. I hope to make it there myself some day!
Thanks thanks....

+Sharon Strandskov I see all the buildings around too in the towns... like the mortuary where they visited John Locke's body... remember how they changed the name of the building to an anagram of "Flash Forward"?

+Mia Paolini me too - did you know that the great +Nicole S. Young was in one of the episodes?
is this real? that is a serious question lol
+Vivienne Gucwa totally beat me to a smoke monster reference. So.....if you find a hatch that has some weird numbers on it, there's probably some dude on an exercise bike down below.
hahahaha yea wtch out for 4 8 15 16 23 42 haha i memorized those numbers by heart
love the show haha the funny part was when loke in the last episodes gets his brains shot out of him when jack pushes him soo funny i luv charlie and sawery
i love aaron even though he cant talk
I'm glad you feel important enough to share with the whole world!I don't give a damn!
I spot four waterfalls ... no, eight! ... actually, fifteen ...
very awesome :]
wish i can go to those places ...
Wonderful sight. I wonder what their source is up on top? Enjoy the experience.
wowo it is looking beautiful i like so much this placee is very nice and ow-some ....................
WoW,any 1 can tell It,s real????????????????????????
It like a saweet dreeeeemmmm
What an amazing talent you have, dont ever stop taking pictures, this one especially leaves me speechless
its really special water falls in the world.>----------------------> Great pic.....@
Big fan of LOST and wow.
Sun Bar
The waterfall are there because its waterfall when the sun's out...its a very pretty mountain on the Kaneohe side of the island...I live down the street(-:
It's been raining on the island a lot lately, hopefully tomorrow goes well :D so excited!
wow... that is awesome! where is the island?
Trey, it looks like a very tranquil place. Are there any people living in the area?
I bet it doesn't have to rain even. With so much foliage, all it would take is moisture in the air causing condensation on the plants. When the moisture drips down to the forest floor, it accumulates and runs down the sides of the hills, coagulating into the rivers that run down to the lowest point and result in a waterfall. This has happened over millions of years and carved out these magnificent valleys in the hillside. Amazing.
This is fantastic. In the true sense of the word: Awesome!
i like the photo wish i could live there
Wes Lum
Haha...Trey, I was coming home from Kailua and decided to stop at the Pali...I got some shots of chickens then absolutely drenched! Nice shot :D I was really hoping I could get the clouds hitting the slopes of the mountain, but the rain was just too heavy.
Absolutely fantastic when opened it in full size:)
argh.. that dirty spammers..)
I lived on the windward side of Oahu for many years... When the rains stopped and the waterfalls started was almost a religious experience. It is overwhelmingly beautiful. I will miss my ohana and hale... Mahalo nui loa for brightening my day.
That's utterly gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
I live on Oahu, and I can assure you that it's real - I once saw 14 waterfalls from my bedroom window. Where was this shot taken?
+Trey Ratcliff This picture blows me away. Any chance to get it in a higher resolution so we can use it as a desktop wallpaper?
Interesting shot, but not really sure its a pleasing image.
Holy crap, what an awesome vacation. :)
that place really real in this world???
i never see it before, even in the net.....
thats surprising....
reminds me of how special nature is.
I thought there were several islands where they shot lost? I visited some sights on my honeymoon on Hawaii. Great impressive stuff! Great pics!!
WOW that is just so fabulous, must be brilliant to actually be there and photo it wow
Police beach on the north shore us where they filmed lost. I've been there I have a few photos from my Hawaii album from that beach. Beautiful spot
Woah, that is just crazy awesome! Looks like you'll be having a field day at that place. High five!
Looking forward to more like this
Makes me homesick.... looked up at the mountains all the time from 62-64. Just took it for granted. Picture matches memory pretty close. Thanks Trey.
Gena B
wow i love that! amazing!
Dat waz 2 baad but deffly a great photo !!!!! Thanks 4 da image, beautiful _
WOW Unbelievably unbelievable!!!!!
thats one amazing scenery!!!!! koool!
I Love Hawaii, waterfall shot was great timing
its god give erth gift.tank you god.
becoz this one have erth strog and
god bornpeopls seff.
yea wow is right, place is cool
How beautiful!! I could look at that all day.
Maybe in a nuther life time Brother as Desmond would say. I miss that show. Why did it have to end that way?
I would love to explore that area, it looks beautiful. I'm a real sucker for waterfalls.
Were you attacked by a polar bear?
How can I see more photos? I love the one displayed! KBP
I'm glad your enjoying our raining day. hehe. great shot. Hope all goes well with your Waikiki meet up tomorrow.
+Trey Ratcliff Do you realize you're doing photowalks in places I used to live? Monterey ... Oahu ... next thing you'll be going to Misawa, Japan and then my hometown of Lincoln, NE :)
isso sim 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
e uma ..
nas maravilha ..
nos deuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
di graça................................
vc teve .................
a oportunidade
de ver diperto..................????????????
o que vc sentiu ?.. na hora..
i agradesseu a............
que fessssssssss.
esto e noisssssssssssss...........
e so eli tem opode.....
um dia ...
si ..
nem ...
que for norreino de DEUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS........
Wow... God is the best artist. Awesome shot.
My brothers name is Path and I am a HINDO
baru petama kali aku melihat pemandangan yang seperti itu
Where is that??? It's magnificent.
That is amazingly beautiful and I can almost smell the water it looks so real.
+Trey Ratcliff How did you get the co-ordinates right? I thought the unless the islands wants you there you cannot go. did you meet jacob?
What can u say that has not. Takes ur breath away
that is awesome. i've never watched the show but those are seriously beautiful and cool.
Nice to the eyes...
love all the waterfalls that are between all of the mountain sections!!! There's so many!!!
How can it be so beautiful.I can hardly breath any more.
That would be such a cool experience!!
Amazing place. Is it safe to play under the waterfall? Are there caves behind the waterfall?
thats so cool! id like to go there and see that.
Love this Serenity Pure and Simple
Waterfalls are my favorite, would love to see this place.
Thanks Yes I love waterfalls too but they are hard to shoot usually
What a wonderful ur heart-out planet mars!!!
Amazing! As Hawaii is always.
Ken Dai
Dan B
amazing !
I imagine the donkey wheel would make a great HDR image! :)
I miss LOST! I couldn't stop watching since day 1. Awesome that you're a fan! Hope we get to see more shots. :)
it very buityfull n amazing pic i love this i want to be there
That mountain hills are leaking...
Green with envy! What a beautiful corner of the world!
This is so beautiful!..SubhanAllah.
really BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
i wish i waz also there!!!
Learn how to be make a wise descison, because im husstling for more
Yes! Amazazing!!! Falls almost appear to be trunks of trees, must off the top to be "tree tops". Highly cool
hi friends do you have any face book id?
what is the thing in the air??
Oh man!! LOSTIE CLUB! +Trey Ratcliff watch out for the tricky electromagnetics and spacetime discontinuity! And whatever you do don't turn the failsafe hatch key... You could end up naked in the woods like Desmond... ;)
oh my God.. It's so beautifull.....
is this possible?wow wonderful...i can't believe this....
Wow!! Superb, no new word to appreciate
Emil W
looks unreal
its great and gods creation>>>>>>>>>>
nature is very wonderful. you must be a wonderful person. the shot is intriguing
Lan _G
Lost was a great show...
Can people live on that island?
wooooooooooooow its amazing
Y- Fi
is this place real?
Trey Ratcliff did you take this shot from airplane or from your hotel window ?
mary sh
i likeeeee, nice pic
Amazing shot!
my gosh! what place is this?
I love Hawaii. Ran into an old friend there then ended up drinking a bottle of rum with a man who lived under a tree...
WOW, this is really cool, I've never seen so many waterfalls in one place before, great shot!
do dinosaurs still live there?
maybe if its the lost island then anything could be there like black smoke and the others
Holy shit, how come they never filmed at that location, its beautiful.
Heaven on earth...amazing,,fabulous!!!!
wawwwwwwwwwwwwww God's work beautiful there is non like it
You my friend are very very lucky.(Not excluding your hardwork).
Cora H
Wow! Great pic! It rained just for you to get this shot. Where did you take this??
This is amazing! Where is this!
wow i have to admit those pictures are pretty spelndid!
A place like this really exists on Earth?!
just finished the last episode 2 weeks ago
Very beautiful ..... رائعة وجملية
I could live there and NOT get tired of the view
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