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The beating hearts of the Buddhas... in Indonesia...
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Borobudur temple ..always reminds me about Java island
oooh! man, it's really amazing!
bukti berjayanga agama  Budha di indonesia..
This is BOROBUDUR Template.. I like this place ^_^
it's not far from my house..
Your work is very nice, very beautiful.
Impressive view!!!  Love the peaceful blue and the light on the horizon!!!
Ian Hex
This is on my Places Must Visit list.
This is in my Country... so gorgeous.....
Beautiful - my new wallpaper, for a while probably.
mmm cool... but more cool than that is your way to shared that one to all... I am thanksfull to you... Coz I am Indonesian :)
oh borobudur temple by Samaratungga? Wonderful :)
+cuk kusmayadi they won't regret it :D
Lovely shot at Borobudor!
Borobudur temple,
Cool shot, Trey! Are the chedis lit like this or did you do this with some light painting technique? 
so heavenly to's beautiful!!!
its so amazing. its so mesmerizing i could look at it all day.  
The most beautiful I have ever seen.. Thanks million
Very pretty almost magical.
whoah...feels like ive been an avatar....soo great pic.....
This looks like from another world! usual!
i love indonesia 100%,,,,my country !!!
Trey, this is spectacular!!  Upon first sudden glance, I thought it was a game screenshot -- because of the beautiful saturation that you've got here.  Really really lovely :)
I was in Indonisia last year however, I did not see this.  WOW!!!!!!!
yeah i live in Indonesia but i still can't visit this cute place
Borobudur Temple is amazing, but you make it more great, thank +Trey Ratcliff!
borobudur temple,amazing historic sites.., and nice framing..
thats a borobudur tample in indonesian
borubudur temple central java,its very wonderfll
thank you for this sense of cold ,sad, death
so many places are very beautiful and amazing when you visit Indonesia 
Borobudur temple looks amazing :o
Beautiful picture! I just added to my bucket list, thanks!
Borobudur temple in my country... :)
We are most fortunate to live in Yogyakarta and have often enjoyed the beauty of the Borobudor...great photo!
indonesia only, borrobudur temple :)
I am proud of was born in Indonesia,,, because it has a wide range of cultures, races,,, I love Indonesia
Nice shot. Just curious though...where are the light sources that light those structures?
i suta
Nice work Trey. May I know what pic editor you use? Other than talent, to get pictures like this must we us those expensive cameras or can it be achieved with camera phones and some pic editor?
someone said if we put our hands into the building, we will get a windfall

100% Cinta Indonesia
that looks cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
akhirnya ada yg ngpost tentang indonesia,,
YES ! my lovely country my beautiful hometown :D looks like it was 3D modeled. Even so, looks cool. Was it photoshopped?
hard to believe it was covered by volcano dust just a few months ago..
uuuuu...bluuuuuuuueee...i love blue,,,it's cool...
woah... that looks awesome but... i cant tell what it is... either way, it is awesome!!!
I don't know about the picture; but I swear because of the use of Blue to the Atmosphere it represents, It looks like it was made in a Modelling programme!
woW,.awesome I want to see this.,*
woW,.awesome I want to see this.,* in real*
Wow!  How did you shoot that?  Is the gold a reflection of the light?
in pure theory, these were the templates for the "nazi bell" which could have been a time travel device. really interesting....
woo wonderful picture
This picture is incredible, the blue colouring is awesome
oaaa beautiful ! s2.s2
What place is this?!?!?!?!? Omigosh!!!! Its totally awesome....!!!
Borobudur, its located in Indonesia, it is one of seven wonder in the world, but i never see it like this before, nice capture :)
Wow wonderful pic from central java..
Ty Trey..
Indonesia sucks, radicals won't even allow lady Gaga there... No thanks
Hope that Buddha stays accepted there.
Um nice pic weird what you said but um yeah
seems like a heaven
Overall rating
Must be breathtaking to see this in real life
- from Bluffton. Thanks for sharing. Been studying the area and would like to visit...
I need this right now!  Thanks Trey!
nice shot. this is a beautiful place
great ........
my lord budhdha
Yes it's beautiful in my country.. Have you ever go there.. Jogja its beautiful too..
Is this where the Buddhist monks chill out. Bet round that corner we'll find naked women, booze and gambling. : )
allha ak ha our usi ki ebadat karo 
Roger N
ive been to indonesia, bet you $10000000000000000000 that i have
Interesting light effect on that one.
Fantastic shot! You made such a different picture than others, Great job!
someday that and all who are in those will be cast into the fire and be burned up.
Awesome Borobudur... I've been there too...
This is amazing, so beautiful in my country ... thanks :D
wow, looks like a rendering
Been there before amazing . Good
raja ampat very amazing beutiful in indonesia
this makes earth The Blue Planet
reminds me of harrypotter
Borobudur is amazing! The large central chamber at the top is empty. Either someone stole the statue or it may represent that the need for a physical body no longer existed in the ultimate state of enlightenment.
Beautiful, and to me, the colors are so serene. This looks like background scenery  from some  science fiction movie.
all religious views expressed in the objective views will surely express
 the joy of being one with the etheral views.
Fabulously beautiful Trey! I appreciate the effort to get this photo! :-)
i agree that it cant be real how could it be possible to have such place nowadays?
It seems like you just walked into Narnia!!!!!!!
What part of Indonesia, I use to live in Lombok?
amazing place.. u must try to feel it
its Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia :)
Borobudur, near at my place.
Very very very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
come to Indonesia.
And I will take you to this place.
I went there, when I was a kid. And that was awesome!!!
BOROBUDUR TEMPLE one off the seven wonders
It's just photography effect, by the way interesting. I near that place...Would you some one who visit there?  I Have free information about Borobudur Temple acommodation...
wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sssssssssoooooo so so pretttyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
I thought it was a video game screen shot for a sec lol. Great shot.
I thought the same thing, too, Aaron!
"Candi Borobudur" used to be one of 7 world of wonder ...
Yogyakarta  / Jogjakarta ... . (y)
but i think its been photoshoped... because last time i visit the back ground of the temple (Borobudur Temple or "Candi Borobudur" in Indonesian) is not like at this pic...
This truly takes my breath away!!!! One of my dream destinations.
its awesome . i wanna call  you 3D magician
I love this picture.. Very calm just like Buddha... May all beings be happy ;)
It looks so unrealistic but knowing it's real and that tranquil is so good to know!
perfection, love the feeling of depth and amazing tones.
Amazing morning light, I can't wait to get there and capture this myself!
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