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Trey’s Variety Hour #39: Body Painting and Photography

Plus... a post-processing job offer towards the end from Barry Glassman...

Warning: If you are offended by nudes, subscribe to the iTunes version below where it is pixellated...  
Opportunity: if you can effortlessly handle the naked naked, be sure to watch the embedded YouTube on below.

Artists +Paul Roustan, +Alexa Meade, and +Daniel Ibanez join me this week and show us a bunch of their artwork and tell the stories behind them.

We close out the show with our Google+ Discoveries:

+Grant Collier, +Rolfe Bautista, and +Reuben Negron.

Bonus Notes:

Charity Paul talked about where you can get a print of his for donating:

Awesome time travel movie I recommend: “Primer”.  Give it your full attention otherwise you might miss something :)

Barry Glassman, a colorblind photographer, of is looking to pay someone to help him process photos.  Go check him out if you are interested!

For a Good Cause!  Get a rare print & help him pay his mortgage! This gentleman has come upon hard times and is selling a very rare #1 of 50 signed limited edition 24x36” metal print of my “Bamboo Forest”: 

Thanks to +Leo Laporte, +Tony Wang, and +Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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This is great; I am on a team of artists who pull together for runway events. Our designer and MUA work together to make couture gowns and accent them with body painting making it more than a garment, but a living, walking sculpture. I am really looking forward to sharing this hangout video with my friends.
It was fun! Saw the twit blurs. Hilarious +Tony Wang! Hope the last one made you laugh. You forgot to block the thumbnails though :O 
Great to share time with you all - and wonderful to learn more about the work direct from the artists! Thank you! 
+Paul Roustan - Thanks for the love, man. I really appreciate it. One day we should talk about a collaboration. Also, why am I always the last to hear about these awesome hangouts!? I'm still a hangout virgin so maybe we can take care of that too. And +Trey Ratcliff - YES! Primer is amazing!!! Completely took me by surprise. The best SciFi movie I've seen in years. 
+Paul Roustan oops >__< must've deleted it by accident... I recall doing it.. Thanks for all your hard work~ I didn't mind doing the censoring for that episode :)
+Trey Ratcliff If you still haven't seen Brazil you have to see it. Awsome orwellian sort of thing. I put primer, on my list.
Is this live or a recording?  Also, please be careful to use somewhat politically correct conversation in the future.  I cringed a little when the moderator used the words"naked chicks".  This absolutely is high art and it is ephemeral, except for the photos that are kept as a record.
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