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Flying back "home" to my new home in New Zealand today. The conference in San Francisco was fun but extremely extremely exhausting. I feel many of my ends getting frayed and I need to recharge...

This lovely place is right by Queenstown... in the long and picturesque Gibbston valley...
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It looks so beautiful and quietly :) I it was fun to take part of the GPPC :)
Edu Han
This is so awesome!i like it!
its like a fantasy!
so beautiful.
This is an awesome picture. As always you rock.
Adam M
nice view!
Pam L.K
This is a beautiful place.Love everything about it.Thanks for sharing!!
Looks amazing hoping to get to the south in a few years, just come back from the north & loved it
Senyo A
omg that is really lovely.......
The more I watch this, the more I admire... and just can't stop humming: 'feels like heaven...' ;)
So pretty! It looks like paradise to me.
Yes indeed +Trey Ratcliff the week at the Conference and the flying to and from was very demanding for you. Being there I could see first hand how exhausting it was for you.
From the moment you stepped up on the bench to start our Photo walk on monday to wednesday night's final Q&A with +Scott Kelby you were very generous with your time. So once again a great big thank you on behalf of everybody you shared your skills, advice and thoughts with!
Ilike the "swirl effect" on the clouds, just like if they had been created by the brush of a painter.
Love the new profile pic +Trey Ratcliff ! The conference was exhausting for us attendees, can't imagine how you speakers kept up the pace! They worked you hard LOL. You did a great job!! Fly safe :)
This picture doesn't look like an original picture it to beautiful to be real !!!!! But it is God Bless America!!!! amd mother natures to see a beautiful sight like this to exist in this crazy world and it's free you just have to get there !!!!!! to the photograher: Trey Ratcliff who took this and had the time to capture it god bless for your beautiful eyes
It's on my bucket list of places to visit. :) 
Safe travels, my friend. It was great catching up with you at the show. I hope to see you again sooner rather than later.
Beautiful country! Have you visited Helm's Deep yet?
+Trey Ratcliff Really appreciated your tips, insights and humor during the conference - thanks and have a good flight home!
woow this is amazing!!!great place and great pic
Mary VV
That is an amazing photo of an amazing landscape.
What a beautiful place to come home too. Good to see you again +Trey Ratcliff , and thanks for all the inspiration.
Thank you Trey for the great tips and the depth you brought to the conversation!
New Zealand is gorgeous!!! I spent 3 weeks there and it was breathtaking. I can't wait to visit again! 
Glad you are almost there! Love your new avatar!! :)
sooooo beautiful!! i wish i could go 2 New Zealand! Absolutely amazing!
hey +Trey Ratcliff, enjoy!! You gotta love the South Island especially Queenstown and Wanaka. Do you have a favorite Kiwi food yet brother?
Taking in some huge hugs from the kids and your wife will help to recharge those batteries!
Safe journeys Trey and thanks for a wonderful photo walk and all of your
Informative and entertaining sessions at GplusPC
+Trey Ratcliff Thanks again for making this exhausting trip to be in San Francisco with all of us. Your photowalk was a great learning experience and a blast, and your input on the many panels provided a calming balance to the event. I am now more inspired than ever to tackle HDR and try to create something that I'll be willing to share next time.
this is so pretty i luv it! its so rare to find a pic like this!
The many places of beauty, Thanks for sharing
Lovely place to play or sit and relax, love the reflection in the water!
New Zealnd is so beautiful! I had the pleasure of living there for a short time - dying to go back! Thanks for sharing!
Is that even a real place on Earth? O.O
Your HDR stuff is incredible to say the least....I'll have to look more into your tutorials....Thanks for sharing.....
I wish that i was there dont you?????
Tough being a star but someone has to do it. ;-)
Ah poor you, having to look at this most wonderful view.
Beautiful and looks peaceful. The colors are quite amazing. Thanks for sharing
Magestic,..I've gotta imagine that there's some color filtering going on in the capture of this image,the colors just look surreal.
I would like to see this place in person. I could live here.
An interesting treatment of one of the world's most picturesque destinations. Good work. I envy you Trey.
This is so beautiful, I think I am going to cry...........
Wow this s a place that i dream ..its a magical
Breathtaking momentarily, yet invigorating immediately! Thank you for sharing beauty!!
Welcome back to NZ sir

- fellow Aucklander.
Looks like a great place to recharge!!
+Trey Ratcliff Trey this is one of my favorites from you. I especially like the clouds, mostly the color of the clouds in the water.
The reflection is awesome on the pond. I love how you managed to do the lighting
Why leave! retire/stay home/ what you a half bubble off.....
No place like home Trey. Beautiful image 
I think I need to move ! But first I have to explore the whole of the UK ;) 
another hidden beauty this world has to offer...
thats gorgos i love it thanks for shareing
Gorgeous shot! Quite magical...
Safe flight.....take a well deserved break, it's been great to keep up with you over the last while:)
fantastic shot. Send us another after the snow fall this week.
Hope you have a great trip and stay safe!
Is that real I mean it is beautifull, but is it?!
OMG! I see an angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NZ, top of my list of place I must see & experience.
Ray Zzy
Can I live there?
This is so amazingly beautiful, cant stop staring at it
only an all-powerful God could create something as beautiful as that.
this place is real and if u wanna see more fear god
I'm glad to have seen you again before you left the country +Trey Ratcliff. Have a safe flight and if you find yourself back in California then let us know. ;-)
Jo Ru
these are the kind of places i wish i could be at all the time!!
that looks awesome
This picture is breath taking. Theresa Cote
What a gorgeous place! Wish I could go there now. So beautiful and serene.
What a wonderful view. It seems like a fantasy place.
Wow I agree with David it looks like a painting and one I want on my wall!
What a nice Planet. Respect it please. 
Wow! it was beautiful it !
Paula G
wow I LOVE IT this looks like where god lives .wow this pic is amazing
lovely lovely colors =)
It looks like a piece of heaven on earth. If Iwas there I would never be stressed out again.
That's beautiful. wish I could visit that!
Are your eyes always so lucky to see such stunning views... so jealous that looks staged is sooo breathtaking 
Nice view, great lighting, composition is ok. Question is why to ruin all of them together with poor HDR work?
wow did you take a pic. of heaven?
very good picture......
god i love the pics you take , amazing and beautiful
Su Nwe
nice picture
LUCKY ur like in new Zealand awesome I've always wanted to go there it must be cool 😷
This is so amazing. I wish you could appreciate just how jealous I am! Living in Washington, DC does not afford any views such as this!
este hermoso paisaje da testimonio que dios vive y nos deleita la vista
Well that sounds like your happy place
Beautiful, it looks as if it were a painting
that so preety and i hope you hade a good time there..
I've been there.... Must be an incredible place to live!
Lu Lu
It's Soooo beautiful, it looks UNREAL. Like a calender, my Uncle hung up in the basement, that covered up his PLAYBOY Pin Ups...Hey, somebody flip over that bad boy...
Its so unbelieveably amazing. wow. if its this beautiful in a picture, it must be breath taking in person.
I didn't realise you lived here now. Welcome! :)
great no words to express this all great picures
OMGosh it is so beautiful. If only I could see it in person.
My wife's home, NZ, what a gorgeous place! I guess, next time we come and visit the relatives, we might have to visit and say "hello" ;)
I stop to quickly glance Google Plus and every time Tray holds me gasped for a while and then I get caught surfing. 
Really an awesome nature........................
Beautiful and inspiring! Peace to you and your family in your new "home" . Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.
love it so much i wish i could go where ever u took that cuz it amazing
wow my back yard. just kiddin
wow...If I could take a pic. lyk thiz ma lectur will give me A...r8 nw I only got B
I am in awe of the amazing beauty portrayed here. We all loved you at the Google+ conference and I hope to get to know you better through your posts.
wonderful! I like these type of pics very well.
thanks for posting these type of pics............
I love that picture! it is so relaxing and beautiful
That picture gives me butterflies inside... :')
Wow!! I missed NZ, love that place.
this is a sheer delight, the reflection and colors amazing
jac jac
A palavra perfeição esta nesta imagem !!
great exposure! love the reflection. the clouds gave the photo a really nice distortion(or it looks kinda distorted)
Great new avatar! You probably need to update your passport picture as well, otherwise you may get stuck...
Wow, it's so beautiful! ;)
I understand from where you get such inspirational and amazing pictures ;)
Love you work +Trey Ratcliff
Thank you so much for sharing your work with us in the past few days* Got more and more inspired with the "Photography world" thanks to you
Really, very nice.........I would like to visit this place. pls take me to U..
Where do u get all the dangerous beautiful photos???? They're really amazing.
perfect,I love this picture.
Y- Fi
Really cooool
Lovely,lovely!!! I wich you nice weekend!
The mirror like lake made breathtaking views of the lake shore! Awesome cliffs!
M Way
Very beautiful. wouldn't mind being there
Photo's like these will get me there sooner than I'd planned! :-)
It's like the setting in in a dream.
thank for sharing, this photo is very unique. Wish i were there once time in mylife.
Sean G
As always ... WOW!
hi "how do you do ? are you slept ? what for next tomorrow ?
I wouldn't say untouched, it looks like there is some landscaping going on. Great lighting though as always.
Really like the cold colours of the mountains mixed in with the warmth of the sky (above and in the reflected pond). Of course, you can't forget the yellow shrub on the right there!
I hear quite a few Americans say that of there was any place other than the States they would choose to live in, that that would be New Zealand; what's life like in New Zealand?
Welcome to New Zealand +Trey Ratcliff :) Your gonna love this place :) Head up to Rotorua sometime to get a feel for NZ ,There's Geysers ,mud pools and all .
+Trey Ratcliff - Hope you are feeling loads and loads better now. It is always good to come home after a long trip to recharge your batteries. :D
I would be feeling alot better to once I get home to New Zealand! I wish my home was there!
+Trey Ratcliff This one is very inspiring for me. The way you render the warm light so magically. I finally realize now how to process a little better after the #gpluspctr photowalk this week and my processing has taken on quantum improvement. Thank you again for coming to SF and sharing so genuinely & freely of yourself and your knowledge. Thank you too for circling me. It's an honor.
hope my father get build home at this....
Wellcome back.... Qeen's Town - Breath-ta
Really nice shot! I also liked the video you made when you shot this.
Hi everyone. I love you more.
and I'd love to get acquainted with people. sorry if this message to you and bother people. Vietnam to bags I knew I just spoke Vietnamese up here so I want to exchange language with people if someone is willing. Thanks everyone
im dreaming i can have wings on top on this view haha,
عکسهات باتوجه به امکاناتت بد نیست
all photos seem very nice and inherit me to say : "can i visit these places, in futures?  
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