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Trey Ratcliff hung out with 8 people.Trey Ratcliff, Brian Matiash, Karen Hutton, Ivan Makarov, Tony Wang, Kelli Seeger Kim, Chris Chabot, and Jaime Ibarra
Trey's Variety Hour #33
Trey Ratcliff and 8 others participated
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I am a random person looking to win your software. Thanks!
I would like a copy of onOne.
Christmas comes early for some lucky person by getting great software!
Would love very much to win that wonderful PhotoSuite Software. Always wanted to try it and be able to play around with something new!
Pick me! Awesome that you can give stuff away like that!
Thank You - I would love OnOne suite
I would love to be your random OnOne Photo suite 6! First time listener.
pick me pick me. Can't wait till this is in full throttle I always learn stuff on these!
I want the hat tooo please!
Comment below to win a free copy of OnOne Software and/or a SmugMug cap! :) hehe...
Oh, and the hat would be nice too:)
I'd love a Smug Mug hat or a copy of OnOne!
Oh... it is that kind of cap. Okay.
Really? just a comment? That's it? Wonderful!!
Can I win an all expenses paid trip to the G+Photographers Conf? ;-)
Perfect layers would be rad. Oh the rest of the suite would be welcome too!
What a great way to spend Monday nights! That is until Monday Night Football fights for my attention! OnOne and/or a Hat! Sweet.
I was too quick to the draw! Here I am again!
Do we have to comment here for Brian's photo suite 6 ? :P
And SmugMug hat ? :D
"speaking of creams and ointements" !!! :)
I think the On One software would be great, I am sure that most people would want that...
A hat would be good (not as good as onONe)
that photo in iceland looks a lot like Niagara falls! :)
I wont mind fingerprints on the OnOne box.
I'm proud to have an image included in the ebook edition (page 376). Great cause. Great idea.
I would love to get the OnOne box! Such a nice idea!
Watching your show is a big help with getting my work out. Thanks I'll be trying Google+ is see would it works.
would love the smugmug hat. gotta show the flag ;-)
I just got my first camera a few weeks ago and things like this show are great. The price for entry is so low now. Thank you guys for sharing information.
OnOne would be awesome! (A hat would be cool too though).
Have wondered how the revenue models compare (percentage of people making their way) by 1. Selling license to use photos 2. Selling special-edition prints 3. Doing workshops 4. Blog ads and sponsorships. 5. Specific commissioned work (weddings, commercial, etc.)
Great point +Trey Ratcliff. Photographers should not be your target audience if you are a photographer yourself
Sharing photography does require that you not be too thin skinned.
exactly! people will give you their insights that may not always be positive. However, that is how you get better
I am going to try and enter the local fair's photog contest this year.
Cooptition - synthesis between cooperation and competition
Who's still with us and want a hat?
Love one. Smugmug user: lakemercedphoto
Hat would complement my SmugMugPro Camera Strap.
I just opened a Smugmug account a few days ago. I would totally rock that hat.
Yay!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! Shall make ya proud sir:-)
he said "pick a random winner" so...
a random winner
Brian, I would love to pick it up in San Fran from you at the Google+ photographer conference. If I win of course. ;-)
+Brian Matiash I've heard so much about OnOne and have been saving for it. But, just bought the wife a Macro lens for Mothers Day with that saved cash. Maybe... just maybe... I might win this copy :~)
Just in case I'm not too late ;)
I'd love to have the suite to work with! I teach photography classes and would love to show it to my students
ask him from google+ why my photos go to google + insted of me sending them to google +
Love the BVI! Is that a Painkiller Trey? If so, is it 2, 3 or 4 ...
As always, I learn from your hang outs.. I would love a copy of Brian's software.
Thanks everyone :) Brian will choose a winner in the next 36 hours! Direct all your good-kharma to +Brian Matiash ! :)
Awesome show tonite, guys! Thanks! (No need to pick me, I already own the Suite!)
thanks jaime and trey! <3
thank you guys for the podcast, I mean hangout
I just listened to this on Youtube and it was a fascinating show. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge. I feel refreshed, renewed and inspired. Also - it was great to meet you for those less than 5 minutes in The Mission, the other Saturday +Trey Ratcliff - I am glad to know after watching this show, that my 5 minutes - means I got the same fair time as everyone else ;)
I would really love to use this myself and teach it to others who will buy this as part of their arsenal of goodies!!! I could be a reseller with a cool code too !!
+Jason Fiori Maybe... just maybe... you would win a copy of +onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 6...


And ya did! Congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy the software and use it well. Maybe your wife will be nice and let you borrow that macro lens to shoot images that you can then process in the Suite. :)

Just send me a private message with your name, address, phone, and email address. I'll take care of getting you a Suite shipped post-haste! Congrats, again!
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