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Trey Ratcliff hung out with 20 people.Thomas Keitel, Tzafrir Rehan, Miguel Diaz, Chris Bartow, Vignesh Doraiswamy, Younes ADIL, Augusto Cesar de Camargo Neto, Richard Donoher, Beau Kahler, Glenn Harter, Antonio Marques, Jason Howell, Jon Richard, Elías Poveda, Krista Harmsworth, Miguel Valencia, Suleman Kanani, Denis Dervisevic, Ian Fry, and Bruno Belotti
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Trey Ratcliff was in a video call with 20 others
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holy monkeys. that took 5 seconds to fill. ahhhhh!!!
... my computer is too slow for the fun hangouts.
Happy birthday!
+Trey Ratcliff I added you to the rundown for TNT and you got a birthday shoutout in the Calendar section near the end :)
Tony Wang speaks the truth... happy bday Trey!
Happy Birthday Trey! Have to just write bday wishes since the hangout is full! :-)
Happy Birthday! :o)
Happy birthday, welcome to the 40's!
I'm driving to NASA - doing a live feed of going through security and approaching the VAB - Vehicle Assembly Building... I keep pointing the computer out the window.
Thanks! It was great! :D Nice to meet you.
I was just a little late.... Well, Happy Birthday!
And say hello to the Shuttle for me... :)
Wishing u a very Happy Birthdayy..!! Enjoy :-))
Happy Birthday Trey! Thanks for starting the Google + sharing too! 
That was fun, going through two security checkpoints with you :)
that was awesome! trey is heading to the launch pad to get some sunset shots. hopefully the storm lifts off..
Happy Birthday Trey!! Have an awesome time down there!!
Happy birthday Trey! Hope it was a good one!
It was a great live Hangout event at NASA! I'm here with +Robert Scoble but he was in a different area while I was at the launch pad... I'll do more live NASA hangouts soon... come join +Vic Gundotra! I'll have my assistant carry the laptop so you guys we can talk while I am setting up for the shots. I ended up getting what I think will be a very good shot this evening... will process and post soon. I'm soaked from head to toe from lying in a mosquito-infested puddle... but... I think it will be worth it.
So sad I couldn't be there to meet you in person! Have a happy birthday, and enjoy the possible launch.
How awesome is G+ right now?! I am so excited for the future. Happy Birthday from a random stranger. ;)
The assistant role sounds great for camera work and live chat with a pc/etc. Have a great time & Happy Birthday.

Still enjoy your HDR work and perpsective as much as I did the first 30 or 40 times I saw them while never linking them back to the same photographer. 
why does the number keep going down? it was at 25 earlier
Thanks all! :) +Dr. Kiki Sanford you are missing a lot of good science here! :) We are all geeking out on your behalf! :)
Happy Birthday, Trey :D (from Taiwan)
Thank you +Tony Wang and +Sarah Lane you are 8 slots above me in Google+ rankings; I think this is because I can't achieve your level of sass.
I've restarted my computer, given increased priority to the Chrome processes, and am ready to try to get a front row seat in your Hangout Trey...
Hey Trey, just wanted wish you a belated birthday. I hope it was great!
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