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(Android photo) taken a few hours ago... My son at a soccer game... This is where the kids play soccer in Queenstown!

(now... getting ready to go see the Flight of the Conchords in concert!  Very excited!)

Queenstown, Otago
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Great backdrop. I wonder how many of the parents' cameras were focused on what at that game: the kids, or the mountains!
Wow. It would be hard to concentrate on the game with a setting like that!
Beautiful place. Want to return. :)
Why play at anyplace less beautiful.... If you have the option...
Wow Android HDR looks good is this sooc?
Great shot! What a vista...

That snow looks inviting (heat wave and fires here...)
I'm just wondering with less air density how does the high altitude location affect the stamina of the kids. Over here, we play soccer by the beach.
+Trey Ratcliff Wow, I had no idea that Flight of the Conchords were doing anything together at all at this point. Now thanks to you, I see they're on tour right now, starting with two sold out shows. Got a spare ticket for me, Trey?
Unfortunately, I can't make it to New Zealand or Australia from the US. Maybe someone will YouTube clips from the audience.
what app did you use for the vignette and framing?
great picture with mountain in the background
Have fun at the show! They are so fun, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
i didn't know you had football fields near your house
Stadium In Heaven!!!
You Got it??
Beautiful mountains and what a soccer field ! Lucky kids !
great landscape behind soccer field...
How can they play with such a memorizing view behind them.
What Android phone are you using? And what did you do the effects with?
JB Wee
Wow! The venue is breath taking.
what a landscape! One to admire! Good photography also! :)) Thumbs up! :)
What a lovely place to play soccer and especially to hangout!
New Zealand contains such a deserve range of landscape.  I first learned of how amazing it was while watching "The Lord of the Rings" making of a few years ago. 
Flight of the Conchords concert? Hope they do another tour! Loved their live gig in London a few years back!
I really enjoyed looking into the photo and picking out interesting things. 
Yay.. Galaxy Nexus! If you happen to use the funny faces in the camera, that is what I worked on :-)
ning lu
construction is great ,love the color 
The most beautiful stadium I've ever seen! :) 
The Kiwis may curse you Trey for single handedly doubling their population with immigrants from G+ if you keep showing these sorts of images!
good position. it's large and nice!
Ok....I'm ready to move to NZ, now!!!! Love the backdrop!
Great background pic
прекрасное сочетание современности- ухоженное поле,  футболисты в современной одежде, и - миллионнолетние горы,которые снисходительно смотрят на них. спасибо, что вы дали возможность взглянуть из далёкой сибири на эту фантастическую красоту, полную филосовского смысла!
nice pictures commendable.
 see  you next.
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