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Trey's Variety Hour #55: Travel Photography

In this episode I am joined by +Karen Hutton, +Emily Adamson, +Mike Hollman, +JUSTIN TROUPE, +Erin McLean, and +J. Griffin Stewart.  We talk about travel photography trips, stories, and show some of our work.

To find out more about the workshop in Paris click here:

Thanks to +Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

Official website:

You can subscribe for free to my YouTube channel at:   
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Great hangout - first one I've seen. Shock of the Day: can't believe +Trey Ratcliff  does his own posting on social media. So impressed by that!
Is it no longer available on iTunes?
+Gil Feliciano it is always nice when influencers don't outsource social media. It is just too fake
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