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Update: The winner is +Sly Vegas ! :)

Win One Free Pass (+1 friend!) to the G+ Photographer's Conference - Comment below! The winner will get to select a friend to bring along with them! Feel free to +mention the name of the lucky friend you'd like to bring with you. And yes, you can even get them to come make an entry too and +mention you back!

I'll announce the winner LIVE tomorrow (Monday) night at 7 PM PT during Trey's Variety Hour. I'll pick a random commenter from below.

More info about the Conference at

The video below is from the show last Monday when we were joined by +Guy Kawasaki +Vic Gundotra +Jeremy Cowart +Nicole S. Young and +RC Concepcion . BTW, I got a few emails after, and they seemed to assume that it was MY conference. It's not mine.... I'm just going to be there on a few panels, leading a photowalk, and for one special event. The conference is put on by +Scott Kelby, and he'll be the one getting the winner the free pass!
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I would love to go. Not decided on who would come with me
Swee Oh
I would love to go! And I will bring my buddy +Ruth Goh with me :))
Just getting into photography and bought myself a camera. This would be really cool. No idea who I'd bring.
It would be totally awesome if I could go-- I will be out there the week before and this would be a great reason to extend my trip!
would love to go!! Not sure who I'd bring quite yet though
I would absolutely LOVE to go to the conference. You're my only hope Trey!
I wanna goooo ugly cries me me me me I would take my childhood friend +juan leon, he would have to let me stay in his house in SF!
Yes please! Would love one, thanks Trey! :)
love to have a copy of the book and be at the conference.
OMG have you seen the guys who are speaking.
Are you serious I WOULD LOVE TO GO.
I think I would take................... I'll get back to you please
In there like swim wear! Gotta bring the sis +R Izzo
Frank M
But does the winner get a Google+ Camera Strap?
I would love to go. Not sure of the guest I would bring yet. 
I would love to take my best buddy +Nicholas Beach he always makes me laugh really hard and we both love photography, we would love to go!!!
Oh man, Id love to be able to go with my wife. She hasnt seen her family (they live in the bay) for couple years!
I'd really love to go, the line up of speakers and sessions looks amazing. Winning would really help a midwest girl afford a trip to Cali! If I was selected I'd bring my cousin +Jeffrey Sierputowski .
Thanks for offering this up ..... there are piles of great people here that could never go to something like this and should get that opportunity... hidden talent
Pick me! I'm not going to be able to go otherwise...
Hi Trey, I just subscribed to your YouTube Channel... Good stuff! :)
It is definitely a conference I am interested in attending
I would like to go undecided who to bring. I am a freelance photographer and new on g+.
Was just discussing this conference with +Juan Gonzalez at a photowalk yesterday. He already has a ticket though.

Get me in and I'll fly out! Me + +Tu-Anh Tran to help represents Austin and Las Vegas!

In the market for a new camera and would love to weigh SLTs and "mirrorless," against DSLRs.
I'd take +Torrey Gleave for sure. Conference looks amazing. I love that you're still so involved in all of this.
OK, I can see it now....Headline reads: Former Texas photo guru, +Trey Ratcliff, teams up with Mississippi madman, Larry Anderson, and his Cavalier California guest, +Ken Shelton, to put the "Power Plus" in Google Plus!
After all:
Trey is the "Father of Photo Walks"
Ken has led more photo walks than almost anybody else
Larry is the author of "Leading Your Own Photo Safari" (
So, don't miss this convergence of photo walk magic!
...or @John Fuqua...
My wife was randomly selected to go to the very first Google #whphotowalkphoto a couple weeks ago and she still hasn't stop talking about it. going to the conference and learning Trey's HDR secrets would make her day!!! so I'll +Alice Grabowski ...hopefully she will +me back ;-)
Guy's book seems to be what many of us need to really make expansive use of Google+. I'm confident that it will not only be informative but will be full of his passion.
As always, bringing the community closer together, thanks for this +Trey Ratcliff. I'd bring +Halley Cain along. It's a far distance to travel, but totally worth it, and I have some time off coming up!
I'd love to go! I can't afford the entrance fee at the moment, so this would be amazing :D
Last time I tried I was not lucky enough. May be this time.
If got lucky, will be bringing +Shankar Uprety
Very awesome opportunity! Good luck everyone.
Would really love to come!! Not sure with whom yet :?
Good Luck to everyone!!! ^^
I would love to go with my lovely wife +Nancy Wilkins
Thank you for the opp to attend the G+ conference. I accept, but I do not have an invitee to announce yet.
If I am chosen, I will take +Vivienne Tiqui with me to the conf. Pick me!!!
Insert generic comment <here>... to win Guy's book!
I would bring my fantastic husband +Rick Darsey because there is no one else in the world I would rather share with
I live in central Texas, I would bring my family, and man do I ever want to make it! My family would probably want to take in a bit of California while I spend time with you guys so I would most likely offer the second ticket to one of the other commenters in this thread.
Photography is one of the things everyone loves to do, and social networks are taking it to the next level. Hooray for a conference on G+ photography!
Thanks for the share! I would take my best buddy...+Dan Murnan
Too bad it is so far away~
Otherwise would LOVE to join!
Can't imagine a cooler opportunity...still on a high after my participation in the first ever #WHPhotowalk and I would definitely take +Jurek Grabowski
Sounds like a blast and an awesome time!
I'd love to go and I'd bring anyone from the LA area :)
I would love to go! Does the winner get free flights from St. Louis? lol!
I think I'd ask +Chris Gunby if he'd like to go with me.
I'm not a photographer, but I am fascinated by the combination of artistic talent and entrepreneurial ability of profesional photographers. I think I could learn a lot from the conference.
Wow, that's wonderful. Thanks for the chance. Now, who would I bring????
This will be an awesome event...oh, who to bring, who to bring, who to many people I know would really appreciate this
I would go with my uncle. Helped me a lot in life and photography. He just loves everything about photography.
I would bring someone who loves photography but can't afford to travel...another photographer perhaps? ;)
I would love to go and join the conference, and to use the opportunity to drive on PCH from LA to SF. My best friend/favorite actress/photo model, and once in a while my assistant photographer, +georgiana jianu would join me.Good luck to everyone !
I would love to go with my mom, the person who got me into photography!
Thanks to the group for taking the time for some good interesting talk. Would love one of Guy's books,
Would LOVE to go! I just bought my first interchangeable lens camera the Sony NEX 7 - previously all my photos were shot on my iPhone. I'm very eager to continue to learn the craft and have jumped in with both feet about 6 months ago! So much good stuff at this conference!
Sounds like a great conference! Would love to invite any one of the great Seattle photographers I know. 
I often prey at the alter of Trey. I once need a prayer answered. Answer this one and allow me and one of my buds to go! Thanks. :-)
Id love to win, I have many "friends" from the twitterverse I'd love to put a face to in person! Yourself included!
I would love to go and I would bring the wife along too 8)
I would love to go with my dad +Tony Gay who has inspired me in photography and film. This would be the most amazing experience!
I would love to be able to attend this conference. It sounds amazing.
You never can get enough of the Kelby clan!
Oh.. so want to go... and would love to bring my sweet wife +Susan Bell
Darn. It's actually the travel costs more than the conference fee that's making it a challenge for me.
As time flies by, passions are replaced. I would love to take my digital photography up to where my film level was. This would be a great way to start.

I'd love to win this and expand my photographic knowledge
I would be very down for this. If I went I would take my Cannon shooting brother to show that I am bigger in charity than he is. I would name him in G+ terms but he practices with his L glass in the dark spaces.
This sounds like a lot more fun than going to work... So, how about it?
I'd love to go but probably alone or I'd pick someone from the comments to join me :)
would love a copy of the google + book
It's been a while since I've been back to my birthplace. Would love to join!
Would love to be there with my buddy Kelly Gretsinger !
would love to go, im an amateur photographer and would love to learn some new tricks!
What a valuable learning opportunity this experience this would be. Good luck to everyone!
I want to go and would bring either my friend Scot or Jessica. Event sounds inspiring!
I would to go and bring my friend Kimberly Podolny who I have been working with over the last several months creating high energy video utilizing my photos and her creativeness and this would be a wonderful way to thank her for helping me to see other ways to improve my Motorsports photography. 
Please pick me! I am in the San Fran Area and can definitely attend. I want to learn about Google+ and this would be the conference to attend!! I would bring my husband who is also interested in this. Many Thanks!!
I am fine art photographer from the bay area and would realy lloooooooove to attend but money is tight so this would be beyond amazing if i won. I would bring my friend Laurie who is an amazing photographer and have shared a love of photography since we took our first black and white photo class together. I will hold my breath until tomorrow ...... Yeah!!!!
I'd love to go, and take my wife, Lynne, with me... but we are half a world away in Southern Spain, so wait and will watch the feed from the conference online... good luck to whoever wins and share with us all
I'm a photography student at the university of Alabama and I would love to be able to attend this with my a friend of mine! I am always wanting to learn from such awesome people about a passion of mine! Thanks for giving everyone an opportunity!

Kalyn-Wright Davis
Micah C
A free pass to a photography concert with some very awesome photographers? yes please! I want to bring AWESOME photographer and my best buddy +Chuck Nguyen with me!
Not sure who i would take but I'd love to attend.
I would be honored to join you and for a partner I would invite an amazing photographer I know at my workplace Genentech who is new to this platform!
This conference sounds great...I'd love to go and would bring +***** with me. Thanks!
I'm hoping to make it out there next month, put me down!
Wow! To wake up and read this was perfect timing. The money I had allocated to make the trip from Florida had to be used for a family health issue so I had to bail. I would have to wait to name a companion though. Maybe a friend lottery. Crossing my fingers because I have SO MANY G+ questions that have not been answered yet!
I'd def go! Hope I win and not sure who I would take gotta think about that one!
Thanks for the entries! :) I hope my bandwidth holds up so I can do the announcement tonight! :)
I would love to go! Money's been tight lately and this could be my "ticket".
sounds exciting. i would like to be the lucky winner to come across half the way around world and attend a conference. :D
hello Trey i'm italy, 39 iars old,you friends?,yes ,no?,inglish non perfect,sorry, conferece very good you goo ten, bay
If I win, I'm making the drive from Arkansas. Not sure yet who I'd take with me, but I'll find someone.
Have un at the Conference. Should be fannnnnntastic!
Ah this would be amazing. I would probably bring my photography-interested roommate!
How great would that be? Wow, I'd bring my Photo Friend Jim who would be forever in my debt. Thus moving up my evil plan timetable! Oh yes, I'm in! 8^)
Any chances for being lucky....with my friend Darshna Macwan
A once in a lifetime event, pick me, pick me, pick me :)
A great trip and an even better conference. I'd love to go!
What a great opportunity to join you all at the conference and I'd take +Sherri Meyer if she'd like to come! :)
Help...first time I've +'d anyone and what I did didn't seem to work. ;)
I would love to go!
Try again, Cheryl. Just type the + symbol, then their name, no space. You should be following the person first.
Hello Trey! I would love to come and visit. I would invite +Daniel Enloe because he is such a genuine guy.
This is awesome Trey! I guess I'll try my luck.
Thanks Levi, here goes: +Sherri Meyer. She was in my friends circle, so put her also in my following circle and it now works. ;)
Sounds like a great conference. Thanks for the opportunity to perhaps attend this event.
I would take my best friend Chris Miller
I'm a newbee but I would LOVE it!!!
I am going to be there! I can't wait to participate on your photo walk and workshops.
What a great chance for my wife and I to visit a wonderful city as well as meet and learn from some of the most insperational photographers of our time.
Hello there! Toss a ticket in the drawing for me too, please.. and if I could take someone, I would take my younger brother, the amazing badass with the fat glass: +Lucian Flur! I am new to photography, but Lucian is a Pro. Thanks!
Going to assume that by free pass you mean just for the conference. I am coast-challenged (on the East Coast). Alas.

Good luck to all!
Would be awesome for me and Eva!
Sweet, +Brandi would be going with me!
Can't wait for a copy of what the +
I asked clients on facebook to hit the like button to see if they were on G+ none did,,,, I wonder how many non photographers have accounts? Real interested in book
I would love to go so bad being a newbie photographer!
Would love to go if the contest is still open.
I would love to attend and bring Bill a fellow photographer with a higher skill level than said writer.
I'll have to auction off my second ticket to the highest bidder, I mean best friend I mean, wait no... Lot of people I could bring with, maybe +Tawni Henlin.
Of course, I'm bringing my daughter to the conference.
Hope to get a chance to go. Have a friend in SF that I would take.
I would really love to go. It would be my first photo conference. I think my coworker would definitely tag along.
I'm in, would bring and old friend -;0)
I would love to go! i would bring one of my friends :)
Thanks all - the winner is +Sly Vegas ! Congrats Sly - and thank you everyone for entering! :)
Youre too fantastic for that Trey! I know I'm kind of a default winner but couldn't be more thankful:-) WooHoo! 
I'm just putting together my circles in Google+....
... Glad to find this bunch of photographers...
A free book and now a chance to win ticket to the G+ conference? You're like a cornucopia of Google stuff!
Just watching the fun hang-out here in Melbourne, down under. Everyone is fun. Really enjoy Guy and looking forward to his book:-)

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