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What's in My Bag? New Video - and New Show soon! 
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Have questions?  Put them below and we'll answer them on the Live Show tonight!  Also joining me to show what is in their bags is +Eric Cheng from Lytro, +Mike Wiacek from Google, +ron brinkmann from TWIP, +Angela B. Pan from, and +Michelle Robinson who is representing the entire country of Australia tonight.

Time: 7 PM PT - ( Your World Time - )
Location: Here or or my YouTube Live channel
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the f-stop backpack seems to be great piece of equipment, will have to research on how to get them here in Germany
I'm just wondering what the grand total $$ is for what's in each of your bags +Trey Ratcliff ;)
the index fingers of photogs that "got in his way." :O) (honesty, cool article/vid and thanks for sharing!)
Thanks for letting us peek in your bag! I must admit to knowing zip about cameras. 
Pinky bar, a jersey, tramping boots and loads of good nick gear? 
A small part of the cash you made from selling that stuff on /stuff-you-need :P
I think this is at least the third version of 'What's in Trey's bag?" that has been produced. Which is a good thing because the evolution is very interesting to see. 
There was one shot in a diner a few years ago that I can't find, then the one in the cool hotel room in China ( Cool Hotel Room at Opposite House ) and this latest one with two sub species. All very cool!
Hey Trey! So good 2 C U again & what's I your bag :) Rock on! :)
Gear voyeurism at its finest.  To be honest, though, I found myself more envious of where +Trey Ratcliff was staying than of his gear.
I thought you were'nt going to buy anymore DSLR bodies ? Saving for mirrorless ? Or is that D800 a freebee ?
Do you use differing filters for all your thread sizes, or do you just have one at the largest and a set of adapters? What method would you recommend?
+Trey Ratcliff didnt know you became  a beauty guru :P ( teasing) what's in my bag is a super popular video type in the fashion/beauty community
+Stefan Neuweger i believe they ship from the Netherlands for us Europeans! Recently saw a hangout featuring +Athena Carey and they talked about the Fstop bags. Link for the video is on her stream!
great video. I for one travel a bit heavier. But for sure I would never check my chargers. I have them in my bag. Lost a bag or 2 in my day and nothing would kill a shoot more then no battery life left. 
+Samuel Carroll  if money is a issue go for a canon. Glass is cheaper if your so new you dont have a DSLR I would say a t31 is a great place to start skip the kit lens and just get the body then get as much lens as you have funds for or you could go with the kit lens and pick ip a 50MM 1.8 for about $100 that lens will blow your mind next to the kit paper weight they toss at you . 
Awesome video... I have often wondered what's in your Bag.. now I know!! I'm upgrading to the D800 shortly myself, it looks a great camera, shame I have to upgrade my lenses too.. boo

I love the bag by the way. Ohh where did you get the laptop bag from +Trey Ratcliff? I'd love one of those
tuyet voi that kho tin voi nhung hinh anh nhu vay toi chua bao gio thay nhung anh doc nhu vay phai mat rat ky comng
Usually when I see a comment in another language I usually assume it is a spam. But this time I actually understand.
+binh tran said Amazing, it is unbelievable I have never seen photos like those before. It must take a lot of time. :) 
just don't want you to miss a msg from a fan :) +Trey Ratcliff 
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