HBO Game of Thrones PhotoWalk with Google+! Join me in Sydney!

This Photowalk event is gonna be Amaze-maze! We're getting early access to new Game of Thrones Exhibition in Sydney before the general admission on opening day on July 2nd from 9-10am (arrive 30 mins early for registration).  Even better, this PhotoWalk comes with a free breakfast!  

Registration is required, and no worries, this is a FREE event. omg omg... I'm getting chills now thinking about all the awesome GoT stuff they will have... I'm a mega fan and read all the books years ago. 

This is limited to only 200 people because that is the size limitations for the space.  So, if you are in Sydney (or happen to be there on that day) RSVP at 

Details — 
When: Wednesday 2 July, 9am - 10am (Recommend arriving ~30 minutes prior for registration)
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney - 
RSVP Required: 
Hashtag for photos: #GOTSydney  
More about event: Special Google+ Photowalk at the Game of Thrones Exhibition Sydney: 

What should you bring?  Any camera is fine, from a mobile phone all the way up to a huge DSLR.  I'll be there with my Sony A7r and my trusty tripod!  I'll have a 2nd camera too with a prime lens on there to get some detailed shots...  We've had great events in Sydney before, and I look forward to seeing so many familiar faces! :)  
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