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HBO Game of Thrones PhotoWalk with Google+! Join me in Sydney!

This Photowalk event is gonna be Amaze-maze! We're getting early access to new Game of Thrones Exhibition in Sydney before the general admission on opening day on July 2nd from 9-10am (arrive 30 mins early for registration).  Even better, this PhotoWalk comes with a free breakfast!  

Registration is required, and no worries, this is a FREE event. omg omg... I'm getting chills now thinking about all the awesome GoT stuff they will have... I'm a mega fan and read all the books years ago. 

This is limited to only 200 people because that is the size limitations for the space.  So, if you are in Sydney (or happen to be there on that day) RSVP at 

Details — 
When: Wednesday 2 July, 9am - 10am (Recommend arriving ~30 minutes prior for registration)
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney - 
RSVP Required: 
Hashtag for photos: #GOTSydney  
More about event: Special Google+ Photowalk at the Game of Thrones Exhibition Sydney: 

What should you bring?  Any camera is fine, from a mobile phone all the way up to a huge DSLR.  I'll be there with my Sony A7r and my trusty tripod!  I'll have a 2nd camera too with a prime lens on there to get some detailed shots...  We've had great events in Sydney before, and I look forward to seeing so many familiar faces! :)  
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Can't be there, but sure wish I could. Love that Game of Thrones!! Have fun!
Gorgeous !!! Thanks for sharing . Have wonderful time :))
One colour melted into another as the sun set.
The city is very beautiful in the night-time.
Fun wish I lived in sydney sounds fun I live in the heart of Texas. 
Hey Trey U always fascinate me by those fatastic shot. 
Die Oper ist wunderschön deine Aufnahme super !
Spewin, I won't be around. It would be great to meet you finally!
OMG too! Am so excited! Finally, I can see you in person! :)
Are you going to be bring your drone too? Will be so awesome if you do. Take some amazing photos above the harbour.
great colors and composition!  Wow
+Trey Ratcliff You may come over to Belfast Trey to visit the Game of Thrones set at the Titanic Quarter 
is that July 2nd Sydney time? Sounds fun!! :)
Waht the name of that gas they use for this ?
The worst luck +Gretchen Chappelle :( The 4 days we come to Sydney and you just fly out as we get in! Would have been great to get to hang out more :) Not long nooooow! xo 
Very cool that they're allowing tripods and "professional" cameras!
nice like to vist  once here....
+Trey Ratcliff or + Paul Caroma Please could you give me an idea of the schedule for the Wed walk after the museum? Are they an all day thing or a few hours? organising flights! Cheers.
Thanks +Paul Carmona, figure a trip to Sydney is in order anyway, see you 'am at the MCA.
I've put my name down via the link.... Just not sure if its confirmed I'm coming or not ie any spots were left (do i get notification?) +Trey Ratcliff
+Baz Anderson  - the official thing is only that one hour in the morning, but I'll be around there most of the day! :)
+Trey Ratcliff wish I could be there sounds Amazing. I'm sure that it's going to be incredible. Have Fun and I look forward to seeing the pictures. 8) 
That's it!!!! I'm never telling anyone I'm leaving the country for 3 months every again. It seems that I leave Oz and everyone else arrives. :(( I don't stink that much do I???
Yeah .. Traveling all over Europe to such totally amazing places must really suck +Mykal Hall ;) 
What's that +Mykal Hall? More cake! Surely you're already quite full of Boulangerie goodness from your ongoing European Adventure. If it makes you feel any better- I fly out tomorrow morning & will miss 1/2 a dozen friends in the 6 weeks I'm away... c'est la vie ;)
+Gretchen Chappelle need to diet when we get back. Point to note. Not ever meal has to end with dessert. Have fun Gretchen and take lots of memory cards. :)
I did not get a notification either +Jenni Thompson that's why I ended up registering twice in case I made a mistake 
I registered a couple of days ago, any way of knowing if the registration took? :)
With a 1000 likes here and the others from your FB page (and others who've shared your link too), you must have thousands that have put their name down for this. 200 spots = lots of disappointed peeps. It's a long way into town only to find not one of the 200....any way of finding out +Trey Ratcliff (sorry to be a pain)
same here, registered two days ago but no idea if I'm in or not
Hoping to get out there at sun rise - anyone want to join me for a pre-photowalk ;)
Got my confirmation .. see you all there :)
Hey guys. Is there anyone knows where the meeting place is? Since no Google sign or any sign about the photowalk at MCA. People already start queuing 
Thanks so much for organising this (those involved) it was awesome!!!!
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