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I just updated all of my recommendations - sharing first here to Google+! There are thousands of cameras out there... and I've always simplified recommendations into Good, Better, and Best. I have recently purchased both the Sony NEX-7 and the Nikon D800, and I've included them in the rankings.

I think the Nikon D800 is better than the Canon 5D Mark III because it is $500 cheaper and has more features that satisfy landscape photographers. If I were more into video and shooting handheld in low-light, then I might not mind the extra $500. I quite like the 36 megapixels and the slightly extended dynamic range (14.4 EV).

Also, of note, you may notice that TWO out of THREE in the Good / Better / Best are NOT DSLRs. In my previous ranking, most were DSLRs.... we can see the mirrorless cameras creeping in... So, with the "Good" option, we're looking at the Micro Four Thirds standard, and with the "Better" option, we're looking at the Sony E-lens system.

I always interested in hearing your thoughts... let me know what you think!

(Note I'm just now leaving to spend a few weeks in the Caribbean on Virgin Gorda, so I'll be offline for quite a bit until I can secure a good connection!)
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