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I just updated all of my recommendations - sharing first here to Google+! There are thousands of cameras out there... and I've always simplified recommendations into Good, Better, and Best. I have recently purchased both the Sony NEX-7 and the Nikon D800, and I've included them in the rankings.

I think the Nikon D800 is better than the Canon 5D Mark III because it is $500 cheaper and has more features that satisfy landscape photographers. If I were more into video and shooting handheld in low-light, then I might not mind the extra $500. I quite like the 36 megapixels and the slightly extended dynamic range (14.4 EV).

Also, of note, you may notice that TWO out of THREE in the Good / Better / Best are NOT DSLRs. In my previous ranking, most were DSLRs.... we can see the mirrorless cameras creeping in... So, with the "Good" option, we're looking at the Micro Four Thirds standard, and with the "Better" option, we're looking at the Sony E-lens system.

I always interested in hearing your thoughts... let me know what you think!

(Note I'm just now leaving to spend a few weeks in the Caribbean on Virgin Gorda, so I'll be offline for quite a bit until I can secure a good connection!)
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I just picked up a Sony NEX-5N yesterday for $300. I am digging it so far.
What do you think of the Lumix GF-2 as an entry level camera?
+Jon M Curley will your friends still talk to you? hehe... maybe you need new friends... join the club! :)
What was that grip you used on Cali's show with Jon P?
Virgin Gorda - You need to try some underwater photography while you are there. Very beautiful place. Enjoy.
It looked like you had some sort of wire frame handle or grip too. What was that?
Thank you for this review. Very cool, and very helpful. (And a refreshingly short read, to the point).
Yes..good article..I wan contemplating between a couple of lenses..and this article helped.
I'm personally loving my Sony A77, but the English weather is rubbish at the moment :-/
how can i make a best n best photograper??????????
plz some advice.....
Oh! +John Lowe that is my l-bracket for my RRS head... it's not even the proper brace for it - I rescued it from the D3X and jammed it on the D800! :)

+David Bowring that is a good camera too - I tried out +Tony Payne 's in Yosemite
You just couldn't resist buying the D800 could you?! :-) I remember reading a blog post a while back mentioning the D3x could last for some time before stepping over to mirrorless completely. I guess the NEX7 & D800 combi works best meaning these systems will coexist for some time still...
Hey +Trey Ratcliff funny enough I was taking a look at the update video now. Don't get me wrong, a while back I was reading the "D800 rumors" and when I read your blog post about 3rd gen I wondered if you could resist when the camera would be launched. I know I wouldn't. So to set things strait I fully understand your decision and I love the camera! Take care :-)
waw,,i like nikon very nice
Just bought my wife a Nikon 3100!
I love the Nex, but there are not many good e-mount lenses around yet. Can't wait for a decent zoom lens. And don't tell me, I could put on an a-mount lens with an adapter. The size of them on a tiny Nex is absurd.
On the tripod section you mention "like the D90 above". Looks like it didn't get changed when you moved to the D800
Hey +Trey Ratcliff ! What do you think about Nikon D3200 ?! I want to buy in the next period a DSLR. Other potential camera that I saw are : d3100, d5100 . Can u help me ? Thanks.
I think that review makes more sense if divided up as the best of the 3 different categories of cameras. For instance, I also think the NEX7 would be my pick for mirrorless, but unless your goal is to be compact, for many a better purchase is a DSLR in that same price range. For example, since being small was not a goal for me in a primary camera, the Canon 7D was a better choice for me. Obviously not better than your D800, but that is not in my budget. Just my $0.02...
This tiny 24 megapixel beast has a thousand other features that those clever Japenese crammed inside

You spelled Japanese incorrectly.. And some people will think your tone sound rascist..
Incredibly timely and helpful post, you're quickly becoming one of my favorite (and inspiring!) resources here on G+! Thanks, Trey!!
Best camera I ever had was a Pentax k1000
Well, fortunately, is not only dependent on the shooting of the camera.

I use a Sony A500 and makes it as good as the Nikon D800 images.

Only thing a the functions with the ISO on the Nikon D800 better otherwise very identical.

Granted, I prefer to use sigma lens with lots of light.
The lenses from Sony in my opinion are not that great.
Ypu dont need this camera to shoot hdr. Point and shoot is more than enough i think
Being an artist I need a camera that will do the job for commission work on my easel so I like Nikon but have an older EOS Cannon with several lens but I see I need to add to the devices and some software.
You must always expand or cut back somewhere, important that the optimal device for their personal use is found, regardless of what others are saying
I found that kind of good-better-best camera divide a bit awkward, too, even though it apparently works just fine for +Trey Ratcliff. The good-better-best is always subjective and relative. It's a matter of taste, and depends on our needs, personal preferences and so on. So in that sense, I tend to agree with Jeff above about the notion of different categories.
But nit-picking aside, it was nice little (simplified) review, .
I think one can have the best camera but no look for the motive. Another photographer can have a simple camera , a sense of the motive and the detail, for example one smartphone. He will make better pictures.
Thanks for the recommendations but there isn't much conversation if you've already invested in one brand of lenses. I have Canon lenses which means I'm effectively locked into the Canon bodies.
+Trey Ratcliff Have you tried any of the Nikon to NEX adapters with your Nikon lenses? I shoot Nikon and have been carefully following your reviews of the NEX-7, but am wanting to see if there is a way to economically use lenses that I already have. Thanks for the great reviews, and for challenging my thinking!
+Trey Ratcliff I like the fact, that you also recommend Non-DSLR Cameras. I currently shoot my photos with a Nikon D90 but my next camera probably will be a mirrorless. Thanks for your thaughts on this!
+Trey Ratcliff Thanks so much for the helpful insight! It's nice to hear from someone who's a real expert on this kind of stuff so you really know what you're getting.
It's really refreshing to see someone who uses the power of social networking to help people rather than waste their time.
Love your work Trey but I wonder if people who go off your recommendation will end up with a better camera without any lenses. I wanted the NEX-7 myself but the lens choice and selection pushed me down the micro 4/3 path. I know there are more lenses in the pipeline for Sony but at the moment it's slim pickings. Something to be mindful of anyway.

Also, typically with DSLRs the general consensus is you should spend your money on lenses and forget about upgrading your camera as much (unless you already have the lenses), I wonder if that still holds true for CSC systems?
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The problem with the Mark III is it is what the Mark II should have been. The Mark III simply fixes the bugs (focusing, ISO) that the Mark II had. It is an evolutionary product where the D800 is revolutionary. Comparing the two is apple and oranges.
Thanks all.

+Ben Floro that was the traditional wisdom with DSLRs... but maybe that system of buying a lot of lenses and just swapping out the body every few years will go away.

+Jeff Weiler no - that is on my list though!
My choice of best value cameras for producing digital images are as follows:

Canon 550D 2nd Hand plus Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8

Canon 5D (Mk 1 or Mk 11) 2nd Hand plus 24-70mm L f/2.8

Nikon FE + Nikkor MF 35mm f/2 + Nikon Coolscan 5000 Scanner. From Ebay, the same price as an entry level DSLR from Canon if, like Indie, you choose wisely.

Leica M2 + Voigtlander 35mm f/1.7 + Nikon Scanner. From Ebay, the same price as a prosumer level DSLR from Canon again, if, like Indie, you choose wisely.

And that's not meant to kick off a film v digital or Canon/Nikon polemic, it's honestly what I see as the best value, best quality, best LEARNING tools you can get for your photography.
Hi +Trey Ratcliff Been a big fan of your work for the last while. I did just go through your reviews, and one thing I'm curious about is the low light on the D800. I've been getting into doing some concert photography, where flashes kind of ruin the atmosphere of the pic. I was thinking of the D3S, as it was the king of low light previously, but now with the D4 matching it and adding more MP, and the D800 completely eclipsing the MP of the D3S, and the ISO still going fairly hi, just wanted to get an idea of the actual performance. Do you have any thoughts?

Oh, and just wondering, for the 3rd gen camera's, have you tried any of the samsung ones? The lens system and how it ties into how you control your settings is very unique (I-Function).

Anyways, thanks for all the great photography and for what you do for the photography world.
From malawi: i liked the photos .I downloaded them.Very best of you. thank you
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Well that depends! I'm a Canon shooter and own Canon glass. So, I'll be waiting 6 months or so for the price to likely + hopefully drop on that 5D Mark III
I love you photography ,i am interested photography,any advice
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