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Trey’s Variety Hour #37: Google+ Conference Photowalks!

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+Alex Koloskov, +Catherine Hall, +Karen Hutton, +RC Concepcion, +Lotus Carroll, and +Eden Brackstone join me for this discussion about all the photowalks that happened during the Google+ Photographers Conference. We all share a ton of photos and stories from our walks.

Here are some of the people whose work was shared during the show:

+Eric James Leffler, +Michael Frye, +Joseph Fanvu, +Alan Morris, +Alex Shamis, +Almus Null, +Beverly Anderson Sanchez, +Darlene Hildebrandt, +Dave Bell, +Jamie Zartman, +Joe Ercoli, +Joette A. Wangsgard, +Joseph Ip, +Keith Cuddeback, +Kimberly Hayworth, +logan barrier, +Omar AlQabandi, +Paul Hurley, +Peter Adams, +Pradeep Das, +Richard Camp, +Shola Oderinde, +Sly Vegas, +Toby Harriman, +Tom Hierl, +elizabeth hahn, +Curt Nordling, +Sean Cawley, +Richard Hay, +Robin Leworthy Wilson, +Angie Smith, +Lisa Duncan, +Jess Newcomb, +Dennis Lodes, +Kimberly Tweed, +Noah Katz, +Amy Heiden, +Brian Rose, +Sandeep Patil, +Joel Horwath, +Chris Chabot, +Christianna Pierce, +Juan Gonzalez, and +Shawn Clover.

As always we close out the show with our Google+ Photographer Discoveries:

+Amanda Recker, +Alex Stepanov, +Teri Lou Dantzler, +Danny Tan, +G Dan Mitchell, and +Ian Thomas.

Thanks to +Leo Laporte, +Tony Wang, and +Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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Thanks for mentioning me in this post, +Trey Ratcliff , and for making Trey's Variety Hour available on Youtube. I was able to catch up and watch it late last night while editing!
Awesome! So glad that you record and offer these. I always miss them.
Trey, I think you mentioned it - the really great thing about the conference were the walks the day before which gave each of us an opportunity to meet people so we felt like family the next 2 days at the conference. A very, very smart idea.
in a low, sultry voice... "Why thank you, Steven. I love saying it."

Thanks +Trey Ratcliff for mentioning me, enjoyed the show and had an awesome experience at the conference and PhotoWalk, I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in photography and art to attend next year. thanks again :)
+Trey Ratcliff - Thanks for including me in the show! (When you are my age, being called a "_new_ discovery" is especially fun! :-)
Thanks for including my photo in your presentation +Lotus Carroll! Such a fun moment in a very fun day! And thank you +Trey Ratcliff for this great presentation of all the different walks from that day. Terrific show!
Hey +Trey Ratcliff is just the start of summer. I will fit on something like that by the end of July. =)
Thank you so much for the kind words +Trey Ratcliff. I hope at some point in the future to connect in person again and hang out longer.

I also have to thank +Alex Koloskov for using my photos from our photowalk.

As another plug for +Alex Stepanov who +Alex Koloskov mentioned as G+ discoveries I have to say his photos are not only fantastic but he's a really nice guy as well. The 3 of us went on a photowalk after the conference that evening and walked around the Embarcadero and had a great time shooting and chatting.
+Trey Ratcliff, are these hangouts closed to invites only or can we join if there are openings.
+Trey Ratcliff thanks for this list! I was furiously trying to add all these great photographers last night during the show and I think I missed some, but now I can go back and find everyone! Sweet baby!
Thanks a lot for sharing the #colbywalk +Lotus Carroll and yes, I kinda got lost in the middle of downtown buildings and forgot to catch up with the group later, and now hardly anyone from the walk remember I was there :0). Thanks +Trey Ratcliff for the mention.
Thanks for the share and the great show!
+Trey Ratcliff Thanks for the show it was fun to reflect on the fun of those 3 days. Inspiring to watch the gifted.
Thank you +Trey Ratcliff and +Lotus Carroll for including my image in the show. It was a great honor to be included. Loved the entire show especially having the opportunity to see images taken during the other photo walks. Ours was by far the coolest, of course, because we had you as our fearless leader. Hope you and the family find the perfect new home in New Zealand. the kiwi version of "yes" spelled "Yezs? :)
we certainly seem to be the most prolific that's for sure! I did a search for some of the other walks and can hardly find many compared to from our walk
Thank you +Trey Ratcliff for inviting me, sweet company you've got there:-) Was glad to see all of you again, after the meeting at SF.
+RC Concepcion - Thanks for mentioning me and for all the kind words! I really appreciate that. It was great to see you the walk was a lot of fun. And yes, those of us on RC's walk had some delicious Chinese food afterward. :)

This was such a fun event, and the best part was meeting so many nice people, including +Karen Hutton, +Eric James Leffler, and +Joseph Fanvu, among many others. Sorry I didn't get to meet you +Trey Ratcliff, but I hope I'll get another chance.
+Trey Ratcliff FYI I know I'm in NZ when I hear the time of 17:50 as "tin" minutes to "sux" .ps i'm seeing different pix here than your FB stream?
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