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Having fun with some crazy speakers and Sir Michael Hill while he handles the center channel! :)  You can read more from +Curtis Simmons below!
Turn it up to 11

Words cannot describe the artistic beauty and inconceivable uniqueness of Sir Michael Hill's private residence. In the photo is +Peter Giordano, Sir Michael, and myself. We're standing in his music/movie room with speakers that are spun on a lathe from a single piece of wood. (The big ones are about 4 feet in depth)

Sir Michael, his lovely wife Christine, and his beautiful daughter Emma, were gracious hosts when +Trey Ratcliff, Pete and I stopped by for some pre-dinner drinks. 

Sir Michael founded the global jewellery retailer Michael Hill Jewellery ( and his home is on his golf course, The Hills (
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It's really not a great photo of them... they are like four feet long in that horn bit!
+Trey Ratcliff The horns act as an extreme version of what is referred to as a "wave guide" to create (as you would've heard I'm sure because - & I live this - no one that into Hifi would allow you to pass without a listen) a massive sound-stage. 
very impressive!  there are some wild and crazy (and very expensive) horns out there these days.  I bet  the amps are also very impressive
I wish I had the space/woman for it!
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