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Exclusively posted first to Google+ ! I just took this in Paris last night... How could I resist?

I also have a behind-the-scenes video on the "making of" that includes some good tips & tricks. I'll share that exclusively first to Google+ too... you guys have been so supportive and I really appreciate it. Thx again for all the re-shares and comments... this has been unreal...
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Another amazing photo. I look forward to each shot.
Ty Ray
Simply stunning, Trey! Keep those photos coming. I love seeing them. :)
Your getting comments every few seconds, ... wow.
Seriously awesome. On my list of places to visit for sure!
Great picture & looking forward to watching the "making of".
this is awesome I really liked it..
This photo made me plan a vacation in Paris in September. Awesome!
Thanks all!

+Another Lamassus yes - that seems a strange thing, eh? I don't get why it shows up twice... some Google guys tried to explain it to me, but I didn't really understand.
D Horn
Not as unreal as your pics.... you've got a spectacular eye, Trey. I'd LOVE to do what you do. Way to go man.
+Trey Ratcliff exquisite photography. DO make time to see the Anish Kapoor sculpture "Leviathan" now filling the Grand Palais for Monumenta 2011. It is an unforgettable experience. First inside and outside of this almost living great geometric work.
My personal favorite of all of your pics so far. The leaves in the puddle are sweet - lots of things to get lost in in this photo. Great great job.
Trey, I don't know how you do it, but every time you post a picture the place goes on my "must visit list". Bear in mind in this case that I've been to Paris 10 times already so that just doesn't make a lick o' sense!
Very Nice. So you're in France. Taking any shots of the Tour?
Just breathtaking. I appreciate how you manage to get out of the usual way of representing the Eiffel Tower -- I'm so bored by most photos I see of it, but this made me love it again.
Thanks very much all...very nice of you... can't always respond to everything, but I do read all everything and try to do a high-rate-of-return-lottery-answer.

+Angel Dimitrov Awesome - well I hope you have a great time

+John Mason No shots of the Tour de France I'm afraid...

+Jeff Cooperrider I use a Nikon D3X, but this can be achieved with most any DSLR... I have my stuff and suggestions over at
Somehow you're able to show up somewhere and compose a phenomenal shot every time. Oh, to have your eye.
Spectacular shot man, I love when the sky cooperates like that.
Hard to find words for your photos..
very cool :) i also love the short narratives you add to each, especially the quote that 'fans' are "just people that someday I will meet and become friends"
hehe... thanks all... okay I gotta go to bed.. waking up early to meet +su . for coffee and pastries and more pastries.
Amazing photo. How do you get Mother Nature to give you such perfect skies? :)
You have inspired me to spend the weekend taking your tutorial. I am keeping my fingers crossed there are educational versions of the software available, or I will have to get a night job.
really really beautiful. love it.
I'm typing, but in all honesty I have no words to describe the greatness of this picture :)
Now, that he's gone...Y'all, the skies in Paris ARE surreal. And Angel, your timing is great, September is even better.
just beyond beautiful!! thanks for the loyalty to your newly sprouted crop of fans here in the plus universe! :)
Wow! I've never seen a mud puddle look so good. Your best Eiffel shot yet IMHO.
this is definitely the best shot i've seen of the eiffel tower !
Do you know how many times I've walked right past puddles?! Situational awareness is important.
Stunning! I miss summer in Paris on this rainy July day here in Sydney. Thx 4 sharing, look forward to tips on how to capture a beautiful sunset :)
Love the movement in the cloud and the leaves in the foreground. The positioning of the tower is spot on. Just shows what you can do if you catch the light at the right moment even on a very cloudy day!
Wow! that's amazing
Amazing picture as always Trey!
I'll be a mindless follower and repeat what 83 other people said: "wow Trey, that's amazing!"

Mainly I say this because, WOW, that shot it awesome. Regardless of what they haters say.
Holy fuck that's gorgeous.
Increíble!!!!! Sorry I'm mexican :) it´s an awsome picture!
Well done. The tower looks to be on fire. Great capture and showing off of the steel. Yeah totally keep em coming!
Im an avid fan Tray, really admire your work
Absolutely beautiful. I'm rapidly becoming a fan seeing your work. You have an excellent eye. Please keep sharing.
Ray So
Thanks for sharing all these great images with us, Trey. You've inspired me to try my hand at HDR photography.
omg! this is gorgeous I want to hang it somewhere :)
brilliant composition! excellent art!
Just when you think Paris couldn't get even more romantic. (sigh) Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Really looking forward to the "how to." I can only dream of taking shots like this.
waw!!!!!!! i cannot see anything else amazed!!!!!!!!!
+Trey Ratcliff Are you going to be in Paris for the finish of the Tour de France? I'd love a couple new HDR backgrounds of the cyclists if you're in the area and can get close enough to the action.
R. Carl
It's a beautiful photo. It takes me there.
You made a puddle an integral part of this photo, you're really good Trey.
I'm running out of things to say, all of the stuff that you make with your camera are just stunning. one right after another.
Thanks for sharing, that's great stuff! 
ooh, I'm the 900th person who +1'd this photo =)
這張照片我很喜歡,有無限的感覺 :)
How do you get such crisp image qualities? Obviously, I'm an amateur and ignorant of photography.
Trey Ratcliff's photos of Paris make me want to get on a plane tonight and be in Paris in the morning. To think I was there every year for 15 years and now three have past and I haven't been.
You know by now that I'm in total love with your pics, Trey, but this one might be my favorite. Perfect framing, awesome colors, very linear but yet there's nothing harsh about it. Love, love, love!
hey dude u click awesome pic....great.
So, you're doing all the processing while on the road? That's cool. I usually end up waiting until I'm back at my main 'puter, then it's all sort of overwhelming. Nice work, sir!!
Mr. Trey, I am inventing a new internet word for this. This is GOL - Gasp Out Loud. It is beautiful. Thank you.
Awesome pic. I'm sure we all pass by such scenes, but it takes someone with the right perception to capture it at the right moment. Oh, and the right equipment too.
Awesome. The color is fantastic!
Once again another great image :-)
Holy cows this one seems popular - thanks everyone for the comments... I read them all and will respond to a few here... sorry but busy day about to go capture more stuff stuff...

+Jaz Emminger A lot of it comes from a process I do - I made a full tutorial (anyone can do this) at

+Todd Muskopf Yes that is right... I don't always process on the road, but I do process a few from time to time when I am excited about them - like this one!

+Kay Walker No that is another guy that steals my photos... happens a lot... but Google knows the truth! :)
Wow! Amazing that you're taking the time to answer your legions of followers, and disseminating you technique with us...THANK YOU!!
Siraj -
Wow.. it looks terrific! Looks like a dream. I will repost this.

Thank you for sharing. Just beautiful!!!
Looking forward to the video tips!
you know, i've just gotta say it again...these utterly transport. the overhead clouds are magnificent in this shot! :D
Champs de Mars, one of the best view of the Eiffe ! It reminds me of all the aperitif and parties I used to do there, with the same exact view.
Awesome pic Trey.
Google should pay you. You're one of the reasons why I log in daily. :-)
Brilliant snap.... keep 'em coming!
God has taken from you one eye, and has given you the power of 100 eyes. Thank you for the great photoes
How low was the camera to take that pictures ?
Thanks everyone!

+laurent inard - It was very very very low! You'll see in the behind-the-scenes video of this....
Always impressed with your work Trey. Great job.
Wow. Glad you're exploring Google+, where overlap between your circles and my circles helped alert me to your work. Thanks for sharing this.
Absolutely love this shot ~ it's so encouraging to see how you see "life" ~ esp. in Paris. I completely adore this ~ thank you for sharing :)
If this is "Stuck" its a great place to be.. AHH Paris in beautiful shot!!
Trey this one is great, love it!!!!
Awesome capture, Trey! Brilliant composition!
Ross H
Another stunning pic!
the right place at the right time! Seems taken with a low point of view
Nevermind, LOL. I just visited your website. Great job on all the pics I've seen!
Beautiful. I really must try some HDR/Multi image photography.
Wow. I hope the Light was not switched on at the Eifel Tower ... otherwise ... expensive :-)
Impressive, magnifique photo. Beautiful picture
this pic is insane!!!!! amazingly crisp and beautiful!!!! :-)))
Is this something to be concerned about? What do you think of this from the Google TOS in regards to images we post?

11.2 You agree that this license includes a right for Google to make such Content available to other companies, organizations or individuals with whom Google has relationships for the provision of syndicated services, and to use such Content in connection with the provision of those services.
Really enjoying your photos. Appreciate your sharing them.
This is really nice! I love the colors and the clarity. To me, it would be perfect if it were a bit straighter. Just my opinion. :-)
You have quickly become my favorite modern photographer.
Keep up the awesome work, please, I can't get enough of it.
I just came back from Paris...your picture makes me wish I never left!
These are some of the most amazing photos I have seen in a while. Great skill! You passion for beauty is evident in these photos.
This shot of the Eiffel Tower is amazing. Merci for sharing!!!
Great shot. And there is something magic about the statement .."I took this in Paris last night."
Gorgeous! And I do theme days and today is French Friday! How awesome to find you now! Your photos are stunning. I am a huge Francophile which is while I added French Fridays to the mix!
fffwwwwwooooaaarrrrrrrr thats a brilliant shot! perfect timing/place/colours/etc etc
amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the refelction and the color composition!
beautiful! Photograph the whole of Paris in HDR and then maybe put in a map and call it Trey View (as opposed to Google's Street View) ;))
I know this one its the...Oooops wrong post...
Great spot ! I have found that exact puddle tonight while roaming around the Champs de Mars ;)
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