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Trey Ratcliff hung out with 7 people.Dave Veffer, Guy Kawasaki, Nicole S. Young, RC Concepcion, Tony Wang, Jeremy Cowart, and Vic Gundotra
Trey's Variety Hour #33 - The Google+ Photographers Conference Show
Trey Ratcliff and 7 others participated
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OH man I would love to have one.
Wow! 500 Copies? Throw one my way! Cool...
Already bought Guy's book but hopefully updates are free ;-) As Guy learns the downside to electronic distribution...
ENJOYING the show 2 night trey
I can't join right now but a copy of Guy's book would be sweet. 
What the Plus!!!! for sure.
I would love to get this book, and read it.... I hope you can send it to international Users
Sweet. I want a G+ book. That's awesome of you to give away.
Great show guys and gals! I am in for the book :)
Watching the Hangout and I'm really digging the photographers on this show.
Have a great move Trey! Love your photography.
Awesome! Can't wait to watch the rest of the show.
Great hangout with the crew headed to SF. Sure would like one of Guy's books.
I'll take the book give away. Thanks.
Love the show. Keep up the great work.
Looking forward to Guy's new book. Wish I could attend the photographers conference.
Looking forward to it.
Hope I get a copy of What the plus!!!
Can't wait to find that book in the mailbox.
Have a great show! Found you on TWiT. Love Guy!
Excited to read it to up my level of photography creativity. Loving the show!
Great! I look forward to updated edition.
Lisa Ng
I would love a copy of book.
As always great show Trey and thanks, would love a copy of MR/ Kawasaki's book. thanks
Great Twit Variety Show. Ever use a professional commercial food stylist?
Trey! How do I gets me a copy of Kawasaki's book? I joined G+ solely for this purpose :)
Love the hangout tonight. Would love to have the free copy. Guy rocks!
Great show. I always try to always watch live.
I would love that book! Of course, I will still buy it even if I don't win...... but, really, I should win.
Hey, I would love the book... love listening to all you guys... sometimes I learn a whole lot.... thanks.
Without Guy Kawasaki & Trey the InnerTubes would not be as cool...
Hey Guy, forget the $3 update, send me the old version! :)
I would like to have +1 of the 500 books!!
Hard to be down while Guy is making a pitch or plugging some internetage.. He's the real deal. Trey ain't chopped cabbage either.
for my wife who photographs native plants, wildflowers, and landscapes I would love to have Guy's book . . . love the show
Long time fan of Guy K, count me in on the book?
Can't view the show...annoying ...get more bandwidth
Dave rules, and so does Photography!!
Liking this hangout. Wish I could make it to the conference.
Just have to comment to be eligible? That's too easy! :-)
Gimee gimee gimm!!! love your show Trey!
What a great opportunity! Always good to learn more from others, through web, fourms, BOOKS. ;)
Google+ API is already open. It just has rate limits.
I loved Guy's appearance on CJ Live a few weeks ago, what a great person.
I would love to have a free copy of his book. :)
Very enjoyable and entertaining. Thanks!
People like +Guy Kawasaki cuz he's a happy guy, and he's got an awesome name.
thank you very much for your offer Guy.
WHY do we like Guy so much? Because guy is internet BOSS.
I would love to get the book.
Guy should be the dictionary example of an "evangelist".
Why do people like Guy? good question, but he smiles a lot and exudes happiness
Thank you Guy for offering your book. Very kind of you!
Thanks Guy for all your work you did in the early days of Apple!! All I've heard about Guy Kawasaki is that he's a really nice guy! Congrats on the new book, and to your future plans, & projects!! Good luck Guy!! Guy Kawasaki +1 +1
Guy Kawasaki is a great speaker and I would love a copy of the new book
Sign me up for the book contest please! Sounds like a great book!
I would enjoy a copy of Guy's new book as well :)
Guy's photo "Bear Playing Goalie" is headed to the Smithsonian.
I got an error on the video, but I'm always up for a free book! Thanks for the contest!
Would like to read what Guy says in his book. Thanks for sharing Guy!
Well, the way I see it, if Guy have 500 books to offer, and there´s 140 comments until now. Maybe everyone will win ? :)
That's cool! G+, and more so the folks who use it, are awesome!
The book sounds cool.
Hello All :) I would love to read Guy's book. Thank you in advanced!!
+Trey Ratcliff you talked about some app which is useful in findout out some cool locations, Can you tell the app name here in the comments?
I would love a copy! How awesomely generous of +Guy Kawasaki to give away so many free copies!
Great show! really enjoying it.
What's the name of the photographer she just recommended?
Guy wrote the book.. literally!
Cute pic, Guy. Fun show.
I would love to get a copy of your book, +Guy Kawasaki , but when going through this list, I hope you don't choose alphabetically!
Would love to get a copy of the book!
Big fan of Trey! :o). Thanks for the opportunity to get a book!

I'd love to receive a copy of the book!
Pretty neat! Some pretty interesting points that his book touches upon too...
I would like a book too...I loved listening and watching you guys tonight. Very interesting to view that much talent in one room! I am taking your free HDR tutorial and 10 Principles of Beautiful Photography. I love your photos and all you have to teach. I hope to be able to attend the Google + conference in June when I enroll for the fall semester at The Academy of Art Institution there in SF. Thanks again for tonight's show :)
Amazing stuff .. Guy Kawasaki: If there is a copy available, please send me a copy of your book. Thanks.
Trey Ratcliff is even more awesome than Daniel Radcliffe!!!!!
A free book would be awesome!
If anyone missed the show tonight, I would recommend checking it via podcast. I had a great time hanging out and learning from so many great photographers!
Still possible to get his book?
Wowsers, that is a lot of books!
I have my fingers crossed .
The live recording is being processed and... I can't wait to watch it soon! :)
I'd buy a copy, but it's not available in the Japan iTunes Store, hint, hint... :)
Guy's book would be great! Thanks for the chance.
Wow and all I have to do is leave a comment?
Guy's Book is Great. I have it on my Motorola Xoom, but a signed Hard Copy would be fantastic!
Just caught the cool hangout on Apple TV. I'd love one of Guy's new books to join my copy of Enchantment. 
I would love to have a copy! :)
Great show all and thanks too to Guy with his generous book offer (even if I miss out).
I just got the time to catch the recoerded show, not sure if I still qualify within the first 500 for Guy's book.
Finally a reason good enough for me to join Google+. Thanks for the book Guy!
Great show everyone. I am very close to pulling the trigger to go to the conference.
Trey, I always look forward to your shots and I really like what you are doing with the google+ hangouts. I would love a copy of the book by +Guy Kawasaki
I would love a copy of Guy's book. Been a fan for many years!
Great information keep it coming. Thanks!
Good show. wish I could make the Conference.
Hey Jackie Guy Kawasaki Chan... can I get a copy of the book?
What the +? + yeah, i'll take one!
excited to get a sample of the book :)
Guy and his "checkered past". :-) What the Plus!
I'd love to have a copy of +Guy Kawasaki's new book! Just watching the Variety Hour via the YouTube app on my new telly and it's great to see it on the big-screen, as it were. And my vote is for Red; I like the fact that it's in daylight and she really looks as if she's dancing across Treasure Island, towards the city :)
A Copy of Guy's book would be great! Thanks...
I'l make a request if it's still available. Thanks!
I would like a copy. I have the first version. Would love the update.
Would love to have a copy of Guy's book. Been using and loving G+ the last couple month. But unfortunately get locked out of my original account. Just started this new account so that I can keep up with all the activities here.
Trey your Photos are Unbelievable.......
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