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My Favorite Fish Restaurant in the World

This spot is pretty well-known restaurant called Tjöruhúsið in the little town of Isafjordur.  There is a little window in the back where the fishermen come every morning to deliver the fresh fish in exchange for getting to eat there for free.  After you go inside the old Viking building by ducking your head, they bring you the food inside giant iron-clad pans... it was so awesome.  My record is going here four days in a row.  It is a sweet record and some day I vow to beat it at the same place!

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Love it ' the colors and the gray skies mske it an interesting contrast in the picture
I want to visit this place, beautiful!
How beatuifully a house it is. I've never sleeped in a restaurant like this.
Conservatório Musical de São Caetano do Sul.

A primeira escola de Música e de artes da cidade.....

Venham conhecer 
I dunno whether u ve ever been to India or not.. If you come, come over KOLKATA - WAST BENGAL.. every home can prepare moth watering fish preparation which you cant get over this place too... I CHALLENGE!!
hey +Trey Ratcliff. Seems like you have traversed all over the world. But I havent seen anything from the scandinavian countries, except Iceland :) Any future plans? I´m looking forward to see what you will find of motif´s here in Norway :)
Iceland is a great place seen some really good photos from +Trey Ratcliff also a friend on Flickr she has some magnificent
photos from there also.
+Trey Ratcliff good to hear it´s on your list at least:) I plan to visit NZ, by bicycle, in the near future. it´s literally on the other side of the earth to me :)
Ah, can you take fish sticks to that back window for free food? 
+Trey Ratcliff I'm heading back to Iceland next month, will try and pay this place a visit. Which part of the country is it in? And do you have any recommendations for gems around Akureyri?
Absolutely beautiful. Love this!! Thank you.
I love to eat fresh food ....I can see why this would be a favorite eatery......
it reminds me Great Expectations novel by Charles Dickens.
that is very beautiful place
i think nice pic............
Would make a gorgeous painting!
Sorry Trey but there is this Sushi place in Sapporo inside a fish market. Go there in winter, order the special, with a draft beer. Best Fish Ever. But if I ever make it to your restaurant. I will try it!
Probably not the best in the world +Trey Ratcliff but have you had the crayfish at Fishbone on Beach St? Always go there when I'm in Queenstown
+Trey Ratcliff  - I know you were in the Virgin Islands a few weeks back. We were there this past week. Sailed to the island of Anegada (BVI) where speaking of fresh seafood, we had the best lobsters I've ever had - bar none! (And I've had a lot of lobsters!)
Love the picture Trey it's very colourfull and pretty just not a fishy person
colorfull and so beautiful
all your pictures are stunning indeed. I love them all.
where is it like what country it has beautiful color
I'd beat your record easily! :-D
me too but i don't know what or were tht is i would if i know
Simply unique and wonderful place !!
nice place 
Isafjordur!  I visited there by Google Earth.  Great to feel the atmosphere of the town. Thank you so much.
it's very nice so interested
hi this is the nice place in my life
it take my breat away it also remain me of the palce that i was born
How I long to be in such a place - if only for a few days. But no, that will not do. :)
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