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Here is a photo I took from the back porch here in Virgin Gorda at sunrise. I've been waking up at 5 AM every day to see what I can see. Half the mornings are amazing and half are blah. But you can't tell for sure unless you get up to check...

For more about the Nikon 28-300mm lens I used, see my review at

Well, I'm posting this now... then headed to bed... setting the alarm for another early morning... !
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Trey, remember to relax and enjoy the islands!
You rock +Trey Ratcliff! Awe inspiring photo! Glad you got the chance to capture yet one more gift from Mother Nature to remind us how precious life is. Thanks so much! :)
Beautiful ! Looks like it's worth waking up with this view ! Enjoy your vacation !
This one makes your spirit go "Halleluiah!" the heaven's gates has opened.
I do this to see my morning birds - as the days are getting colder it becomes more character building!
This is beautiful--I love both sunrises & sunsets! :)
Gorgeous! I love Virgin Gorda. Would love to go back someday!
It is so beautiful and romantic, I wish I could seat there alone on that moment.
Looks like its from another planet!
wow!!! now that's a beautiful sight to see.
so guys lets use the present day perfectly, who knows we may not have one tomorrow. WAT SAY?
Life is good. The earth and sky are such a wonderful gift. Thanks
let this splendid ray of the sun make the day wonder ful.
It's beautiful..........!!!!!!!!!
it some hw makes me forget the sorrows of the world and gives me a peace from within. also i love the vibrant display of the colors as it makes me want to continue gazing at it. thank you
i really like it,thanks for you pic
Amazing !!! the picture I hope to catch one day...
This is a beautiful painting. Looks almost lifelike.
cant imagine our world.looks beautiful.....
good morning ... nice pic..
Awesome beginning : ending must also be Gr8 Trey..
damn pretty... thank u for sharing
tuyet. dung la kiet tac
Couldn't load the stuck on customs link although I was hoping to see some great classic cars.
I would give a lot to wake up to a sunrise like that! The world is a beautiful place if you look ...
So beautiful scene...........................
have a try tomorrow morning
nice.... edit photoshop??
Looking into this morning sun, the soul blazes with the potential of the day, igniting the need to do something good, build something big, do anything and everything to commemorate the impact of this moment...
this one of my dream to watch the sunrise......together with my special someone....
Holy crap that is pimptastic!
bring everything in the email with integrated translation sinterpoint.
the picture is so nice it came out best. i like nature
Awesome photo .Hope to see more beauty that you may capture on film
+Trey Ratcliff, you took that photo from a back porch? It looks more like you took that photo from Heaven!
This is amazing!! Thanks for sharing!
Sir it is very interating seeing you picture , so beautiful
At this moment....i want to be there with someone
Neha g
beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :)
I need to get up and check it out from my view. nice picture. Thanks 4 sharing.
it would be nice sitting on the edge of a cliff with your family seeing that one evening nice picture anyway :)
If this is the earth .I wonder what the heaven looks like !
so beautiful,it brings a good dream for me
nice pic with +ve morning...............
What is the Isaac newton science? 
What is the Isaac newton science? 
wwwwwwooooooooohhhhhhhhhh amazing very good i love this
how do u get these pics?? These are really awesome!!
Total Sunshine +Total Awesomeness = This Photo
I wish I could check it my self.... nice pic
this is a huge WOW in itself,no need 4 another one from me!!!!!
Wow. It's beautiful!!!
As the old rhyme goes. Red sky in the morning, sheppard’s warning.
Red sky at night, your curtains are on fire.
the is one of the masterpieces of god!!!
I love how you capture the Sun breaking though the clouds and get great color in the sky!
I'm seeing waves breaking form on my horizons. Lord, I'm shining. - Chemical Brothers.
Ky Bai
aw thats pretty :)
Wow! That is a beautiful shot!!!!
Hurry, get CAT STEVEN to sing MORNING HAS BROKEN,quick!
Oohh,...Beautifull sky..
I love the sunset -------------- >>> In the expectation ..that these is SUNRISE ....tomorrow...
Hi, I'm Quan. I live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. And where are you from ?
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love V.
your shots are really beautiful Trey. Some talent you got there. ;)
People can go their entire lives and never see one, let alone this one... Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Blessed BE )O(
Keep shining and smiling!!!
thanks Trey
friend ronny
Awesome shot! coming from D800 & 28-300mm.
waw the best light of sun,you're awesome thanks for showing
wooooaw me encanta esta fotografia :) exelent!!!
I really enjoyed this! Thank you for showing us behind the scenes!
It's beautiful I had the same site a few years back in new Mexico
Great picture.. Did you stay at the Bitter End?
Trey, I like most of your work. This is, unlike other people's opinion, is an okay work of yours. The sun is way too bright and it, for me, ruins the beauty of the rest of the things.
I have not yet seen such a golden sunrise, thank you for giving me the opportunity
+Trey Ratcliff is wonderful photographer , but really it is too gorgeous morning I have even seen very few in my life, thanks a lot Rasel ahamed to share it with me
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