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The Baths, Virgin Gorda

We were in the air on the previous photo, and now down on the beach. I took this here on Virgin Gorda almost immediately. I decided to take the Sony NEX-7 to the beach with me, and this is pretty much right out of the camera with a few lightroom adjustments. I'm sharing these photos here even before I have a chance to add them to the full review over at
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Nice shot, tough place to have to be hey?
Wow... the new "mini slr"s are really churning out some good pictures! :)
What a complete Beautiful sea view & as for the gorgeous boat in the back-ground.I would just Love to be at it's Helm right now.Always,Lori H-Smith 1st. May 2012
Ahhhh are you in heaven +Trey Ratcliff? I love that camera ... now I'm obsessed I want one soooo bad!
I have tested many cameras over the years and the NEX series is great but on the NEX3/5 you have to live with the LCD screen as a main viewfinder, no option for the LCD equal of an optical viewfinder.

Having said the the camera (NEX 3/5/7) are really great and shoot fantastic HD video with auto-focus that actually works very well.

On the Canon end - even the T3 is great camera in low light and the Rebel series has really improved in the last few years. Plus side is the mirror box, minus side is weight and size if that's a concern.

Obviously the lens availability is purely on the Canon side although if you have the money for the NEX7 and the Zeiss optic's....!

Personally since I've been shooting Canon's I need to stay with but a NEX is on my purchase list for a light weight and terrific performing camera.

Don't know if that helps but hope so....
wonderful pic, almost feel the nice clean air. :-)
I was there about 20 years ago (before digital camera ;-) and even if it was that long, I recognized the Bitter End rocks instantly. Thanks for bringing back great memories!
Where did u get those rocks,they look as if in a dreamy word with those cooling colors
Artistically shaped rocks in great contrast with the colour of the sea. And the sky brigs its precious contribution to this beautiful whole!
You are one lucky man Trey Ratcliff
I got my NEX 7 last week. I love it! I'm still learning to use it effectively, a big adjustment after shooting only with my iPhone!
The external add--on brings the camera situation to: how much to invest. But having said that when I tested the NEX3 I was shocked by the not only the quality but the features. I personally think the Sony line NEX/Alpha 77 is really going to push the market.

Finally a light compact camera that doesn't compromise quality..The Lumix is OK (opinion) and I don't look at any of the micro 4/3 sensors as an option. Too much color noise and luminance noise is also high vs APS-C.

Have to love technology although I still love film.
lol - make me want to swimmmm !
it cool is it cool or what my dogs swim in that
we have a lot of rooms
so beautiful....
Stunning place... Great picture.
Has that been painted cause that is truly amazing <3
I Feel Likee I Wanna Swimm In It ! Lols ! xDD
I used to work on a cruise ship and we would work 2 weeks on 1 week on, I visited Virgin Gorda about 15-20 yrs ago and have a pic of me "posing" on one of the larger rocks, was a lot thinner then and haven't entered any of my photos online. But the picture is as I remember, water sooooo blue and those HUGE rocks.. Thanks for bringing back some memories.... <3
it's good n a beautifully
The Baths, I love this place!! I lived in St.Thomas as a chef for 4yrs. Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke were our favorite islands to rent a boat and have a road trip..Thanks for sharing!! +Trey Ratcliff
hope 1 day i could own a camera like what been used of taking this picture. hello...any donor there...? LOL
perspective & contrasting color harmony perfection !
I wish i had a vew like that outside my house sadlt not:(
Looks like an awesome shoot location and nice place to relax at the same time...
Kt lulu
beautiful pic
has this been edited in an HDR effecT? it's an amazing view.
You have a beautiful portfolio congrats and thankyou for sharing!!!
Far out i wanna go there when im 27 not hahahahahahahahaha
and i hope.. someday i can go there take alot picture with myself.. ^^
kyn Miss Aalia town planning karna hai kya.........hehe
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I've been really thinking about the A77. Currently canon, but I had a sony CD400 for years that took gorgeous pictures for it's vintage and I could live with the FPS and focusing abilities. Thanks for posting!
M Way
Thoses rocks look like legs....great place would like to go
I have taken that same picture, with that same Barefoot Charter Catamaran in the backround! The Baths are ridiculous and everyone needs to go see them once in their lives.
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