Pinterest Updates TOS - removes the word "selling" and much more...

--> Pinterest G+ Hangout - Join us Live Mon at 7 PM PT!

See... I told you that Pinterest had no interest in "selling" your photos. They just removed that from the TOS... Obviously, I'm predisposed to support an open-and-sharing internet because that's how you drive traffic and interest.

Pinterest now accounts for over 15% of all the traffic to !

I talked to Pinterest CEO +Ben Silbermann on the phone, and he was perfectly cool and awesome about all this stuff. He's a photographer himself, and he understands the sharing nature of the internet. Ben said "Selling content was never our intention and we removed this from our updated Terms" on his blog today... the same thing he told me on the phone.

And maybe... just maybe... we can talk Ben into joining the hangout. I know heavy-hitter Pinterest user +Kalebra Kelby will be there with me... I spend half my time in Pinterest re-pinning her stuff! See you Monday night... it will be a great hangout!

Here is my Sky-Is-Not-Falling article about Pinterest I wrote a few weeks ago...
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