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The Google+ Photographer's List

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I'd like to thank +David Snuckel for creating this Google Doc spreadsheet as a clever evolution to this process.
List Background: Well the old list turned into a problem... I started it and it hit 1500 ppl spread over 3 threads, so then I asked for suggestions on who wanted to take this albatross over. I got tons of great responses, and, during that, +David Snuckel started that thing above.

Why the List? It provides a good list of people to check out to consider following... no one expects you to follow everyone or put them all in a circle, but it's a great resource to explore, and perhaps you'll find someone you kinda dig!

The original 1500 are below! :)

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Thank you everyone for guys rock! :)
Top 10 Tips on Google+ for Photographers
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[Sample] Me! I like to shoot landscapes, and you can see my work on Google+ here (blahblah link)
Me! You can also add me to Graphic Design, Food, Typography, and Tech circles.
Me! I shoot mostly landscapes, a little bit of studio work, and have just started playing with time-lapse and night sky photography.
All these photographers and no models??? Hi Everyone!!
Me! (Everything is linked here on my Google+ profile) Nothing pro here, I'm just an enthusiast learning as I go.
Life would be so much easier if we could all just Sparks "Photography" and add each other that way, wouldn't it?
When I am more vehicularly mobile, I photograph more pedestrian and nature-related subjects. Currently, I photograph my cooking when the mood strikes.
I shoot people and architecture coupled with graphic and web design
Me! Love HDR as well as "the other" photography. You can find me here and on my site: Thanks!
Me! I'm still experimenting with different styles to find my niche.
Meee! Contemporary and iphone photography.
Me - I fly bizjets (Gulfstreams) around the world and take my 5D with me, I sell houses in Kansas City. I love photography, landscapes, grandkids, aerial, sports. Inspired by lots of you on TWIP and Photoshelter and SmugMug.
Add me to your list. I'm an amateur photographer and videographer, and Google advocate.
Me! I like to shoot landscapes in motion, and you can see my work on Google+ sooon :)
Aspiring amateur. Looking for people to learn from.
I love to shoot landscapes, follow me here!
Me please. Amateur trying to find my way.
I love to capture "expressions".
Thanks for putting together list, more photos coming
just got on google plus will be adding pictures soon
Me too! I just really enjoy taking pictures and share them when I hit on something cool.
Monkey with a black box that capture light... Still looking for what I'm good at. :-)
Hey, I'm a aspiring German photog in LA, shooting local newspaper assignments and snagging portrait gigs. For fun, I shoot landscape, portrait and macro. I'm starting to photoblog on Google+ - follow me for my eclectic visual diary!
Just added people from top to +Dave Ortiz to my "Photography" circle. If I didn't catch you, add me so I can add you.
Me! Thanks for doing Part 3 Trey! I'm loving the collaborative spirit of the amazing photographers on G+
Me! I'm so newb I'm using kit lenses but I'll be posting my best work on G+ plus other non photo stuff.
pretty new photographer. love HDR. am traveling a lot now. stay tuned for more photos
Mel M
hello ! Amateur at best, but I love seeing all of your wonderful shots for inspiration on the road to improvement!
Photographer Blogger Ranch Hand.
Hi, amateur photagrapher from The Netherlands here! Only post my personal favorites, I don't post daily. Would love to get your feedback, hope to see you soon.
Canadian landscape photographer currently shooting the Maritimes' beautiful lighthouses before they disappear for good! Check out my work and see what I am up to at
Me! I like to think I'm pretty active on here as far as photography goes. Enjoying B&W shots, landscapes and urban photography.

There's a lot of people on Trey's lists now!
Dan Ho
LoL, well, I'd appreciate being a part of your circle Trey! Lots to learn about HDR from you!
Me! Just an amateur, photography is a hobby for me. But G+ really makes me want to try some HDR. If the shots look nice enough I will share them with my Photography circle.
me! amateur and interested in landscape, nature, bugs and some timelapse photography
ME! I am a family, portrait and fine art photographer. I am the founding conspirator at connecting the joy of buying art with charitable giving
Check check check it out! Insane party photos / revolutionizing what happens at the clubs!
Me. Mostly landscapes, lightning & weather, and the now complete Space shuttle program.
Hey Folks! Looking to meet some great photographers. I'm a working freelance photographer in Buffalo, NY. Documentary/Portrait/Wedding/Dance
ME (photos, colages, etc) - Nightlife Photography, Tips, and The best Semi-Flat Picture Style for Canon dSLR's (Don't take my word for it - currently used on 2 BBC series)
Matthew Cotter - Hello!! This is awesome... Im a wedding photographer, I love to travel... You can visit me @
Me! Serious amateur photographer, who loves travel, landscape, nature, macro, still-life, abstract and creative photography. I'm on flickr at, looking to expand on to 500px and G+ of course :)
Just shoot Me! Because I can't afford a great camera but occasionally manage to squeeze some eye candy out of my iPhone. +Trey Ratcliff: Thank you for listing!
Good stuff for photographers on Google Plus. According to this article, I've been making a few mistakes... he's against watermarking which I usually don't do but began recently as a whim.

Also seems to be a difference between posting to an album and posting directly to G+. Ah, so much to learn. I think that's what I like about all this.
Great idea Trey! Would be helpful if some people actually included a link to their work, as oppose to just saying "me!" Kudos to those that did. :)
I'm a total hobbyist. I really didn't like the switch to digital from film, so I hadn't been shooting much in recent years, but HDR got me all excited again. :D
+Trey Ratcliff I share photos of Hawaii, my travels, wine tasting, and my life... but I'm NO pro! Learning! LOVE these lists... I hope to learn from all of you! I imported some old ones from my Facebook albums... haven't had time to go through and pull out all the garbage ones... open to ALL help/suggestions/tips/tricks on photography! Mahalo!
Event photography, Rodeo, hockey, field sports.
+David Brooks In case he doesn't get to this is time.
Me. Dirt Cheap Photo Tours host and author of The Dirt Cheap Photo Guide to Grand Teton National Park.
Well it looks like I made it before the list filled up.... I love shooting landscape and turning them into HDR's but also do family and event portraits because that is what makes the money right now.
mostly amateur right now, but add me
As a freelance photographer specialized in high-speed live media content delivery social media is the key so count me in.
Lets get this G+ photography community rolling! Building a portfolio in my G+ profile now. Circle me!
Wedding and portrait photographer who loves post processing.
Photographer from the U.K, living in Denmark - fine art, travel, urban and landscape photography
Nice pic of the Red Headed Woodpecker
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