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Speaking of Japan... here is the first video I made where I was experimenting. I did it with a $300 camera and an idea...

I do love this music... it's from +Patrick O'Hearn, and it's called "Let Truth Prevail" - I hope you like it too.

To see how I made it, visit
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pretty impressive. I've been so inspired by consumer technology that I'm shooting and editing a feature length film just with an iPhone and iPhone accessories. The most important part is the story and the acting, but, provided that is good, I'm expecting a pretty high quality finished product.
It feels like I'm in a trance... I can't stop watching, how did you do that!!!
Love it! both the video and the music.
Very interesting. Time compressed.
This is breathtaking. It's Japan exactly the way I imagine it to be. I love the way you captured the simple details and the traditional side-by-side with the modern. Wonderful music and photography/videography/cinematography. It's awesome.
the 3D effect starting at 0:22s is soo cool!
Great stuff, love it, gorgeous, transported with 'shivers down my spine' yet again today! Thank you for sharing.............x
great,nice video,yeah you make me lovely hope
My ex-husband's half-Asian-Hispanic, he's other side of family from Thailand and Texas; my daughter & son are also half-Asian-Hispanic. In thirteen years, we has relationship of married and used to live in Austin, in old past and present it was a whole years I know him that his real Asian stuffs, food in cutlure, and threater video (Kung, ninij, samuri, humor, XX Sex female & male, etc..) and other Buddist religion. In Japan, he and family used to live in the miliary for a whole year because his dad has a employment in the soldier or air plane, these school and Japanian folk in the city were very different and same to my ex-husband knewlodge in their shape behavior in Thailand and Japan. He has problem loss hearing in his school; when he just accidently hit by the car on the road. I just learned him a lot of true life in past.
So STUNNING and PROFOUND Trey. Who knew, if we slow down and look at life in slow motion, we get so much. Thank you for this spiritual journey!!!
good one, but why it is not in 720p at least?
Gorgeous. Lyrical. Fantastic.
That is hauntingly beautiful. Love it.
At 1m32 in, did that guy score the bag in to the truck? The world needs to know!
i dont know man maybe
This does help reinforce my belief that everything is cooler in slow motion.
Hey that's looks great what type of camera did you use
+Trey Ratcliff I have you circled in my personal stream. I had to ensure that I do not miss anything more that you have to share. It is my hope that you will not mind. ( : 
These are great. My favorite by far is the "Japan: Heartbeats of Time".
I hate my laptop it says an error accoured but i bet its AWSOME!!!!
Great Job it is outstanding work thanks for sharing!
I see the future coming +Trey Ratcliff... I just got chills and can't stop smiling!
And I've loved +Patrick O'Hearn's music since the 80's... he's seen me through some "times" in life. siiiiiiigh.
Beautiful! some scenes I am very familiar, but gave me different impressions.
A little bit to long for me. But very nicely done none the less.
I looked for VEVO sign for a while :)
I thought it was cool, u got some nice images.
I've never seen this version :-) Awesome like the other one, but in a different way .. totally different feeling :)
stunning moments ! really not photography and not video
i can call it still life in motion ... great idea and result
Nice video Trey. Your photographer's eye & a very steady hand serve you well.

Have you considered a Sony NEX-7 or a JVC U100? Either should feel comfortable in your hands, fit your budget, have a short learning curve & give you pro quality HD video.
thank you so much for showing Japan so beautifully....!!
thank you all :)

+Sandy Orenstein yes - well I have an epic red now too that I am playing with...

+Tom Anderson the music makes it all feel different too yes glad you noticed! :)
Emil W
Great technique! And beautiful video.
Loved how the girl's cheeks were bouncing when she got off the bus. I fell asleep many a night listening to Patrick O'Hearn music while I was out to sea.
Maki MA
Nice video! I'm Japanese and live in Tokyo. I often go to the stations in this video, and feel familiarity with other scenes too. I'm glad you introduce Japan with so nice video. Thank you so much.
Yes! This is the future.
i think that might be a good movie?

This one is astonishing!!!!
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