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A Great Day at Google!
So, I got a nice G+ message from +Brian White at Google and he invited me up the the Google offices in Zurich. I was up in Zermatt in the Swiss Alps, and I happened to be going through Zurich to catch my plane back to the US, so we made it happen this afternoon!

While there, I met +John Mueller +Richard Lyons +Torrey Hoffman +David Hixson and +Acacio Cruz . These guys do all kinds of awesome things at Google, and they were all good thinkers that asked good questions. After some meetings, we did a live Google+ Hangout from the offices, and most of them joined us in a conference room called "Skynet". Strangely, halfway through the hangout, the shades started opening and closing in a very self-aware way. I made a "Skynet" joke, and all I heard was nervous laughter behind me.

We even had a Vietnamese gentleman +Việt Anh Trần join the hangout from Prague, and he even played us a live song on acoustic guitar. Awesome!

After a bunch of different meetings and a tour around the incredible Zurich offices (more photos coming!), we went up to the Google+ Library to take a photo together. See those two serious people playing a board game on the left? I'm not sure, but I think they were Germans. Never play a board game with a German.
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Now you're thinking with portals! Great portrait. So studious.
Beautiful, Now I want to see "Google, The Major Motion Picture".
Lucky you! Sounds like it was a great time all arounds. Nice shot too!
It'd be nice if it were an animated gif with the lights flickering or something :-)
It was great to have you drop by, Trey. I love how this photo turned out!
Trey - this, once again, is an incredible shot. You really know how to use those toys of yours don't you. Great stuff Mr R.
+Trey Ratcliff Awesome Google Sauce! I was shocked when +Brian White popped into a Hangout I started... really a good guy! So glad to see you all Hanging IRL!

+Joop Kiefte Yes I LOVE board games too... and Germans make some of the best ones... Catan etc etc... I have a huge closet full of them!
Welcome to Swiss . you ware in my land .
I hope to see the library and rest of Google Zurich one day.
Never drink beers against a German either!
+chris Robbins hah! Don't try it with Austrians either. Think it's beer nation Nr. 1 :)
Dude... That's just a sic pic... Kudos! 
Love the picture and glad you are getting to have new experiences and meeting more people makes them even greater.
It's a great picture, but are the books real? Isn't this a digital organization :)

+Tim Wilson hehe wouldn't it be funny if every book was hollow and it had an android tablet with a digital copy of the book inside?
Very cool, Trey - would love to visit the Z-offices, too, because that photo is in one very funky reading room.
hahah. "Never play a board game with a German"
The books are a hard-copy backup of their team's project. Very clever.
It looks like some sort of Disney movie over there!
Never Play a Board Game with a German? Oh Common trey thats not fair- at least give it a try. We can have one if u like when u visit Hamburg / Germany im the Future ;)
I just started looking at these and WOW!! they are spectacular. Thanks for posting.
Your picture shows how wonderful it is to work at Google! :D
I just love the ambience.
Think they'd let you take a few shots in the Data Center? Lots of lights!
lovely library!!
looks so cosy.
Google Rocks and apparently the Zurich office knocks the socks off most other Google offices
so nobody moved or blinked a tiny bit during the 7 auto bracketing shot?
"I made a "Skynet" joke, and all I heard was nervous laughter behind me." - that ain't good...
Skynet in Switzerland?! Didn't see that coming.
lol! Never play a board game with a German... afraid to lose? :P
We Germans do take our Games seriously. In fact, I'm writing a PhD on them, haha.
Are those BOOKS? I love it that these technos have a library!! :)
I think its wallpaper design that simulates a library.
Noo why wasn't this announced. I'd have come up and say hi :-)
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