A Great Day at Google!
So, I got a nice G+ message from +Brian White at Google and he invited me up the the Google offices in Zurich. I was up in Zermatt in the Swiss Alps, and I happened to be going through Zurich to catch my plane back to the US, so we made it happen this afternoon!

While there, I met +John Mueller +Richard Lyons +Torrey Hoffman +David Hixson and +Acacio Cruz . These guys do all kinds of awesome things at Google, and they were all good thinkers that asked good questions. After some meetings, we did a live Google+ Hangout from the offices, and most of them joined us in a conference room called "Skynet". Strangely, halfway through the hangout, the shades started opening and closing in a very self-aware way. I made a "Skynet" joke, and all I heard was nervous laughter behind me.

We even had a Vietnamese gentleman +Việt Anh Trần join the hangout from Prague, and he even played us a live song on acoustic guitar. Awesome!

After a bunch of different meetings and a tour around the incredible Zurich offices (more photos coming!), we went up to the Google+ Library to take a photo together. See those two serious people playing a board game on the left? I'm not sure, but I think they were Germans. Never play a board game with a German.
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