What's Up with Google+ Photos moving to Google Photos? What does it mean?

I've gotten SO MANY questions today that I decided to make a video! There's also a little tutorial in there on how I am now using Google Photos to upload photos, create albums, share to communities, etc etc.  I just posted this over on the blog at http://www.StuckInCustoms.com but thought I would post here too.

I'll kind of summarize here too:

- Effectively, nothing really changes because you can still upload photos and share them on Google+ publicly or in communities.

- The new Google Photos is just an improved interface which I like way better because I can upload once and share anywhere.

- People can still comment on photos that are posted to G+ or Communities... hashtags, tagging, and all that stuff still works...

- You can still access all your old photos and videos on Google+ from the photos tab of your profile page.

- None of your old comments and +1's will go away (where did people get that from?)

- And, as you can see in my video below, you can still edit your photos using the robust tools, all of which I think will get merged together at some point.

Any questions?  (not sure I can answer the harder ones, or I can just make up an answer.)
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