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Going up to Petaluma soon to be on This Week in Tech - I'll be there with +Mike Elgan  and +Leo Laporte  - it should be a fun show!   Expect lots of Google+ love... :)  

Tune in live at 3 PM PT at  - maybe will be seeing some of you there!  I'll be having lunch with my mum +susan ratcliff  first...  

Here's a photo of Petaluma below...
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Great Image +Trey Ratcliff I'll be sure to catch the show when I finish my nightly coma :) Have a good one
Yoli lp
Wow magnifica me gusta saludos
As often as I have watched the TWIT network I don't know that I have ever seen a shot of Petaluma.  Looks like a cool place.
Just stunning. I love the reflection and clarity. 
Looking forward to seeing you on Twit, Trey. :)
Never been to Petaluma, but now love to go ;-)
This image has it all...  A+
This photo reminds me of a trip i took to Venice.Very similar.
Thanks! :)  

It does kinda look like Venice here +anthony risola  -- hehe never made that connection... because Petaluma does certainly not feel like Venice! :)
LooooOOVVVeeee Petaluma....!! nice shot...!
You've made Petaluma look amazing in this shot. I worked there for a few years. So I know it well. Another good shot would be the historic section. 
My first house was on the West side, B Street. Loved that cute town, has developed so much in the last 15 years!
Composition is very nice, but those cloud's and colors doesn't appeal to me.

I suppose it was HDR, am I right ? 
love the reflection !
The sky works nicely with the light of the day!
wow..... that is one in a lifetime pic!!!
That's like an Escher painting, it's amazing!
Ahh good. I'll be listening the day or two after. Usually a 2 hours+ podcast
this would make a beautiful jigsaw puzzle!
Went through Petaluma never saw this fantastic view
That is beautiful. I love the clouds.
The clouds make this pix look so unreal. Its really an awesome pix thank you for sharing it.
This picture is so cool and go to learn about
omg  i  feel  sad  for  the  town
Man Lai
it is real taking picture or paint?
That place looks really awesome and creepy all at once. It almost looks like a really vivid painting, or a picture of some sort. It doesn't look real.
at first i was like o cool..... then i saw it and was like WOW!!!
Looks like an interesting place! Hope you have a great time on the show! Cheers!
Why are you going to Petaluma?
I love Petaluma it's beauatiful!!!!!!! :D Have a great time there.
nobody has a bath tub like my bath tub ?
push that detail! pump that color!
it looks like there were a hurricane or a really bad flood:(
I am unsure why people like this. It looks like an oil spill. Is the water just muddy? 
Sean G
Love the Clouds...
I know right there so different no ordinary day you see clouds like that.
love the clouds as well as the reflected ones :) briliant colours..
looks more like a painting than a picture
+Trey Ratcliff Would have loved to stop by Petaluma for that (but was in Toronto over the weekend... and I also still hope to cross paths with your mom sometime, as I'm just up the valley from her :-)
Looks too fake for my taste! Way too much time spent on photoshop-ing I guess, this somehow ruins the natural look of that place. Oh well, it could just be me.
How nice of you makin it look better than it is there on the river. Love my home, just never saw the river as a nice view until now. 
what a beautiful choice
It looks almost unreal... HDR I guess, anyways it''s fantastic!
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