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HDR with the Sony NEX-7?

I took this photo a couple of nights ago in the British Virgin Islands while working on a how-to video for HDR photos using the NEX-7. Yes, yes, there is a built-in HDR mode, but I'm not talking about that...

Anyway, stay tuned here to Google+, and I'll get the video uploaded in the next week or so when my bandwidth gets better! :)
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Love the way this photo draws my eye down the hills then off into the sunset! Nicely done
the picture sucks
สวยค่ะ เห็นไหมธรรมชาติ สร้างจิตใจคนเราได้ค่ะ
Nice looking island! So how well does the in camera hdr come out with it? And with the d800? just curious.
his collection is bullshit he steal pictures from stock photos
Looking forward to seeing more of you conjure up with this mirrorless camera.
+Ian Netto
you can see more of this stolen pictures at any stock photo website
I've been finding the DRO and AutoHDR on my NEX-7 to be very good at creating images that don't look extremely manipulated. 
his picture is a fake
+Jack Bum Sorry mate, if you are making such claims you should back it with some proof, just my thoughts mate.
+Jack Bum Well you have no proof sir, until you have proof (never) go troll somewhere else.
+Joel Renner its a stolen stock pic how stupid are you, i bet you believe every headline in the newspaper as well
+Jack Bum I wasnt trying to rude, I was only giving my opinion just like you were, thats all.
click click real skill, even less skill when you take off of microsoft images make us ignorant from editing picture,,,come to our province,you can see a real virgen forest...i sent you a picture..
+Jack Bum prove it by sharing a link of the original picture, thanks. otherwise STFU.
I always dig your work. cool as usual
+Trey Ratcliff looking forward to the upcoming Google+ Photo event in SF. The photo walks should really be fun as well.
Beautiful location and great shot.
You see i'm new at this.I wish i knew what a Band with is....
A very nice photograph.
i like your photo.... it's beautifull
It was Pinick. But its not on Google any more
That is a beautiful view. 
Wow - stunning view. The NEX-7 is looking like an awesome camera, not the cheapest mind you.
super awesome and cool..can't stop watching it...
it actually defines beauty in a way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cantik dan menenangkan sekali .. terimakasih atas fotonya ..
dunno bt whenever i feel sad or disturbed..i see sceneries eider pics or if hv tym i go to sea side or makes me so relaxxxx...thnx beautiful pic.

(Some weird comments up there tho! hehe)
Pey Tea
indah dan damai..
So you recommend going for the NEX 7 rather than it's Nikon equivalent ?
Maybe u were right after all. That may be the future and SLRs will stay for studio etc. 
the place is filled with natural scenaries.enjoy it
+Jack Bum since your name has bum in it, it does explain why you such an ass...
oh! what a beautiful scene.that"s a nature's beauty.
Amazing picture and beautiful scene
Looking forward to seeing how you do this. I use NEX-5 and either set each bracketed shutter manually or use a remote to bracket night shots.
I used the nex 5 and I was not impressed. I found the menus to be annoying and counterproductive but the quality of the pictures was good.
happy mother's day for all the the mothers of world
Funny you say "a couple of nights ago" when there is still sunlight
Well, I'm a HUGE Trey fan, but this one doesn't work for me I'm afraid. Am I seeing limitations of the NEX7 perhaps??
Can't wait, also I like the photo very much.
wish u a happy mother's day,,i love u Mom.
Ian Hex
Looking forward to seeing how you pull off HDR with the NEX-7, Trey. =]
Tikungan pendek, nampak latar belakang yang menarik...sangat jeli..!
very beautiful... if I can get there...
Don't interpret me wrong, comparing to all your other work the Sony NEX-7 does not convince me yet. This image looks a little too corny/noisy, the details are not so sharp as I would expect from your photos, taken with the Nikon DSLR's.
Well that's just what I think, otherwise, as usual, it's very nice shot :)
its fantastic!!!!
trey you know how to play with nature to get its best:)
S Goku
looking forward to your NEX-7 HDR how-to video
I'm debating whether the time has come for a more powerful camera; this one seems pretty good...
Uh oh +Trey Ratcliff , once you start using your NEX-7 seriously for HDR, all you'll need is a wide lens and you'll never take your D800 out again!
+Trey Ratcliff Good work dude. I presume you'll not be using the +/-.7 stops auto bracketing. So bizarre Sony only included that in the current firmware. Let's hope it changes really soon. Manually dialling in each shot to cover 6 stops feels like hard work and leaves too much time for clouds to move. I've had zero results using the built-in hdr. Can't wait to see your video!
i hope you can hunt there and it looks sweet
I've got my eye on the NEX-7. Can't wait to hear/read your thoughts on this camera. I'm almost ready to sell my Canon gear.
G'day from OZ.
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