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Did you know some of the best Roman ruins are in France?

This is a cool place in Nimes where I spent a week with my friend, the graphic designer +Fabien Barral.  

I also understand there are AMAZING Roman ruins in the north of Libya...  but that area may need to calm down a tad before I pop over there.  Do you think?
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There are some great ones in Spain and Turkey, if that is easier for you.
Heh yeah, you might want to wait a bit before heading on over to Libya :)
Ehh. You should go. Just make sure to dodge missiles and bullets and grenades. :) You'll be fine.
I have been looking into Roman architecture a lot lately. Google has street view for Pompeii, I was very excited when I found that out the other day, I made a post about it. There's also imagery for the surrounding towns that have been excavated. I happen to be drawing a castle today, that doesn't really have anything to do with Romans though. 
Yes, Paris is quite wonderful. Definitely steer clear of Libya for a while :) 
I don't think things are still enough in Libya for HDR
Libya's ruins may be Carthaginian, predating the Romans in the area. I don't know how much damage the Romans did to existing infrastructure when they conquered Carthage.
You're referring to Leptis Magna. Amazing site but,'d be wise to wait a bit. US citizens weren't permitted entry to Libya under the previous government. There're also stunning Roman ruins in Syria--Palmyra.
I was once refused a visa to Libya while in Egypt. That's as close as I got.
I've been to some really neat Roman ruins in Lyon, France. Quite the amphitheater!
Trey...Turkey is another great spot for Roman ruins. A treasure trove of history...and in general a great place to visit.
Yes try Turkey and also Jordan
really beautiful, I started spending time between studying just to go on a walk about, visiting that place there would be so inspiring :)
+1 for Nîmes its a great place. Frèjus has also some great ruins, colliseum etc..
if thier wasnt fish in it i would want to swim in it
+Trey Ratcliff if your after Roman ruins in a cheap area to visit and quite safe go to Serbia, it was under Roman rule for close to 600 Years and the city of Sirmium just outside of Belgrade was the Roman capital for quite a while, there are ruins all over the place, The first Roman Emperor to be born outside of Rome was born there and in total 17 Emperors were either born there or lived there. Then there is the legendary Fort Kalemegdan on the Fork of the Sava and Danube rivers built around 300BC. It really is an amazing place historically.
And did I say it was cheap, a beer is 40c for 500ml and a good feed (Dinner 4 two) less than $10 unbelievable value.
If that IS real, that is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! ♥
The Hotel d'Arlatan in Arles has a bit of Roman ruins visible through the glass floor of its lobby.
This is so beautiful!
some of the best Greek ruins are in Italy :-)
Bad ass pic, Hope to get to do some world travel someday.
Love the photo, what were the ruins built for by the Romans.
Ruinas romanas aun estan de pie hasta hoy
wow its so pretty
wow! i wish ill be able to visit this place! hmmmm... someday i will :)
Arles in Provence has a great roman theater and collusium
Wow beautiful ruin...very nice place
Have you checked out Mérida, in Spain?
check out Syracuse in Sicily...golden stones, beautiful architecture, amazing mosaics..and a tad safer than Libya. Also in France, many in the southwest, around Bordeaux, as the Romans had villas there for the summer.
Love the texture in this!
not a big land scapes person but i could stare all day long
I wish there were no tourists in this - perhaps a few people robed in historic costume though!
So beautiful...I wish I could travel the world and see ancient ruins or just historic land marks...oh yeah i forgot I may go to Africa in two years but still I can't wait two whole years...I'll be in the juvinile detention center or something by then!  >.< haha jk I won't get caught..... XP
There are Roman ruins scattered throughout Morocco. They are quite stunning!
an we will.............BE
i love that view its so cool where is that
What id do to get that modeled for my pool...
wowza. I wanna go to france soooooo bad...
Great photo...  I'd wait on the trip for a little while though!
Im out here in Nimes now, going to check this out this weekend!
There's a nice old roman market like this in Reims France too! They found roman baths under the cathedral too.
Proof that right time and the right place make for good images. The right Sky and the pool, perfect reflections.
Thank you for the eye candy. 
yu chen
A large water ditch construction was to become beautiful view .I think that is great!
like a open tunnel with passageways :)
yes I knew! and I visited Nimes last yeara!
A very famous, well preserved Roman ruin are the baths in Bath, England. 
if i could escape to any place in the world... it would be here
Also in Peru, enchanting ruins of a Amazing past world, we only imagine what increditable people they were. Rome is a Holy place.
you could still visit labia right now all you need is combative training and a substantial amount of ammunition.
@Vuronika Barnes What do you mean "stupid", that's beautiful!
it's so cool & Marvelous
Wow that is truly beautiful I bet it was an amazing exsperiemce. How lmg did u end up staying
The Roman Empire ruled Gaul for centuries, what kind of ruins would you expect???
Thailand are many places to visit more than ....
Wow! Beautiful.,kind of romantic =)
Yeah so beautiful, if only I've got wings to fly....!
that picture is marvelous. nice shot
That's really cool.  I hope I can travel all over the world in my life time.
Be my next holiday......calm and cool
There are amazing Roman ruins all over North Africa, not just Libya. There are great places in Tunisia also.
The Roman remains in Nimes are indeed interesting. This shot, however, is of the  " Jardins de la Fontaine", made in the 1700s. 

This is a great shot, though, and Nimes comes highly recommended from me as well. 
I wish U a Great life. PLS take care of your eyes. Very nice PIC:-)))))
+Trey Ratcliff  There are some great Roman ruins at Leptis Magna and Sabratha in Libya. Spent a few years living over there as a youngster so was lucky enough to visit them. Definitely worth a visit one day.
France! Y did I think it was Spain?
sure there rn`t any anacondas in there coz i`d lyk to swim
Its beautiful. Follow me please <3
Romans were great builders besides being warriors, you can
see those monuments all over europe
France is particularly rich in these, +Gurdip Singh , due to Julius Caesar conquering Gaul, and Roman implantation from Massilia to the Flanders, with a particular accent on the Rhone, Seine, and Rhine, and the colonies of Arles, Lyon, Strasbourg, Marseille or Paris (which was rebuilt slightly off the Gaul site that was completely destroyed when Rome won).
There are also nice Roman ruins in Portugal...
Very interesting and ancient...but the Romans knew what they were doing.  
They are also here in Turkey...and will last through all floods.  Amazing knowledge of bridges!!
The northernmost Roman ruins are actually in Maastricht, The Netherlands. I visited there about 16 years ago, and saw what was left of the walls of a fort that once existed there. Surprising!
le anh
hot summer
i love old ruins in Europe too like castles and many other things
Wow beautiful photo. Turkey has some great ruins too. Ephesus is one of them.
Oh my... the reflections, the stature of the buildings too... beautiful
Yes!! I'm going to see Radiohead in the Arena of Nîmes, I can't wait! Also, if you go back there, you might want to go to the Théâtre antique d'Orange It's really impressive, especially if you see an opera there.
There are some really interesting places in this beaut world we inhabit..
Amen, all God's creation for our pleasure! He loves us sooo much! Jesus reigns!
Thanks for giving us the information of Roman's success in building Europe's Architecture, during their 800 years of united Europe..
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