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Here is the infamous interview I did with a student... Note, if you are a student wanting to interview me, please watch this, open up your video editor, and get an A.

Trey Ratcliff Interview with Student
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your computer gets nervous by seeing a nice girl. it's maybe a special chip in it like in mel brooks 'spaceballs'...
ยิ้มออกๆๆๆ แล้วๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆ ยาวน่ะ ขอบอก
прикольно придуманно
This intro is good, I cant stop laughing.
+1 for the Spock quote! Nice interview :)
Computer didn't record the audio because he had earphones in. Headphone jack overrides speaker audio.
Hey! I see you walk is sold out at the Google+ event in a few weeks. Awesome.
LOL! Love the soundtrack choices Trey! \m/ ^.^ \m/
hehe +Dan Villeneuve yes funny music is a must!

+Rick Sammon yes it should be a fun walk - mine is sold out because I promised the winner gets a hot tub weekend with you! :)
Very nice dude! Watching the whole thing...
I shoot Canon and when I was first getting into photography I took a pic w/a friend's Nikon! Sort of had the same thought as you. Nikon sounds cooler and better! Still w/Canon, it's where I put the $$$ already.
Szia! Néha értem mit mondasz. Kevés az angol tudásom: Te hogy vagy a magyarral? Miért kerestél engem Magyarországról? Hay!
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