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Trey Ratcliff

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So amazing -- I feel so lucky and honored to have you around +Karen Hutton !! :) Stay awesome! :)
That Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery home office, New Zealand
The beta version of +The Arcanum has launched!  I'm working with my first group of Apprentices and they are AMAZING. 

The timing couldn't be worse - and the experience couldn't be better! The Grand Dichotomy strikes again! It's been SUCH a huge deal for me on so many levels, that I've made a two-part blog post my experience so far. It appears today and tomorrow over at:

I've been a teacher for 35 years. Equestrian sports, horse training, figure skating, dance, acting, voice - pretty much everything I've ever done. 

Being a Master in The Arcanum is a whole other thing - and it requires some new thinking. And ya know what? I LOVE IT! I'd gotten burnt out on teaching after so many years. Stepped away. Pursued my own art. Explored. Journeyed. Knew I'd teach in some form again, but wasn't sure what it would look like.

I find this approach suits me. It's given me new ideas about what I truly have offer and where I can take that. How my crazy life load of experiences can benefit others. What I can give back that is unique and of value.  Kind of a miraculous breakthrough, truth be told! Of course,  I'm so stinkin' busy right now I can hardly breathe (and cannot live forever like this) - but for the opportunity to expand as I am right now... well, I wouldn't miss it for the world! 
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Lovely pic would have preferred to see this in real life tho! thank you for sharing!
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Just found out about this thing on Google+ with +TIME - looks like a fun event for a new hashtag tomorrow for #MyBeautifulEarth  — Just post a photo from your part of the planet and put that tag on it! :)  

Well I guess it is actually April 22 already here in New Zealand, so I'll be posting a new photo today!  There is a cool page they set up to at that shows some of the latest photos and stuff.

If you do it, drop me a link in the comments to your post so everyone can see that way too! :)
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Hey Trey, thanks for the little kick up the backside :-) I got up 5am this morning to head to a new place, just out of my city Melbourne.
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Trey Ratcliff

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Here's a photo from a few hours ago... the autumn leaves are falling fast here in the southern hemisphere! :) 
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Thanks. Aleksadhr.
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Trey Ratcliff

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Here's how I party alone haha...  editing photos from the evening sunset using sweet sweet Nik software, a glass of Mount Edward Pinot Noir (made by a fellow Burning Man guy here in central Otago), and having some redonk pork belly at Saffron, Arrowtown, New Zealand.  Oh, and the book over there I am reading between editing photos?  It's the first book of the exegesis from Philip K. Dick.  Awesome!
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Not to shabby!
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Trey Ratcliff

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Here's the sunset that ended up happening last night! :)  (btw tried to upload from my mobile phone, but could not get Snapseed to upload the full rez one? I feel dumb!)
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Today on Speargrass Flats Road
Here's a beautiful little road in my neighborhood here between Queenstown and Arrowtown. This is the road I go jogging down and right by my turn-around point. I absolutely love running down this tunnel of trees while listening to music! And to see the amazing colors that are popping out this week - omg!

I think +Vic Gundotra came down this road too with his family on a scavenger hunt, but that day was all foggy and moody — today it looks quite different! :)

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Trey Ratcliff

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This morning... spotted on my morning walk through the trees.  I made a little video too of some things I saw as the Autumn leaves were falling.  I'll put it up on in tomorrow's daily blog post after I edit it here!  :)  
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Thanks also to you all
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Trey Ratcliff

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Currently editing my Easter photos of my daughters in Lightroom!
It's Easter Sunday here in New Zealand already, and we've just finished an amazing egg-hunt through this magical autumn forest...  all the leaves here are turning gold and red and orange and everything in between...  

This was taken with the Sony A7r and an older lens - the 70-300 from the Alpha series. It was at the full 300mm at f/5.6, ISO 1000, shutter at 1/350.
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Reminds me of the ols Easter sugar eggs with a picture inside! Only very beautiful1
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Trey Ratcliff

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Live Photosphere, from a few minutes ago here in Queenstown, New Zealand

You can see my tripod set up there — and I'm anticipating what may be a Very Good Sunset. (!!) I can sense something amazing about to happen...  anyway, while my camera is set up here and waiting, I thought I might try one of these cool Android photospheres!  This one worked out really well — I'm using the S3 Google Edition...  I also like that other new bokeh-focus feature-thing on the new camera...  man this thing is so fun!  

I'll try to record a video here too in case it does turn out to be a good sunset.

This spot is about 3 mins from my house.  You can see I drove over that hill there through the long grass.  My camera there is the Sony A7r with a Leica 24mm f/1.4 lens.
Trey Ratcliff originally shared:
Live here now... 5:50 pm.... Hurry and join me you three !! :) 
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Have him in circles
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