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Trey Ratcliff

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Thanks for the 100 Billion Views here on G+! Y'all have been just incredible, and I really appreciate it.

Here's a photo I just took at sunset in the amazing White Sands of New Mexico. Just absolutely incredible there... never seen anything like this landscape... it was soft and fluffy, like warm snow that never melts.  Now we're getting ready for the big Phoenix photo walk this evening.  It's gonna be another hot one... I'll bring an extra shirt I think!

Want to join me in New Zealand for a week on a photo adventure with all expenses paid (plane tickets and everything!)? Join the free photo contest at  
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Only 900b more until a trill! ;-)
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Trey Ratcliff

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Update! :)  Man it seems like the only people upset about it were the people that were not there! :) Oh, internet, you slay me...

So here's the deal.  We have hundreds and hundreds of people walking down the beach in Santa Monica, Los Angeles at sunset.  I emerge from under the pier, and I see about 30-40 photographers from our group surrounding a group of Japanese women in cosplay (well, at least one was Korean, not sure, let's just stick with Asian-cosplay action).  Anyway, it was amazing!  The girls were laughing and playing and we all joined in the fun, taking photos.  

No one had any idea it was a photo shoot!  I thought that's just what girls in cosplay do, frolic on the beach! haha anyway...  Anyway, about 30 seconds into it while we're all taking photos, the main photographer asked who was in charge of this Maelstrom.  People pointed to me.  He was cordial and asked if I would please take the group away, and I was away in less than 10 seconds... it was all super cool!  I just thought it was funny and strange we came across such a strange scene...  People seem to think that I purposefully interrupted another dude's photo shoot - I probably worded it badly.  Why the hell would I do that on purpose? Anyway, as you can see from his post below, everything is cool and he ended up getting a little help from our photo walk group - cool!

So the Korean model that hired the photographer is named Tae Hee Kim (you can see her in the comments) is at  

The photographer on the scene was Nicolas Beltrame (at ) - thx again Nicolas for the nice words! :) 

We have the LA Highlight video and all the other cities up now at  Thanks again +Ollie Dale  and the rest of the crew for all the hard work! :)
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I can only imagine that awkward moment when everyone points to you, a simple master photographer, and get quiet all the sudden. Huh? Who? Me? Haha! I'm glad things worked out alright. Why can't we all be friends :D
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Trey Ratcliff

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Currently shooting a storm in Sedona... Unedited android shot 
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Trey Ratcliff

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During the LA Photo Walk we came across about six Japanese girls in cosplay on the beach... what are hundreds of photographers gonna do, NOT take photos? I think not! So we went photo-crazy. And then we noticed it was another dude's photo shoot. After we figured that out (quite hard to tell with hundreds of photographers!), we left and kept walking down the beach. Here's a photo from that early 30 second frenzy! A fun scene! He was quite cross with us, and took himself Want to see more from the highlight video? JUST posted at
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Das glaube ich habe ich mir nicht
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Trey Ratcliff

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LA Highlight Video! Thanks again everyone — that was a great group! I thoroughly enjoyed all of it and meeting so many… let’s do it again sometime… maybe next time in downtown?? 
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Trey Ratcliff

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One from the roadtrip...  This was taken with the DJI Inspire... man I love that camera! This is auto-bracketed... 5 shots from -2 to +2. That thing is SO steady in the air that it's no problem!  This was taken in Pensacola, Florida, as we were driving from the Miami Photo Walk to the Dallas Photo Walk!  

If you want to see any highlight videos from these or more cities (including a lot of footage from the DJI camera) check

Don't forget that one of the grand prizes is to join me for a week in New Zealand on one of my photo adventures there!  All expenses paid, plane tickets, everythang!  Enter that contest at  

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Trey Ratcliff

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I was just in Sedona, stopping by to take some photos while on the way to Burning Man, and I got caught in this massive storm while hiking!  Whoa!  That looks like a little hill in front of me, but it's actually quite the mountain.  There's a beautiful mansion up on top... it looks like an alien armada is about to suck it up into a reverse-Sedona-vortex.  
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Trey Ratcliff

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Now shooting a crazy moon-filled sunset in Sedona... So beautiful... In a vortex. (android unprocessed photo)
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Rất đẹp tôi thích bức ảnh này.
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Trey Ratcliff

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From the LA Photo Walk...  And we have the highlight video now up on my YouTube at  
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Trey Ratcliff

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Farewell Hollywood and Los Angeles!  Now on  my way to #BurningMan  !  Thanks again to my good friend Caleb that got me back behind the Hollywood sign... several layers of LAPD needed to be navigated and many permissions granted!  But what magical evening... the way the city sparkles under the sign; it's like nothing I've ever seen... like a thousand jewels glittering under the sea...
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see ya when ya get back or sooner>>>
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Trey Ratcliff

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Here's an image from the LA Photo Walk - new Highlight Video from Los Angeles up at ! #TreyUSA  
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"Pic of the day" 
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Trey Ratcliff

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Cool picture!
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