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Trey Ratcliff

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Currently editing my Easter photos of my daughters in Lightroom!
It's Easter Sunday here in New Zealand already, and we've just finished an amazing egg-hunt through this magical autumn forest...  all the leaves here are turning gold and red and orange and everything in between...  

This was taken with the Sony A7r and an older lens - the 70-300 from the Alpha series. It was at the full 300mm at f/5.6, ISO 1000, shutter at 1/350.
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They're so pretty +Trey Ratcliff. Happy Easter !
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Trey Ratcliff

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Live Photosphere, from a few minutes ago here in Queenstown, New Zealand

You can see my tripod set up there — and I'm anticipating what may be a Very Good Sunset. (!!) I can sense something amazing about to happen...  anyway, while my camera is set up here and waiting, I thought I might try one of these cool Android photospheres!  This one worked out really well — I'm using the S3 Google Edition...  I also like that other new bokeh-focus feature-thing on the new camera...  man this thing is so fun!  

I'll try to record a video here too in case it does turn out to be a good sunset.

This spot is about 3 mins from my house.  You can see I drove over that hill there through the long grass.  My camera there is the Sony A7r with a Leica 24mm f/1.4 lens.
Trey Ratcliff originally shared:
Live here now... 5:50 pm.... Hurry and join me you three !! :) 
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Beautiful! Thanks so much +Trey Ratcliff!
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Trey Ratcliff

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Here's a little girl I met on the streets in a little town in Morocco. They all speak French there, and I know a few French children's poems, so I was able to tell her one of them! When I started telling her, she started singing it back to me... and I learned that the poem also has a song-form — she was cool.
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+Trey Ratcliff Just beautiful. Any other photos from Morocco?
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Trey Ratcliff

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My friends +Peter Giordano and +Curtis Simmons are coming back to New Zealand in the next week or so! This is what we did last time they were here... I wonder what magic awaits them this time??? :)  
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More so.. What magic awaits you this time ? :D
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Trey Ratcliff

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Get this print - Save a little girl!
100% of the money is going to a special charity set up for Eliza O’Neill.  If you're not familiar with this story, see — a great effort by the wonderful photographer Benjamin +Von Wong

Get this print here now at 
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wooooooooooooooooo amazing 
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Trey Ratcliff

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Here's the sunset that ended up happening last night! :)  (btw tried to upload from my mobile phone, but could not get Snapseed to upload the full rez one? I feel dumb!)
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+Trey Ratcliff The issue was just uploading a full res photo to SnapChat from mobile, or getting the photo direct from the camera to the phone? I can't imagine who would know the A7 better then you but then again, I find that my interest in tech often means that I find features that others often don't or just don't have interest in.
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Trey Ratcliff

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Some awesome trees in front of the Lost skyline...
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For those of you that saw the previous post about the great +Varina Patel coming to New Zealand — then you saw the other hobbit hole — some people thought maybe it was Bilbo's place... that was some other, lesser hobbit.  Probably a Took.  Anyway, this is the official Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins!

If you want to know more about the hobbit family tree, see haha !

This was shot on the +Hobbiton Movie Set 
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yes I want to know more beautiful
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Trey Ratcliff

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+Varina Patel  coming to New Zealand with  +The Arcanum ! :)
We're super excited to bring the Great Varina (sounds like a magician, and she is!) out to New Zealand for a spell!  She was the Very First Master to start accepting Apprentices at and, well, we're just so honored to have her around.

BTW, we're still in a beta testing mode, and starting very slowly with just a few Masters and watching/testing everything. It is interesting to watch the onboarding experience, the rate at which various Apprentices are leveling up, how the Apprentices work together and learn from one another inside the Mastery Cohorts, how critiques are rolling, etc etc.  We just finished a hangout with all the Masters and are gathering data like crazy — fun stuff.  Next week is a G+ hangout with all the current Apprentices to get feedback on that end as well.  +Peter Giordano will get you more info on that soon.

Anyway, we'll be doing lots of fun stuff with Varina here in New Zealand! There will be of course lots of photos and awesomeness - we'll be sure to share here! :)
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Trey Ratcliff

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One of the amazing train stations in Paris...
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Which train station? Gare du Nord? And, +Michael-Rainabba Richardson , I'd like to know about that lens, too!
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