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Trey Piepmeier
Wearing a shirt that mostly fits.
Wearing a shirt that mostly fits.

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Me, being a fanboy with +Daniel Burka and +Olivia Miller taking a picture of us.

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I asked about this on Twitter recently, but G+ is a lot better for an ongoing conversation. So! What do you use for offsite backup?

- Backblaze
- CrashPlan
- Arq
- Carbonite
- Other?

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A couple of interesting articles about the need for standalone cameras going away. Nothing surprising, but worth a read.

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If you like the classic Eames video “Powers of 10” about the extent of time and space, and you are interested in the future of the web and communications, you should watch Jeremy Keith's “Time” presentation: 

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I agree with pretty much all of this.

My one major difference of opinion is that I prefer Nikon's 35mm prime lens to its 50mm.

I'm tempted to buy this guy's Lightroom presets package.


After doing a full backup with SuperDuper, is there any reason that booting off the new copy would change/unset the desktop background and I'd have to setup Dropbox again?

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Another small digital camera to lust after.

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#Photography buddies, I want your thoughts on this. 
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