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It's kind of frustrating when responding to people about how best to use Google+ now, that if they unknowingly request a feature that's upcoming or being discussed, I and other Googlers have to stay mum. I hope you'll understand the necessity, though; there are lots of levels of testing and iteration to go through before you get to see a feature, and we never know quite how, or whether, it will show up in public form.

I don't think I'm letting anything slip to say things will be changing rapidly and lots of frequently-requested and very cool features are in the pipeline. Those of you who have been on here several days now (the real veterans!) will have already seen some iteration; it'll just continue.

Must... fight... temptation... to... discuss... upcoming... features....
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Lee Damon
Oh great, now I need a circle called "dinosaurs" for the people who joined within the first week?
Nooooo. Give in to the temptation to discuss upcoming features. You'll feel a lot better.
Yes, you will feel much better not carrying around all those secrets.
One thing Google has to fix is the stream. Trying to read something is a pain when new posts keep dropping down the feed, even worse when you are trying to post something and have to scroll down to back to your own post.
Can we make guesses and you +1 them if they are right? :D
We understand, just may not like it! You can however, share it with certain ones of us in a certain circle if you'd like ;-) You don't have to share it with everybody, as that's the point of Google+ isn't it :)
Very cool! Thanks for the update Trey. Love Google+ so far and it's great to know that it will only get better and better.
Pretty clear that this is the tip of a very big iceberg and that Google plans to iterate very quickly
+Trey Harris I think the best and most appropriate thing to say is that there "are" upcoming features, as in, this isn't it, and that the dev teams are moving at breakneck pace to introduce a lot of awesome way before people will probably expect it.
You don't have the guts to talk about upcoming features! (hope that works... he can't see this since it's in parenthesis)
spill the beans or the android gets it!
It will be charming if Google+ feedback team works as a Google+ account and make users feedback and discuss publicly.
Just make a circle excluding those who can't catch you spilling the beans ;)
As long as one of those features is collapsed comments by default i'll sleep soundly in my bed.
+Lee Brook all of the posts in my stream already default to having most of their comments collapsed, unless I uncollapse them
I respect that this is a new thing. I'm greatful for being a dinosaur.
+Matt Katzenberger This seems to happen on my stream on and off. Sometimes the comment stream is partially collapsed but often it's just lists of hundreds of comments that take rather a lot of scrolling to get to the end of.
Just remember, we wouldn't badger you if we didn't care. ; .-)
Maybe we're merely extrapolating what you guys have been up to and like teasing you in this fashion?

Neener neener neener.
This is pretty much how I've felt about everything we do at Google. We get to work on some incredible technology but just can't talk about it. Although it makes complete sense that we need to hold our cards close to maintain our competitive edge, it can get really frustrating at times.

Some dude: So, what do you do at Google?
Me: You know, computers and stuff.
Some dude: What kind of stuff?
Me: Erm... uh... servers, and Internets, and software, and other stuff.
Some dude: Jerk.
+Mohit Muthanna Wow! We have the internet on computers now? Your team must be more important than mine.
+Mohit Muthanna: One of my partners works for Apple, so I know exactly what you're talking about; I never think anyone is a jerk because they can't spill the beans, and appreciate that it is often necessary to play close to the vest.
You could always sign up for an account on Friendster to spill the beans. That way, no one would know for reals, y0.
I'm closer to a "normal user" than most of the geek cognoscenti that seem to live here. Where around here is the Google+ blog, news feed, Announce thread etc, that might let us know vaguely what's on Google's radar and what's changed, and what might be coming - sooner or later. (lets not even get started about googling google+ damn you Boolean!) yes I do understand the magic of quotes - but that's a stretch for normal people.
+Mohit Muthanna I feel like such a dinosaur! A few desks over from you, we're still getting the internet in printed form every 6-8 weeks via interoffice mail.
do you get those in duplicate, one for work and the other to take home?
+Max Luebbe Be thankful you're in our area; I hear on some of the other floors, they're still getting the internet by clay tablet. And Google Translate doesn't work very well on cuneiform. It does better with Linear-B....
I hope you recycle the paper and clay tablets once you're done with them!
+Martin Wong I do get them in duplicate, but Google security policy requires me to transport them in a briefcase handcuffed to my wrist when I take them home. Also, of course we recycle, Google cares deeply about the environment.

+Fox Magrathea Great minds think alike, I put in a support ticket to have one of those 'internet tubes' installed at my desk, but due to unusually high demand in the state of Alaska - they're backordered, and the help desk isn't sure when they'll be able to acquire one.

+Trey Harris Please don't spoil product launches regarding Translate for Cuneiform / Sanskrit.
I'm not seeing anything like ZenDesk for requesting improvements (#RFE) or discussion problems (How come Sparks so often seems ineffective?)
google should dis-able the right click to download pictures make it not possible to download pictures
Make a circle for the people who commented here and tell us, but disable the ability to share!
Hopefully people's incessant requests and premature complaints are just reassuring you Googlers internally that you're on the right track. ;)
Sai ..cliche I should think before I type !!I really am not to concerned about people downloading my images ,I just hate when they claim them as there own !!
+1 Google Reader integration
Micah V
You sound like Mark Rosewater and new sets! haha
My keyboard just merged with my fingertips and I am seeing a dialog box floating in space before my eyes. It asks: Merge with the Google+ Hive Mind? and instead of "Continue" or "Cancel" buttons, it just has Submit or Perish as options. Is this a new feature? I like that I can control the cursor with my mind now!
How's this: what's Mean Time Between Failure?
Of the 2 really large Hangouts I've been in, I crashed out both times. (Just me? Dunno.) But that was after a long and pleasant session.
Of the smaller sessions I've had, they've been glitch free. (Not absolutely. One time we lost audio and/or video for seconds at a time. But not often and not for long.) And I'm on a not so fast laptop with a not so fast WiFi connection. I say kudos.
But.. but... I like surprises! Keep fighting the good fight. I'm sure (I hope) we'll all be impressed.
Trey - give in to the dark side... there's a Internet tradition of leakage for new product features. :-)
+Trey Harris is G+ going to be closed source? (I'm recollecting the wave experiment w/ the promise of open source & federated servers)
Well at least this way we can pretend we were your inspiration should we manage to successfully predict an upcoming feature.

By the way i was wondering where the real-time feed has gone from my Google search... nothing to do with the G+ team is it???
thanks Paolo! hope it comes back soon, just started using that feature a lot.
Keep fighting the temptation, Trey. ;)

Glad to know things are in pipeline and you all are listening & implementing.

Having fun with G+ at multiple levels. Kudos to the team. :) ;)
The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. - Oscar Wilde
Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again. - Robert A. Heinlein
+Nick Francesco Another from the notebooks of Lazarus Long: "Avoid making irrevocable decisions while tired or hungry. N.B.: Circumstances can force your hand. So think ahead!" I'd better get food and sleep aplenty when using Google+.
Serendipitously, I was just gathering up all the Lazarus Long stories to reread!
I'm hoping it will be possible for people to use & participate in Google+ even if they don't have a gmail account. If not, this is a huge obstacle to G+ exploding (in a good way) the way I hope it will.
That's already confirmed, Mark. No Gmail account required, can simple sign up for a Google account with whatever email address you like.
Thanks Joe for the super quick answer! Now, trying to figure out how to find some public "Hangouts", because nobody I know has G+ yet.
+[Mark Stein], I was thinking the same thing. I'd hang out with you, but it's 4:20am in Sydney, i'd probably end up waking someone in the house. Google+ you have turned me into an insomniac.
Sometimes when I paste the name in, it doesn't recognize it (and make it a link). I have to type all the way, and then maybe pick at the end.
I'm honored to be the one being cut and pasted (though no clue why). :-)
Is there a way you'd suggest folk use to make suggestions a bit more visible? I'm happy to post in public and see what happens, but feel strongly about a few - and guess that bugging you with comments may not be the best approach.

Number one plea. A point that Facebook got right and Twitter gets wrong. If you open Google+ to cross-posting from Twitter, Facebook, Apps, please allow folk to mute the app or registered cross-posting source e.g. Foursquare rather than unfollowing the person.

On Facebook muting Farmville and other annoyances once removes them from my stream without loosing touch with the kind souls who occasionally say something personally. Foursquare noise from people I would otherwise like to follow is my biggest non-spam signal to noise gripe on Twitter.
+Greg Lloyd, +Trey Harris: There are potential downsides to that, though; look at how Facebook treats posts made through an application like Tweetdeck (collapsing all of them into something like '72 similar posts') as opposed to posts made through the native web interface. It's a worthwhile idea (I don't want my feed overrun by FourSquare posts either) but the implementation can be tricky.

It would be kind of annoying to have to cut-and-paste something that you wanted to cross-post to both Facebook and G+ to avoid it getting thrown in an automated posting application ghetto.

Giving end-users the option on a per-source basis would be paramount.
+Fox Magrathea +Trey Harris I agree that the distinction between blocking clients used by normal folk verus blocking purpose built apps like Farmville or FourSquare, or registered services like Twitter or LinkedIn is important - and might be more a terms of service issue.

Agree that giving end-users the choice, and making the mute choice obvious and easily reversible is necessary. But loosing friends and sources to Farmville, FourSquare is worse imo.
I'd ask that when you do alter the feature set, make a clear post—that I can find!—discussing these new features. I love to know what's different. Release notes by version would be rad :).

I'd also suggest that when making layout changes or things that affect the use of screen real estate that it be themed it possible so folks can choose. My favorite emailer, Postbox, recently changed their index view format, and it reduced the number of messages displayed on screen so much I decided to abandon it entirely. All they needed to to was give me a layout choice!
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