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People keep asking how to move everyone in one circle to another (so you can have Venn-diagram-like relationships). You can't actually put one circle into another so that they keep that relationship, but if you go to your circles, click on the name of one, and click "View circle in tab", the members of the circle will show up above your circles. Then "More actions → Select all", or just select a few. Then you can drag and drop to other circles all you want.

(There's no restriction against putting people in as many circles as you want. I wonder why so many people have that perception? Thinking they're categorizing or putting something in a folder? Remember, folks, this is the company that gave your email labels. :-)

Update: +Robin Millette points out that I responded to requests to move people from one circle to another with instructions on how to copy them. I've addressed this further in this post:
Trey Harris. Trey Harris's profile photo. Trey Harris - - Public. +Robin Millette points out that in my earlier post, I responded to requests to move people from one circle to another with instruc...
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Probably because the demo video shows people vanishing when you put them in a circle.
Aw, Venn-diagram-like relationship functionality would be spiffy... I can envision dynamically-updated circles made up of folks whose relationships are managed via subcircles... I'd think that could be quite useful. I suppose I must now ponder which page I should be looking at so I can send that notion in as appropriate feedback...

I keep wishing for dynamically-updated tags made up of subtags in my Gmail... and yet I keep thinking that surely that functionality must exist in Gmail somewhere but I just haven't found it!
Being able to drag and drop into a Venn diagram of circles rather than a row of disjoint circles would be amazing. We'd also need a way to manipulate the Venn diagram layout by drag and drop.

A non-graphical way to accomplish the same thing would be to allow users to set rules for smart circles, like the smart playlists in iTunes. Somebody file a ticket!
...why would you want 2 circles with identical members.. shady business.
I have some nested circles where one circle is a proper subset of another circle. Sometimes I only want to post to the people in the subset.

Right now it's a tedious process to get a new contact into all its proper circles, because I have to drag and drop a number of times. It would be much more expedient to be able to check off all the circles a contact needs to be added to, and then push the additions with one click.
+Pei-Hsin Lin If you hover over their name in a follow notification or in a post or comment, you can then hover over "Add to circles" or, if they're already in a circle, the circle name or "2 circles" or whatever. Then you'll get the check list you want, if I understand what you mean.
Please allow us to have meta circles (a circle composed of multiple circles) if only to use it to filter the stream for viewing. The best solution is to place a circle within a circle along with people. That will keep us from having to periodically select all and dump people from several circles as you described

For instance I have a tech circle, but some of the people in the tech circle have a huge following with many people commenting on their posts, this drowns out the other folks on my tech circle. So I want a celeb tech circle, and friend tech circle. and I want a basic tech circle. The basic circle would have normal folks plus the friend tech circle, and the celeb tech circle. If I add folks to my friend circle, I don't want to have to also add them to my basic tech circle, they should just get auto included because their circle is inside the basic circle.

Oh well, at the moment it is OK but my biggest gripe with Buzz was Mashable's huge comments. Days after the initial post people would comment and bring it back up to the top. Circles will allow us to filter that stuff out when we want to. But if we constantly have to update circles all the time, then it will not last.
Thanks, +Trey Harris! Nevertheless, forcing users to map their relationships to a slew of disjoint circles throws away a lot of inherent relationship data. It appears that Marc also has nested circles.
So question: If Jane is in Circle A and Circle C, and I share something with both circles, will it show up in her stream twice? Or is it smart enough to only show it once?
Venn-diagram cirkles is a solution that is obviously intuitive since so many people (myself included) naturally expected it to be this way.
Who to we need pressure to make this happen?
+Donna Fontenot It won't show anything twice.

+Eric Martindale Submit feedback, please. (That post link doesn't load for me, btw; perhaps it isn't shared publicly?)

+Tore Julø Submit feedback. Pressure isn't necessary or helpful.
Feedback submitted.
I think it could be a pretty cool (maybe even important) feature if done right.
or the frequency with which you use them. When my most frequent circle is further down the alphabet and they are ABC order, the scrolling is annoying...
Nested circles would be really useful for all the reasons already mentioned
The Circles feature tour probably contributed to the confusion; it had you put each of several people into circles, but once you put someone in a circle they disappeared. In that demo, each person could only be categorized once.

This was actually the very first thing I tested upon getting in; if circles had been mutually exclusive containers it would have made g+ far less useful.
+Tore Julø Venn-diagram circles would be needlessly complex. I'm totally opposed to the idea. The Circles concept is flexible enough to make sense of the most chaotic of social lives, yet simple enough for anyone to understand. The last thing the application needs is competing organisational methods.
This is the tags vs. folders debate all over again, isn't it? For sharing, you can just include multiple groups. Seems like all that's needed here is the ability to make a stream composed of multiple circles and this would provide what people are looking for (the ones that can get their heads out of the "must have folder hierarchy" box, anyways.)
+Gareth Allday I believe it is as complicated as you choose to make it. Depending on how it would be designed and implemented, it could easily open up for the possibility of having vast confusing charts or it could beautifully visualize something that can be quite complex, in a very understandable manner.
The Circles-icon even is a venn-diagram, so the idea of this kind of organization is already planted in the users mind.

+William Gunn I like that solution as a beginning. The diagram style discussed above is just a neat visualization, that has the best of both folder hierarchy and tags. A person can be in several circles without duplication, as with the labels, but there can still be a higher order, that contains circles and/or subsets of circles.
+Trey Harris It was because I hadn't added you to my circle yet, my apologies...

...hrm, this selected linking stuff is hard!
Thank you Trey! I will share!
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