Besides dedicated webcams, what cameras support live video capture in a format Hangouts can use (on a Mac, if that matters) without a separate video capture device?

It's confusing because I see stuff like this Gizmodo review of the Olympus PEN EP-3 which says, "Formats Supported: Front: 1.3-megapixel webcam", but searching forums of EP-3 users, it sounds like you can't actually use it as a live webcam. I've been searching camera specs for "UVC" (the abbreviation for USB video class, the protocol webcams use), or "USB video", both without luck.

I'm in the market for an interchangeable lens camera with decent video recording abilities to take with me on an upcoming vacation, and if there are cameras in that class that can be used in a Hangout, that would be a plus (no pun intended).
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