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This amuses me to no end. I admit it, I've always loved IKEA and especially their commercials.

[Insert joke about changing channels with an Allen wrench here.]
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I like Ikea.... not that I have much choice in the matter... after all, they made most of the stuff in my house...
Neat concept, but I find the thought of having to update the firmware of my furniture to be horrifying.
My favorite was the last take with the remote.
Any Southerner knows that this isn't a new concept at all; their grandmother had a TV sitting on top of a broken console TV.
+Hunter Freyer I wonder if people who haven't been around film or television production realize how common that is—the writer or director has this concept for a great visual, and it just doesn't work in practice during shooting, and they hurriedly come up with something else. You just usually don't see the failed outtakes.
Do you think it will be popular with buyers?
First the they invent helvetica now the Uppleva. What will they think of next...
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