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A little hint: the default circles (Friends, Family, etc.) sort first in your list, but after that they sort alphabetically. So if you want to have full control over the order in which your streams show up, delete all the default circles (after moving the people in them to new circles; see for how to do that). Then name your circles in alphabetical order. You can go the geek route and use "01-First, 02-Second, 03-Third", or the slightly less geeky route, which I use, of just picking the ones I want at the top and prepending an @ sign to them. (The @ sign alphabetizes before any letter.) This also gives you an excuse to see the fantastic delete-circle animation.

This trick also works for Gmail labels, my first labels are "@me" and "@important" and "@todo".

Update: +Jean-Baptiste Queru tells me that the default circles aren't special, their names are. So if you want something to appear over "Friends", you'll have to name "Friends" differently; just creating a new "Friends" circle won't work.
People keep asking how to move everyone in one circle to another (so you can have Venn-diagram-like relationships). You can't actually put one…
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I don't think that the original circles are special. I think that their names are. If I create a new circle and call it "Friends", it'll show up first in my list.
+Jean-Baptiste Queru Interesting! I didn't try that. Well, good to know; if you want a new circle above "Friends", you need to rename "Friends". I'll update the post. Thanks!
I am curious as to why Google did not start with the Gmail Contact groups as supplemental circles. I have groupings like "met in the dogrun" that are useful for contextualizing things and are already natural 'circles'.

I do not see a privacy issue here - or am I missing something?
Having the option to easily and quickly populate a Circle with all of the members of a Gmail Contact group would be very handy. But I wouldn't have wanted G+ to automatically do that for all of my Gmail Contact groups... that feels intrusive. In general: Opt In >> Opt Out.

Oh, and also having a checkbox for "keep this Circle in synch with this Gmail Contact group" would be great, as well.
Cool. Thanks. Totally separate question. Does anyone know if there are plans to make it so you can provide hyperlinks in comments? Like in Word, or HTML, or WordPress, I can easily make that word "hyperlinks" or "comments" go to wherever I want, a South Park sketch, a song, etc. It would be cool if that feature was available.
I think a much simpler option is to allow us to drag the circles around as we see fit. As more circles are added, it will be a much easier way of keeping this organised.

If my Circles end up scattered or I have to rename them to shift them up the alphabet then that will become a nuisance and surely we need to be keeping this as simple and easy to use as possible. Especially where Circles is concerned.
If you don't want your 'Friends' circle (or other default name) to appear in the top of the list, edit the name to lowercase: 'friends'. Then it falls into alphabetical order like the custom names.
+Trey Harris , I prefer to reshare, then disable comments. Then, tell people to go and comment on the original post.
I was able to rename the default circles and they became part of the alphabetical list. FWIW I added numbers in front of the circles I wanted to show up at the top. Ordering them this way helps me add people to circles from the notifications in the menu without scrolling.
So what if I switch to another language? They are English words right now, but say if I switch to use Chinese (my mother tongue) what would the behavior go to?

I personally opt for a user defined order/stared circle to put on top than arbitrary names always getting their priority.
+Alan C. As I mentioned earlier, that is on the roadmap. I'm about tips to help you do things now, not promises about what you might be able to do later. :-)
+Trey Harris Just blatantly using this opportunity to ask:

How about custom profile url mismatching? as I know people who used Google Profiles before would have their settings locked (either still wide open or just like Google+) which could lead to privacy issues, would this be fixed soon?
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