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Trevor McClintock
Business Consultant and Strategist
Business Consultant and Strategist

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3 Easy Ways To Motivate Your Employees

“No matter what your business offers, if you’ve got employees, then you should always be looking for ways to motivate them.”

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Human Capital - 5 Reasons It Should Be Your Focus

“Human capital is the economic value that is assigned to each employee and it’s one area that bosses often fail to maximise or think about strategically.”

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Aspire To Be A Change Agent

It takes a decisive and astute leader to shape the future of a business and affect lasting change through all layers of the organisation.

Trevor McClintock explores the topic of change in this blog post…

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Building Trust In The Workplace

Do you trust your employees? Do they trust you? Do your employees trust each other?

Trust is an essential element of a great workplace - with trust, there’s cohesion and effective team work, and company goals can be achieved and even surpassed.

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How To Build Strong & Lasting Relationships With Your Clients

“The key to building strong and lasting relationships with your #employees is all about making them feel important and valued.”

Learn how to achieve this with Trevor’s latest blog post.

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Ways To Embrace Uncertainty

Are you letting fear of the unknown prevent you from moving forward in #business? Learn to combat this fear, courtesy of these tips from growth and change expert Trevor McClintock.

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3 #Employee Schemes To Make Your #Workforce Happier

With over 20 years in #business, starting and growing multiple companies from the ground up, Trevor McClintock talks us through his top five employee schemes to increase #happiness within the #workplace.

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5 Ways To Improve #Communication In The #Workplace

There are a thousand factors that go into making a #business thrive, but one of the most important is also one of the most ignored: effective communication. Here are a few methods you can use to try to achieve better communication in your workplace.

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Six Ways To Manage Work #Stress & #Anxiety

Did you know that every year around 15 million work days are lost due to stress?

If you’ve been feeling #anxious and #stressed at work, you’re not alone. There are steps you can take to manage your stress levels even through those all-important projects and trying daily tasks.

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How To Prove Marketing #ROI Through Attribution Models

In this blog post, Trevor McClintock talks us through the top three #marketing attribution models, how they differ, and how they score the sales that come into your #business.

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