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Trevor Stone (Stonebeard)
Programmer, philosopher, nerd, polyatheist, gamer, ranger, photographer, drummer, naturalist, Coloradan, trickster, outlier.
Programmer, philosopher, nerd, polyatheist, gamer, ranger, photographer, drummer, naturalist, Coloradan, trickster, outlier.

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Also "Garage rock band trying to get their first gig." #meme
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It's been a while since I shared an "Animal gets ahold of a GoPro" video. In this case, it's a theft rather than an attempted meal.

A Reticent Octopus Swims Away With a GoPro Camera Snatched From an Intrepid Diver

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Finally Trump makes his way into a Prince song.

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Fans of John Fahey should check out Danny Paul Grody.
The album could perhaps be described as a far-out wander on a guitar.

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Two decades of evolution of songs about natural food grocery stores, from 1992's When I Grow Up ( to 2011's Whole Foods Parking Lot (

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The satellite view of the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine is pretty neat. It seems rare to have such a direct sense of height and depth in an image shot from above.

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I've been weighing myself a couple times a day for seven months. The first three months feature a slow decline as I would have days where I couldn't get enough food in my body and was then unable to recover. Then there was a rise as I had a drug that let me eat food (and also triggered water retention). Then a drop after surgery and I was on a liquid diet, then a rapid rise as I started eating like a normal person, then a plateau at what appears to be a new stable weight, though it's 10 lbs lighter than I used to be.

One thing worth noting is how spiky the numbers are: my weight before urinating at night is often 2 lbs higher than my weight the next morning after urinating. There are also several periods where I'm up a couple pounds for a few days and down a couple pounds for a few days as my body retains or excretes water and waste. The upshot of this is that the number on the scale is an overly precise measure of a person's general weight, especially if they're wearing clothes—my weight at a doctor's office was often five pounds higher than when I was naked at home in the morning. If you're weighing yourself hoping for a psychological result (you want the number to be high or low), you can cheat a little by timing when you step on the scale. If you just want to know how much you weigh, just round to the nearest 5 lbs and don't worry about weighing in more than once a week.

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I've never been a big fan of traditional marching bands, but give me a brass band with a rock drum kit and a tuba base line and damn, it's kickin'. Fans of March Fourth or Balkan Beat Box will enjoy Broken Brass Ensemble.

I think the drum kit + tuba combo is one reason DeVotchKa is so much fun, too. More rock bands should try replacing the electric bass with a tuba. I would love to see a Les Claypool collaboration with bass plus tuba.

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Despite hearing Pete Seeger sing Jimmy Crack Corn many times as a kid, it had never occurred to me that it had an American slavery context. My mental image of the master and singer was more like a European knight and squire.

Kelly and I are considering spending Memorial Day weekend in Boston.
Anyone have advice on things to do, places to go, foods to eat?
If it matters, I've never been to anywhere in New England.
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