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Giving thanks that my friends and family are all warm and well fed this week, and provided with plenty of sinful opportunity.

GIF from via BoingBoing.
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Nom nom nom.
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If you like Kraftwerk, you'll probably like Komputer, a British duo with a similar style but different vocoded accents.
If you dislike Kraftwerk, you'll almost certainly dislike Komputer.

Also, apparently the MySpace UI doesn't look like Geocities anymore…
Komputer's songs: Listen to songs by Komputer on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by Komputer
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Theme camps at Burning Man should make sure to have a copy of this techno track on hand in case they experience a bacon shortage.
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One perk of IFS movies on Thursdays is the opportunity to wander through CU's Visual Arts Complex and admire any hallway installations.  Sometimes an "installation" is just papers on an art teacher's door, of course.  I rather liked the kitten is from Corrina Espinosa's door.

I'm also a sucker for clever jokes in the form of posters with tear-off sections, hence the missing Lionel Richie poster.

The second two pictures are from a door in the VAC building several years ago that I thought was pretty neat.
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Malt Disneyland, with roller coaster rides simulating the experience of consuming various grain-based beverages.
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+Susan Jahn would likely go to this.
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I've seen some people who take nativity scenes really seriously, but this is some serious dedication and planning.
Baby in swaddling clothes found in manger at New York church
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I'm not even sure where to start imagining possibilities for electronic plants.
Researchers Create Plant-Circuit Hybrid
sciencehabit writes: Researchers have crafted flexible electronic circuits inside a rose. Eventually such circuitry may help farmers eavesdrop on their crops and even control when they ripen. The advance may even allow people to harness energy from trees and shrubs not by cutting them down and using...
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I suppose it's comforting that proponents of abstinence-only education have had significantly less success than Mary Hunt and the Department of Scientific Temperance Instruction, their moral successor.
Source Temperance Education Map of the United States. (1898)
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"... that once erupted molten ice..."
Isn't molten ice just water in common parlance?
Wright Mons on Pluto
Image Credit: +NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Institute

Long shadows are cast by a low Sun across this rugged looking terrain. Captured by New Horizons, the scene is found just south of the southern tip Sputnik Planum, the informally named smooth, bright heart region of Pluto. Centered is a feature provisionally known as Wright Mons, a broad, tall mountain, about 150 kilometers across and 4 kilometers high, with a 56 kilometer wide, deep summit depression. Of course, broad mountains with central craters are found elsewhere in the Solar System, like Mauna Loa on planet Earth and Olympus Mons on Mars. In fact, New Horizons scientists announced the striking similarity of Pluto's Wright Mons, and nearby Piccard Mons, to large shield volcanoes strongly suggests the two could be giant cryovolcanoes that once erupted molten ice from the interior of the cold, distant world.
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In other news, the earth is covered in frozen lava.
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This line from Vertigo in 1958 made me laugh.
Also, I think the movie passes the Bechdel Test on a technicality: the only time two women speak to each other is out of hearing range, but on camera.
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I certainly had never considered the He-Man/Skeletor slash genre.!craziesmemes/cjlr
(Slash isn't the main focus of the page, but it is a whole collection of Skeletor memes.)
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Perhaps you will also enjoy:
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