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Experimental no knead dough v.1.0
15 minutes in preheated Dutch oven for righty, under steel mixing bowl on cast iron skillet for lefty.

Uncovered for additional 20 minutes to finish.
Taste test will commence at dinner time. I hope they taste at least as good as they look.
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Lefty is looking tasty
Took them for friends to enjoy at a "Frank" themed make up Thanksgiving dinner, aka Franksgiving. One was cut into for sharing and was pretty tasty with decent crumb and nice crispy crust.

I'm working from this recipe:
It's almost no work and only requires a little patience and planning.

One thing I've noticed is the preheating stage is not particularly kind to my enameled cast iron dutch oven. It's getting very scorched. That's why I tried the stone+bowl method. I think it turned out well enough that I will use that as my default. At least until I get a non-enameld cast iron oven to use.
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