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Check out my Virtualization & Cloud Tech Blog -
Check out my Virtualization & Cloud Tech Blog -

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Tired of being hassled by Cisco UCS Manager pop ups and skewed table views? Check out these simple optimization tips - #Cisco, #GUI, #Manager, #UCS

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Love this episode of +Engineers Unplugged --how to's for the home lab and getting started in the world of code. Thanks to +Trevor Roberts Jr and +Randy Keener!

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Great Cisco program!
Do you like access and information? Cisco Champions is the program for you.

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Help the #vBrownBag  Folks select the next set of #VMworld  Tech Talks.  Plus, if you are going to Barcelona, sign up to be a presenter at

Hello fellow 'Stackers.  Tonight's session will be #C2OS #vBrownBag will be Office Hours to review progress made up until now.  +Eric Wright is leading tonight's session, and I will be his (not-so) lovely assistant.

+Cody Bunch is still helping me with the leftover Quantum configs from last week.  If we do not finish them in time for tonight, we will post the solutions as soon as we can.

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#C2OS Quantum(Neutron) Code has been merged to Cody's Repository.

A few caveats to keep in mind...
1. In the current state, at least 8 GB RAM is required on the host machine just for the VMs.  You can decrease the RAM requirement by making the following changes to the Vagrantfile:
a. Remove the new 'client' entry from the nodes hash.
b. Decrease the RAM allocation to the Compute node

2. The default networking behavior of the Vagrantfile has changed to accommodate folks who may have to vagrant up their VMs one-by-one.  If you have a network collision because of this, or you prefer the randomized third octet, make the appropriate change in the Vagrantfile.

3. I was not able to complete the code changes to communicate with deployed instances.  However, we will still be able to demo and discuss port and IP address allocations tonight.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Hello #C2OS People. Even though the code isn't up on GitHub yet, we are still having the Quantum session tonight.

The Quantum setup has been a little challenging. So, I will not be able to post the code until 4PM EST today.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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