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On a never ending quest to discover how things work
On a never ending quest to discover how things work

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Alright.. the new G+ layout has been looming over us for a while. It's going to become mandatory at some point. I've submitted more than a few notes about what I think is broken/missing/etc, but so far none of them have changed. I know a few of you have similar gripes about the new layout and functionality, so let's compile a list and maybe get some heat on the G+ guys.

We love Google Plus and want to see it thrive and many of us think these new changes are hurting it's functionality.

1. Extended circles is gone - Affects G+ web, mobile and Photos
To me, this is one of the biggest features of G+. Posting public is problematic, but posting to Extended Circles means you can discover (key part of "social") people who are already semi-vetted by your friends and they can find you allowing you to grow your social circles organically and productively.

2. How do you tell if someone is following you by looking at their profile? I don't see any indicator (maybe I miss it) like the Classic left/right/left-right arrows showing if they're following you and if you're following them back. It's fairly obvious on someone's profile if you're following THEM, but it would be nice to see, easily, if they're following you.

3. Can't create a new circle from Follow/Circle popup - There doesn't seem to be an option for that. You have to go to your circles, create a new one, then go back to the person and add them to a circle.

4. Search by "from me" and "from circles"? This feature seems to be missing as well. Sometimes it's nice to find an old post from someone in your circles when all you remember is a keyword or two.. same with your own posts.

5. The sharing/selecting who to share to mechanism is cumbersome. Way too many clicks and having to scroll through all your collections to get to your circles then to individuals is a pain. You can use search to do this, but that's not much better. If people have a LOT of collections/communities/circles, then maybe search is necessary, but if they just have a medium number, scrolling past all of them is a pain.

6. No way to create a new blank post then +tag someone? Does every new post need to start with who to share to? If I want to send a private message to a single person or small number of people, it was much easier to just click on the empty new post box and start tagging people in the body of the post.

7. No mousewheel zoom on images? If someone posts a comic strip or something else either long/wide or just high resolution, being able to zoom in and slide around is really important.

As people mention new things, I'll add them to this list. I'd love to have one giant master list, so if you reshare this if you could encourage people to comment on this post, that would be great. Once we get some more consolidated feedback, I'd like to start tagging some of the Plus guys. If I did it right now, it just look like a solo kook bitching. :)

Please keep comments constructive and positive.


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Just finished re-watching The Professional.  One of my all time favorites, hadn't seen it in a while and was looking for background stuff to put on.

I would like to take a moment to BEG Luc Besson and Natalie Portman to make a sequel/spiritual successor where Matilda grows up and is a cleaner.    Doesn't have to be Matilda (although could be the same character with a different name... Leon (well, Jean Reno) was in Nikita as "Victor the Cleaner" so why not?).

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Went to install +Emi Atkins's new video card yesterday. Shut down the computer, turned off the PSU, green light on MB and two green lights on video card. Ok... caps are still charged, let's give it a minute.

A minute later..lights still on. Unplug the PSU completely in case something's bad and it's still supplying power. Lights still on.

Unplug PSU from MB and video card. Green light remains on MB, green lights on video card turn red (indicating no aux power). Let sit for a few minutes. Lights remain on.

At this point, there should be no power in the MB... yet lights remain on. Jesus christ. Is there some jumper I can short with a screwdriver to drain it? hah

After waiting far longer than I planned to, I just said "fuck it" and removed the video card. Lights on the video card go out, light on MB stays on.

Put in new video card, re-attach everything, fire it up, everything's fine.

This MB is roughly four years old. Never seen anything like that before (besides the "stays on for a short time, but the caps discharge fairly quickly"). Is this normal, in any fashion?
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As +Laura Feaga said.. not a religions (or anti-religious, as the perspective warrants) statement... just a reminder to do good for the sake of doing good.  Not because you "have to" or you're "supposed to" or that you'll be rewarded if you do or punished if you don't.  Do good for the sake of doing good and for no other reason other than to make the world better, help your fellow humans and out of compassion and empathy and independent sense of morality.
Not a religious statement. I'm not atheist myself, but I can be.

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Real world angels..   incredible and inspiring.


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I've been meaning to post about this for a while, but have been super busy with other stuff and let it slip. And that's really too bad, because I very much love this project and want to see it succeed.

The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Amy Poehler's Smart Girls by +Charles C. Dowd is a fantastic book featuring his adorable illustrations showing girls doing all kinds of amazing jobs. It's got kung fu champions and jackhammer operators and astronauts.

I was very lucky to be able to chat with Charles about the inspiration for this project and learned that he was helped by his kids. It's an awesome project that is perfect for readers of all ages, and deserves your attention!

#kickstarter #smartgirls

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I'll be in the Kids Love Comics Pavilion drawing stuff and things all weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con! If you're a backer of my Kickstarter, "The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls (", stop by table #3016 for something free. :)

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Annapolis area people and fans of Third Eye Comics..  just got an email saying that in October they'll be opening a game-specific shop at the other end of the shopping center from where Third Eye Comics is in Annapolis.

Looks like it'll be down where the Asian Buffet was, most recently.

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The website Reddit has various reputations and there was some shakeup in the corporate ranks recently, but they still have a good cause going here.  During the year, they do various gift exchanges, Secret Santa, style.. but this one's different.  This one's a one-way gift sending to teachers who've signed up who need help with buying supplies for their students.  Just read some of the quotes... teachers who either buy supplies out of their own pockets or rely on fundraising to buy even simple things like paper for their students to write on.

I ask that you just take a look.. you have until next Monday to sign up, at which point the matching will begin and be locked in.  With typical gift exchanges, you'd get matched with someone who would send something back, but in this case you just send to them.  You can even have things sent directly from or another website and don't worry about having to pack things and go to the post office if you don't want.

One last note.. the "Rematch" option is typically for when people send gifts but never got one in return... you can volunteer to send those people a gift (with no return gift).  In this case, it seems you can use that to volunteer to help additional teachers.

Please consider signing up.  It's not too difficult to sign up.  Feel free to ask me if you have any questions and I'll do what I can to help.
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