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TRANSPECIAL - A BIG RED BOOK REVIEW #scifi   #bookreview  

I haven't written a review for anything in many years now so forgive me if I am rusty.  I will admit freely that this book was recommended to me by the author, an online acquaintance.  They did not offer it to to me freely, just informing me that it existed, and I paid for it with my own money.

That being said (because I want to be honest and forthright so people are not under the allusion that this may have been a paid for review) I wholeheartedly enjoyed the book.  The first chapter or two took a bit for me to get into the rhythm with but after that it was pretty smooth (and fun) sailing.  The idea that an alien species mere visage may on some almost genetic level of memory make communication difficult, if not feasibly impossible, is one plot element I can't really remember seeing before.  

I felt that throughout the story this plot device was wonderfully handled and I loved that while humans (for the most part) thought of these creatures as monsters (though over time they accepted this was irrational) the aliens themselves were very human even with their different biological/physiological needs. Their having three genders was well managed in a very believable fashion.  And for those who may thing that aliens must have complete alien thoughts I tend to disagree.  Specifics may vary, but the abstract basics I have always felt would be somewhat similar.

The human characters were wonderfully, well, human.  They all had wonderful depths and flaws.  Even the main protagonist, a functional autistic, was easy of sympathize with. By which I mean I didn't feel forced to have an emotional reaction to her plight and her growth.  The other humans all had their own very human problems which were not in any way, I felt, overdone.

The story unspooled and grew in a very organic fashion, some parts a bit better than others of course.  One in a while it seemed that situations were strung out a little longer than required but this was really a very minor issue over all. As this was apparently one of her first published efforts I would say they went well beyond a level some could expect of a first time author and easily proved they definitely have what it takes to write captivating and enjoyably stories.

So, now how do I rate this book?  Instead of using some arbitrary number rating scheme I will instead rate using five yes/no questions.

Did I enjoy the book?  YES
Would I read more from this Author? YES
Would I recommend this book to friends? YES
Was it money well spent? YES.
Do I want a Sequel? YES
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I will admit it has been quite a long while since I actually wrote something.  I don't mean just on google plus but in general.  It's like I have had little to no muse or idea in forever.  But tonight I had just a little something pop out.  Not sure what it is but here it is.  Will I have more?  I don't know.  Maybe it will be the start of something.


It had taken Nolan a total of three days to travel a thousand kilometers.  Three days of alternating between buses and trains, weaving his way northward along the otherwise parched coast.

Someone had once told him that fifty years ago you couldn't travel twenty minutes or twenty miles, whatever a mile was, without actually being somewhere.  A town.  A farm.  A fast food place.  A gas station.  There was always something to break up the journey. But all that remained these days were long stretches of dilapidated and abandoned communities clinging to the old freeways and rail lines like calcified plaque.
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This made my freakin weekend.. and it hasn't even started yet!
Gawd,sometimes I miss home.
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Did ya hit dat, Spock?
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Every entry is so very very true!
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Tears, a poem by me

The tears they fall,
My eyes are wet,
I wish to god,
I could forget.

I shame myself,
though action or deed,
of excessive want,
and my lack of need.

Cold light pours through,
the skylight above,
A blissful white,
I've had enough.

An empty bed
no love to give,
no warmth to share
nor will to live.

My heart has died,
my soul has shattered,
everything's gone,
all that mattered.

Slumber is near,
but embrace it I will not,
for when I sleep,
Nightmares are fought.

What is left,
for me to lose,
except fanciful wish,
or passionate muse.

The tears they fall,
my eyes are wet,
I wish to god,
I could forget.
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Darkest of Hillside Thickets are The greatest HP Lovecraft tribute punk band out of Chilliwack BC Canada, EVER!
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