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On the evening of Friday 11th April at approximately 9:00 pm at Sunrise Walmart Store #1349. I saw the store's Security Officer dragging a small framed woman across the store in the most brutal and unprofessional manner that one can imagine. I was led to believe that Osama Bin Laden had already been apprehended, therefore I was extremely disturbed to see this type of Operation with this level of Brute Force taking place inside of a Walmart Store. If this is how Walmart Security is trained to treat it's customers or at worst it's suspected shoplifters then we might as well pack up and go live in any of those Dictatorial States we hear about every day. This woman weighed, possibly, no more than 90 lbs and measured approximately 5 feet 4 inches. What reason was there for a Security Person in excess of 6 feet tall and possibly weighing above 200 lbs to grab her by her waist and literally drag her, kicking and screaming through the store to a private locked room. Was she so much of a danger to the safety of the Walmart Customers and Staff and or possibly the Nation, that she had to be treated in this fashion?  Is Walmart flexing it's muscle as part of the increasingly Militarized Society we live in?

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